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  1. Hello, trying to claim ppi for my son for car finance he had in august 2002, have the paperwork and the details of the single amount of ppi, have followed the procedures and have had a letter back which is so confusing full of quotes from fsa handbook the final paragraph says and i quote "in simple terms any individual has six years from the point that the issue they wish to claim about occured, the sale took place before fsa regulations started so the fos would not consider my complaint. I am right in thinking i need to give up now. Hope this makes sence to you. Any comments would be appreciated thankyou.
  2. quick update sent fax on thurs 30th received check frid 31st thanyou all so much
  3. do you think they will speak to me as its sons money even though ive done all the letters etc he just signs what i put in front of him
  4. thankyou both for your replies. The account was my sons and it was closed last year so a cheque was to be sent. I wont be able to ring data pro and all that but I will take your advice and send another letter. When the offer came it all seemed to good to be true.
  5. the offer was from hsbc a mr. mark loker service manager. We did not get to the court stage
  6. two weeks ago accepted offer and returned havent received anything yet am I being impatient or do I need to refresh them. thankyou
  7. only posted once before at the start of the claim on behalf of my son at the end of feb. Had reply from lat and netty wishing me luck.I didnt get to the money claim on line bit but today received offer which we are very very happy with. Thankyou so much for giving me the courage to go ahead. good luck to you all
  8. thankyou lateralus im a novice on the computer as you probably guessed so thats two things i intend to master.hsbc first thanks again
  9. hello everyone this is my first post.I have just started a claim against hsbc on behalf of my son for £1649 have received first letter backthey will respond after completed investigations and have enclose leaflet. have just read nettyg posts it sounds so terrifying im scared
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