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  1. Hi Folks. Can somebody please tell me where I send the letter reclaiming charges together with the schedule of charges. I'm not sure whether to send it to my branch or Customer Services. Much appreciated. Pats.
  2. Thank you for that Hedgey. Pats.
  3. Hi. Can someone advise me on how to download the charges template. I am unable to save it to my documents for some reason or is it not possible anyway. Will appreciate your help. Pats.
  4. What I would like to ask is that once the banks have paid back charges in full or partial and you remain at the bank, are the charges reduced if you face penalties again? Curious. Does anybody know this.
  5. Hi, Michael Browne. This was just what I was looking for. Thanks.
  6. Hi all. I have not been able to find the templates for reclaiming the basic charges and want to know if someone can direct me on this. All the different charges are quite complicated I think and I am just looking for something very basic and simple to understand. Compound interests etc go into too much detail and hence I get a headache. I actually cannot think of anything more boring, but I need to make a claim as I have been sent all my statements from the past 6 years. I would really appreciate some help on this and thank you in advance. Pats:confused:
  7. I am trying to get myself acquainted with the spreadsheets in order to claim penalty and interest charges, but they are more than a little perplexing. Any advice as to how I should tackle it? I am hopless at calculations/maths etc. Keep it simple please. Thanks:confused:
  8. Thank you very much for this information. It seems a bit of a task in making the necessary calculations, but I hope it will all be worthwhile.
  9. Hi People. I have just received 6 years of statements, but have no idea how I calculate the interest. Obviously some of the interest is legal, so how would I seperate the both? Am I right in what I am saying or is it a lot simpler than I am stating? Please help. Thank You.
  10. Hi. Be sure to keep us posted as I have just begun the procedure and do not feel that it is going to be easy.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I will wait another week and make a phone call to the bank in the meantime.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I will wait another week and make a phone call to the bank in the interim.
  13. Hi. Can someone give me advice? I posted a letter to Nat West on the 24th of February asking for a statement of all my bank charges over the last 6 years, but have not yet had a response. I made sure that the letter was sent to the right address. Should I now go to the next step and write to the ombudsment or send the letter again, but this time by registered post. Advice welcome. Thanks.:-?
  14. Hi Folks. After months of deliberation I have finally sent a letter to my bank requesting my bank statements with the aim of claiming the charges they have imposed over the past 6 years. They certainly go further back than that, but I understand that is the cut off point. Can anybody please tell me how long it takes to receive a reply from the bank following the requests for statements? I sent the letter about two weeks ago. I appreciate your help. Thanks Pat:confused:
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