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  1. So I sign on the dotted line and accept their offer! It wasn't difficult to get a result. But it was all down to the encouragement and skill of the members on CAG. Thanks a lot Can a finance company have a "Flat Rate" charge for a returned Direct Debit and continually tell me this is what will be or do I have the same bargaining power as with banks in that their charges should reflect the cost of the service, and not be seen to be profiteering. tractordriver
  2. Hi Advoc8 I used the simple exel on the CAG for my prelim and my LBA, but didn't show the "interest" or the "days since" column on the excels. I did state in my letters how much interest I was wanting back. I think this is the 8% one isn't it. Have I Boobed? tractordriver
  3. Hi everybody 2 days to go before my LBA deadline expires and and I've had mail from Mr Higleys department An offer of all of my charges:) but no interest. Is this the Norm? They say they will transfer direct to my account. Gee!! how tempting is this. They suggest that this is a full and final settlement for my complaint. Are they bluffing. **** I was never any good at poker. tractordriver
  4. Hi Everybody I know its a little late in the evening, but everybody keeps telling me to send info "Recorded Delivery" and I have been doing, but I found out last week despite several attempts at finding the truth that Royal Fxxxxxxx Mail has not delivered my Prelim Letter and it is now classed as missing. I have already sent my LBA. Not sure yet what to do. Anybody any ideas? Hence I am now claiming my maximum £32 from Royal Fxxxxxxx Mail as well. Everybody CHECK your mail has been received and signed for!!!!! Royal Fxxxxxxxx Mail dont have a clue. tractordriver
  5. you call them what ever you want, to me there just sheep. Ttractordriver
  6. Gods honest truth I new someone called Poppy Tupp Tractordriver
  7. On a lighter note and off thread I have seen someone today with 3 young daughters called Sienna, Savannah and Nevada:o tractordriver
  8. Ps. following on from yesterday, Halifax have today sent me info on my ISA and informed how much more I can put in this year. tractordriver
  9. Hi No problems with off the thread bit we all need to air our laundry so to speak. My twopenn'th now. I believe we should all be able to expect reasonable and fair charges from the banks and other financial organisations, not subersive tactics such as the ones that have been highlighted just recently. They are by their very nature put in a trustworthy position by those who understand less about such things and are quite frankly easily imtimidated. There , Said it! Ttractordriver
  10. Just to keep everbody posted, Dead line came and went for prelim response. Although I have had a circular telling me about holiday insurance and new rates and fees. From a Halifax office to be exact! Is this some new subersive tactic they are employing? I have of course dispatched the LBA to Borehamwood (recorded delivery) and now await some form of communication. Ps. I think we may be on to something with the buttocks thing, maybe it could be a demonstration sport first time round. Sort of I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours!!! tractordriver
  11. Cheers Fendyweather, my charges are for less than 5K (just) and will send LBA tomorrow to Borehamwood (recorded delivery). I am so pleased to have so much support. tractordriver
  12. Hi everybody I have completed stages 1 & 2 i/e statements from bank (received) & preliminary letter stating Charges and Interest along with excel of charges (not including interest column) posted recorded delivery 07/03/07 to Bishopsgate. Signed for at t'other end on 09/03/07. I have heard abosolutely nothing since this and have now prepared my LBA and once again included an excel of charges. Do I include my interest column this time? and should I continue sending to Bishopsgate? I intend to post my LBA on 21/03/07. This will have given them 14 days from receipt of the prelim letter. I have read many threads now and it seems as this is the quiet before the storm am I right? I am quietly pooing my myself at this stage cos' stage 4 (the court bit) is really daunting. tractordriver
  13. Hi Bigmac Thanks very much. It's going tomorrow. tractordriver
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