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  1. Just about to send off my judgement letter and received this today! So do I just wait for the OFT case to be concluded or apply for a lift on the stay? That's the question! Could I accept an earlier offer but request it be paid in a different way? They have offered to pay into the account in question which is now closed but I would now accept the offer if it were to be paid by cheque or into my new account with another bank. I am not in any rush but it has been going on for a year now and the bank/cobbetts have not been helpful at all. Cheers
  2. Thanks! The link goes to form N227 however but does seem applicable
  3. Right Natwest have not served their schedule in response to mine which should have been done by September 8th. I assume I am now entitled to enter judgement without further order. Spoke to the court recently and they explained they have a backlog of paperwork to get through but I could enter judgement using the bottom half of one of the forms they have previously sent to me. I have checked through all the paperwork and cannot find anything like this. Should I draft up a letter or what else should I be doing? Cheers
  4. Great! Letter on it's way now. Thanks again Hedgey for all your help. Cheers
  5. How does this sound? I am writing to you in compliance with the recent order served by Wellingborough County Court in connection to the charges applied to the above bank account. I would like to state that I am of the opinion that they are unlawful and unfair. I believe that the charges are in no way proportionate to the banks costs. As directed by the court I have attached a full schedule of the charges and interest with this document. I would request that your client strongly considers payment in full before further court action.
  6. Well finally got to speak to someone at Cobbetts. I've been told that if I put it in writing to Cobbetts that I would like a full settlement before court action continues then they will put this to Natwest to make a decision... ...but now i'm wondering whether we have enough time as I need to comply with Paragraph 2 by the 28th July. Maybe I should just comply with paragraph 2, what do you lot think? Also could a mod please change the title of this thread to Bbventovr6 vs Natwest please?
  7. Thanks again Hedgey, had a read of that link and the letter is starting to make a lot more sense now. Cheers;)
  8. Well I've had a letter from the court today but to be honest it just seems like i'm getting asked to provide the same details of my charges in every letter whoever it may be from. I have outlined these details right from the beginning and nothing has changed! Can anyone make any sense from this letter as I just feel I've waited 3 months for absolutely no progress.
  9. Getting a bit nervous now, I have phoned the court recently and been told to keep patient. Apparently the district judge has made a decision on all the bank charges cases but they are now trying to clear the backlog of paperwork to notify people of the outcome. What's the probability that the judge has said no money for you son?! Haven't heard a thing from the bank, court or bank's solicitor for ages Thoughts appreciated Cheers
  10. The first offer was 85% of my claim, the second 68%
  11. I have had two offers, the first one better than the second for some bizarre reason. What are my chances of accepting the first offer still?
  12. Spoke to the court yesterday and I was asked to keep patient as my file is with the district judge along with all the others awaiting a decision. Another question.. The bank has previously made two different offers to me but stated that the money would be paid into my account. My account has since closed. How would it work if I accepted an offer now?
  13. Hi, I sent my cpr response to cobbetts 3 weeks ago and haven't heard anything back from them or the court yet? Have I missed something? However I have received another offer from the bank which incidentally is less than their previous offer which they made days after I commenced court proceedings. What are they playing at? Do I just carry on waiting now??? Cheers
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