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  1. Still Surviving , good luck for tomorrow - we have a hearing with them in Sept - after they had been lapssidasical about the whole court process, they had extension after extension - never known anything quite like it!
  2. Can you file against a Dublin address in the same way as a UK address through your local county court.
  3. Just wondering if I am protected by this act with a purchse that I made online with an Irish retailer? Many many thanks
  4. I would have thought that you need to identify the fault, and then maybe contact both the retailer and manufacturer by email. Could be wrong, but its what I think I would do in the first instance.
  5. Hi I hope you can help me. Back in June I bought online some fitted car seat covers from an Irish owned company- named to suit my exact model of vehicle. Admittedly it is my fault that I have only just come to fitting them. I feel they are not fit for purpose as 1) the drivers seat cover "pops off" with getting in/out 2) the rear head rest covers are all the same size - yet the middle head rest on my car is smaller. 3) the zips - which are for the function of being able to split the seats without taking the covers off -just come apart - they cannot stay done up. I
  6. Thanks Scott - I have two like this - but in both cases the CCJ came months after the Default, and in both cases a high proportion of the default amount was later claimed back in unfair charges - does that make a difference? Neither had an enforceable CCA either
  7. I know this is bringing an old post back to life BUT am I right in thinking they are not meant to put a Default and a CCJ on my file for the same debt? For some reason I think it is meant to be one or the other? These are the same muppets that raised a partial CCJ followed by trying to raise a second CCJ for the remainder of the debt. All without a enforceable CCA. Any help would be greatly appreciated as always
  8. I am just contemplating. I do not recollect having received a Default or a notice of assignment from Next or London Scottish. If I SAR them both to ask for all information held then that could show a flaw in their data? Pondering. Equally maybe it will show they "sent" me all that I should have had - only mysteriously I never received any of it?
  9. bump - I could do with knowing the answer to this as I am in a similar situation
  10. Its from Experian. You're not missing anything - its just that no one has a copy of a CCA - so how do they think they have permission to file defaults against me etc? Or am I completely off track in saying that?
  11. I agree DonkeyB I thought London Scottish went tits up too.
  12. Its definately listed as a default. I'm not sure who put it there - I can only assume it was London Scottish? Thats what it is listed as. Sorry I am just reading that letter again - which states that the default was 2005 and the payment was 2007. Still i'd rather not wait another 16 months for it to drop off - esp as I dont like people holding on to my data when they do not have permission to do so.
  13. Sorry - I'm trying to get a 2007 default removed.
  14. Hi all I hope you can help. Robinson Way have filed a default against what was originally a Next Directory Debt. This debt is satisfied and has been for some time. I do not ever recollect having received a default notice. Nether Robinson Way or Next hold a CCA for this account. Therefore could I not challenge their rights to hold and distribute the information? Several unhelpful responses were banded about by them back in 2009 one of which is shown below. Incendently the cra's show it as london scottish but the responses have come from the lovely robinson way.
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