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  1. Thanks for your advice. Yes, we did pay on time, it was after we received the first letter from Collect Direct but before the payment date on our confirmation letter from egg.


    I am compiling a letter to them now.


    Thanks again

  2. Can anyone offer any advice?


    After sending a budget sheet and a letter to egg I had a response from them agreeing a payment plan of a set amount per month on my account on condition that the first payment was received by 28th February.


    On 21st February I started receiving texts and letters from a company called Collect Direct insisting on payment of the whole oustanding balance. They say that egg have passed my debt onto them.


    I have kept to my side of the agreement by paying the agreed amount before the 28th so I don't understand how egg can do this.


    Help! :mad:

  3. It's all gone a bit quiet on here!!


    I wondered if anyone had any advise as to whether I should be doing anything.


    My case seems to have been adjuorned (see my last post)


    Is everyone else in the same position??


    I am rather annoyed because MCOL lost FD's defence which delayed by case, otherwise it might have been a different matter

  4. Hi all,

    I have an account with A&L which I haven't had for very long - about 8 months. I requested an overdraft of £100 as I pre-empted that I may go overdrawn.


    They approved my overdraft but only after I had gone £50 overdrawn. For this they charged me £25 for paying the direct debit which took me overdrawn and another 2 x £25 for being overdrawn for a week - a total of £75.


    At that point my child benefit payment was paid into my account showing that I had funds available. I therefore paid 2 bills via online banking.


    I logged on this morning and was horrified to find that A&L have changed the order on my statement to show that I made the 2 payments BEFORE the child benefit had been paid in and therefore have charged me £25 each for paying these 2 bills. I think this is very sneaky, I know that there were funds available, I would not have paid the 2 bills otherwise!


    I was thinking of trying to complain to them but I'm not sure where I stand with the OFT case etc.


    Anyone's advise would be very much appreciated!!!

  5. Hi everyone


    I got back from hols to a letter from my local court (my case was recently transferrred from MCOL).


    Letter says words to the effect of "Case adjourned with liberty to apply, if no application is received by 28/7/08 the case will be struck out".


    Not sure what to do next?



  6. You were right Joey...


    I received a notice of transfer this morning and also a copy of FD's defence - exactly the same as yours.


    I also had a note saying that in my case it was not necessary to complete an AQ.


    Not sure what happens now as I've read conflicting stories about the OFT case.



  7. Finally after much chasing I have had this from MCOL...


    Dear *********


    "It appears that the defence that was filed has been misplaced. We have requested the defendant send us a copy of the defence. If we do not receive a copy within 12 days you may be able to enter Judgment."


    Has anyone else come across this before?


  8. I think it depends on personal circumstances J.


    If you are happy with what they are offering then take it. Personally I think I probably would.


    If you really want the other £263.38 then I would say carry on and fight for it!



  9. Well another days post and still nothing from the court, FD or their solicitors.....


    I contacted MCOL and all they could tell me was that the case was being transferred to my local court - I knew that anyway!


    I have sent a copy of my claim details to DG Solicitors so see if that prompts any response, I will keep you posted

  10. Hi Joeyboo


    I haven't heard anything further yet. I filed on MCOL, my claim was issued on 21st May and when I checked over the weekend I noticed that the status had changed to Defence. It just says that I cannot progress online and the case will be referred to my local court. I've been expecting to receive something in the post but nothing so far.


    I'm not sure how long I should wait if I don't hear anything.....



  11. Hi lotte123,


    I filed on MCOL on 21st May and FD files a Defence over the weekend. I'm advise that the case will now be transferred to my local court and I should hear from them soon.


    I know its easy for me to say but try not to panic, I am in the same situation as you so I won't be far behind!



  12. Hi All,


    I've checked again today on Moneyclaim and FD have filed a Defence and it says that the case will be referred to my local court.


    I was hoping that it wouldn't get this far but I have had no offers from them whatsoever - all I've had are 2 letters from them basically telling me to get lost!


    Does this mean that I will definitely have to go to court?



  13. Hi,

    All I have had so far is "not a chance" but not in so many words!

    I have another week before I file at the court but I'm not expecting to hear anything. My claim is a similar amount to yours - just under 5k.


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