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  1. But ist funny though Blacky you must agree. Hunger
  2. The original article says nothing about "tech guys" being envolved. Could this hard drive have been installed in store?? Could it have been removed from a similar machine with another but different fault? could it still contain all its original data?. Funny things can happen in PC World Stores, the fairies do come out at night you know. How come all PC World security staff look like they have spent all their dinner money in Burger king opposite, and how come most of them seem to give the impression that they do nothing all day but surf the nett looking for left handed webb sites? Hunger ( making lite of the fact)
  3. Blacksheep1979 Ok! heres how it is. Leanne has got all excited about her new bathroom suite, most probably spent hours in B&Q choosing and deciding ( Had over more like) escorted to the tills to pay upfront for goods that will take 6 to 9 weeks to arrive, if they arrive at all. Then to receive a call saying sorry we no longer stock certain bits of your bathroom. Id be damned furious. Wasting my time . So there. Hunger
  4. Hey leanne, Which part of the country are you in ??? Im a plumbing and heating engineer. Go to Grahams the plumbers merchants and choose a new bathroom suite from their extensive range. Let me know what you have chosen and where from and I will arrange for you my full trade discount. usually around 33%. Just cos Im feeling generous, and the fact that I hate B&Q. Hunger
  5. Sorry, I have been sworn to ultimate secrecy right now, I am not allowed to make further comment on this problem. I will however be able to make further comment once an outcome between myself and pc world has been resolved which should be next week Thursday 5th April. Keep your eyes peeled folks looks like this is going to be fun. Hunger
  6. And just to add a point, The Landlord or Agent must make prior written arrangement to enter the property, ie to show other prospective tennants or purchasers around, just as he/she would have to do to carry out repairs or landlords safety checks. You are however entitled to live in peace, whether renting or squating and visits every other day from strangers are not acceptable.
  7. Great News Your windows have been self certified by a Fensa approved installer. that means that they have been installed and fitted in accordance with with current building regulations. This regulation was passed by ODPM to ensure that what has happened to your windows does not happen, it was created in the eighties when there where numerous grant schemes available to people for such improvements. It stoped Mr Smith and his mate popping in a few windows and claiming the grant. The warranty (I assume) warrants the structure and condition of the property and its components, it is passed on for a reasonable length of time to ensure that the building and its components are safe, sound and in the case of windows protect from water, wind and heat gain/loss. The building regulations are extremlet practical rules, easy to understamd and use. Stick with this dont be fobbed of. Give the installers a call and ask them to re think their stance and remind them theat you will be requesting a Building Controll officer ( Building inspector ) to come and take a look. Have fun
  8. Werent worried ? facing a judge on your todd?? Excellent news, Top Guy edited; please use some better words !!!
  9. Its is an offense under the building regulations act for double glazing to be installed without either being installed by a FENSA approved body or having been inspected on completion by a building controll officer. It has to be certified by one or the other. Speak with your Local Building Control Officer.
  10. Just a quick one, My Ex and I took a council property, the day my wife went into labour with our first child. I hurridley went to council offices to pick up the keys signed tenancy agreement and went to join wife in hospital. 12 yaers late my wife buggered of and applied for another council house in another area (same council though). I was served with notice to quite as the house was to big for a man on his tod. I used my right to buy which was rejected as a notice to quit had been served. I went all the way, the council (LEEDS SHITY) took me to county court to have me evicted. I fortunatley at the last minute, just before going before the judge, noticed on the tennancy agreement that I was the only signatory. Judge ordered in my favour. and also compensated me for the loss of equity in the 12 months from being denied my righ to buy and arriving at court to be evicted. My home was valued at 48k I was awarded 20k in compensation, this was eight years ago. The house in now worth in excess of 220k. So it pays to go all the way.
  11. Try Fensa Just like Corgi the Gas Safety Watchdog, fensa is the glazing watchdog. Set up to get down and dirty on cowboy window companies. It is illegal under the building regulations act for anyone to replace windows for gain without being a member of FENSA. Your windows are gauranteed for TEN years from the date of installation, just like an NHBC warranty. (and thats a warranty you dont pay for) energy efficiency, building regulations, replacement window, glass glazing federation: FENSA Get in touch with FENSA and they will address your complaint. Or speak with your Local building control officer. http://http://www.labc.co.uk/buildingregs/default.asp Or the office of the deputy primeminister ODMP " heas the guy that made the rules" http://http://www.parliament.uk/parliamentary_committees/odpm/odpm_contact_details.cfm Now can anyone help with my PC World Laptop???
  12. Heres a thought. Some time back the government placed VAT on Hot take away food. How many times have you been charged VAT on your grub and its been cold? Just a thought
  13. Well I hope Bankfodder is going to be as helpfull with PC Word V Moi. I can only dream of such an outcome at the moment. See My Threads Mistakenly posted under currys, re PC WOrld and my recent update posted under PC World Hunger
  14. Please take time to read my post under currys I mistakenly posted my thread there. The short of it, is in note form. 1 Bought Compaq presario m2000 from PCW on 24th Dec 2005 2 Said computer broke down on Sat 3rd Feb 2007 3 Took computer to PCW Leeds and was told it needed a new Power lead and transforme at a cost of £80. 4 Bought Universal laptop charger from Maplins for £25, which when plugged into the laptop had the same effect as the old one ( Nothing) 5 Took Laptop to an independant engineer who stripped it down and diagnosed a faulty component on the motherboard, She did in fact manage to get the puter to boot up and run for a minute or so before it powered off again. 6 Took laptop back to PCW Leeds 24/02/07, and explained the above, the manager said that as it was thirteen months and one week old it was not covered by any warranty. 7 PCW manager stated that it would have to be sent away to be examined, a quote obtained for its reapir etc. However I would be liable for all costs. 8 After being disgruntled and reading threads here decided to write a letter of complaint to the Manager and handed it to him on the 25/02/07. 9 Face to face negotiations took place and the manager of PCW Leeds said that he would get one of his instore engineers to take a look at it and that he would ring me with his findings, he did however state that I was liable for all costs if the laptop had been water damaged or dropped. 10 Today recieved a phone call from PC World Manager stating that there where signs of water ingress in the laptop, but could not confirm that this had catagorically caused the power problem on the motherboard. So there we have it. This laptop was bought as a christmas/birthday present and has never left my daughters bedroom, she hasnt used it in the bath, she hasnt dropped it down the toilet, it has been permanantley docked on her desk. What the manager has failed to remember is that an independant engineer stripped the laptop down the week previous and found it to be in Tip top condition apart from its motherboard fault with no signs of water ingress. Without prejudice, I wonder if the fairies have paid a visit to PC World Leeds and sprinkled magic fairy water around the worshop in the night and carfully dried things up with a hairdryer??? Or perhaps the over zelous Store manager has been taken short and peed in the coms port of the Laptop. Whatever!! I intend to take this the whole way so be warned PC world. Dons watching you. If any other folks out there are having problems with PC world Try ringing The BBC, they are currently preparing a TV program to be shown in March. I have phone numbers and e mail addresses for those who are interested. I for one have agreed to be filmed, interviewed and helped along by the BBC. Hunger
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