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  1. Have telephoned back, they have given me my own accounts manager, i have asked him to foward all the alterations to my account and a letter explaining why my account has changed. so lets see if anything arrives,
  2. Double check it is an official reading ,or estimated, if estimated then work out true amount owing, Check you have not been charged more per unit than last bill, as i have just been ripped off by £1600 so beware. It takes a long time before you get cut off, so dont worry too much , but do make payments and let them know what you are doing, it will go on file and you wont get any more letters.
  3. With referance to this item i have just phoned BG to see where my account details were. i was told i now have an accounts manager and was put through to him, He told me my account wao OK and no money outstanding, Why have they suddenly said this is it because i was threatening them with further action,and intended to fight all the way. They say they are sending a letter explaining everything. If i hadent of been streetwise then BG would of ripped me off, But this practice needs stopping.
  4. what i carnt understand with this, is that i have always had my meter officially read, and there figure goes some 11000 units back to a estimated reading but they say they havent backdated the reading, they say they are ignoring the official readings and cancelling all my previous bills and re-constructed my account { no explanation as to why } they say they are forwarding my new account details. It doesnt sound right does it.
  5. Warning british gas rip off, Have had my electric bill reconstructed by BG there idea, I suddenly owe £1600 back dated 2 years as there new calculations cost on todays unit price of 11.14 per unit as 2 years ago it was 5.28 i will fight this all the way , so this must be happening to otheres.
  6. Hiya megan If your plumber was to fit a new boiler he MUST be registered with CORGI, if he is not then he is breaking the law to attempt this type of work, as you should know there are a lot of programes ect warning about rogue traders. Wherever your plumber was found he will be advertising the corgi logo If he is then you could contact them as they dont like rogue traders. No good tradesman asks for money up front, sometimes upon delivery of materials, as there are also dodgy customers im afraid. best of luck.
  7. Big warning. I have just received my electric bill by British gas, of £1600 for a quarter, i thaught definatly wrong, so i rang they told me my bill had been altered,????????? From febuary 07 estimated reading to may 07 official reading a total of11631 units @11.14 per unit plus other bits,bill of £1600 odd pounds, I have always paid my bills by Direct Debit so dont owe anything, The last 3 bills were all official readings, the numbers are all in front of the estimated reading, I rang they say my billing has been restructured backdated to october 05, and all my previous bills and official meter readings have been scrapped, bearing in mind the cost of a unit in 05 was 5.28 per unit and they have billed me at 11.14 per unit is this FRAUD or a big con, Has this happened to anybody else, if so then BG are on a good number
  8. barclays have sent statements to sons mate house and returned cheque with letter saying there is no charge for statements, thats good or is it, are they being nice to him so he wont go any further, strange,
  9. Hi jezzy The letter of authority states all dealings and payments are done through me, he has signed the forms,
  10. I am in the process of reclaiming my sons exorbident charges,from RBOS. His friend has asked if i can get his charges back for him, I copied a letter of authority form which he filled in for me to act on his behalf, i sent it off with a letter asking for all his statements ,with the appropriate £10, i now wonder if this is legal as i am not a registered company , just a normal person ,as such. have i done wrong or is this correct. Thankyou for any advice,:-?
  11. Cheers for advice, Have been on phone today, to superviser ,despite having two quotes and ref nos, still wont honour prices, i was told to post in the quotes so they could see for themselves ,but i dont see why. I asked for complaints adress to put my complaint in writing. I began looking again for quote, best quotes M&S again , so i rang up woman says youve already had quotes, i explained when i ring up the price doubles, i told her i have complained,she put me on hold ,came back with price, yes youve guessed it , it went down yes down, i said double check every thing, so i dont know whats gone on i accepted it and paid. but i am still going to write a complaint as the way they do buisiness is wrong, thankyou
  12. Hi thisfeeling youve stirred up a hornets nest i hope you dont get confused, Your original post stated that your landlord was always around, He doesnt wear a baggy cardigan and carry a big bunch of keys now now miss jones lol
  13. I have been trying to renew my car insurance, I went on moneysaver.com on the 17 04 07 got a quote £379 valid for a month, also received in writing, same price ,read all the contents, thought ok, rang up today, carnt find quote, so applied again moneysaver.com got quote 429 all inclusive, they confirmed by email, rang to get insurance, they have told me it will cost £700, but carnt explain why,despite vigarous complaining getting nowhere, How can they quote in writing and then double it. It was M&S Money Norich union. Any body any ideas , as i dont think they should get away with it Thanks
  14. Im sorry to say i am a landlord , landlords can inspect premises with notice and time arranged ,they can also take people around to veiw the flat with you still in , check with citizens advice if not sure ,
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