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  1. Yes, Im looking into another account as we speak to move 'my money' into! I may end up just drawing it out and keeping it locked away indoors!
  2. Case closed for me guys, Im staying well away, I just started using microsoft money manager so I think Ill take my chances with that. Thank you so much for the help, I woulda just waded straight in, started using this account and really got myself in the sh*t. Think It might be handy to keep this post active, incase we find any more developments with these guys!
  3. Sillygirl1, can you confirm its the same company, if thats the case im staying well awaY! thanks for advice guys.
  4. Good points thanks for pointing them out. I tend to look at things like this with severly rose tinted glasses. I like your suggestion of opening another account somewhere to transfer the rest of the money after bills are accounted for.
  5. I know what you mean, but im just so fed up of banks being unfair that Im starting to think £12.50 is reasonable for this kind of service, if it ensures I wont be getting any charges. Your right though, theyve had enough out of us already.
  6. Hi guys, I havent been on here for a while, I was kinda having a good relationship with citi for a while, when oops I forgot about a cheque for £10 I wrote a week previous. Bang, £25 charge for my account ending up £2 overdrawn....what a bunch of retards! The reason Im writing here, is to see if anyone has come across a new kind of account called 'think banking'? for an administration fee of £12.50 per month, someone will personally ensure all your bills are payed and the remaining is released for you to use, therefore no charges (apart from the fee). Im sorry I havent explained it very well, but the website is thinkbanking.co.uk if anyone has had any dealings with them? or what is everyone elses thoughts on this? Im really getting annoyed with banks now, I think Ill end up with my salary paid directly to under my mattress!
  7. You go for it. The fact that they are reducing their payment NOW doesnt justify the £860+ they have already taken from you. I also recieved the usual up yours letter from another bank this week and its a little disheartening but it makes you more determined to follow it through for every last penny! I wish you success x
  8. Good luck with your LBA Chrissy. Out of interest, without me searching the thread, is your claim in relation to bank charges, or credit card?
  9. Kimmy, whats your secret? do you use a bank that doesnt rip you off? ;-)
  10. I was trying to stay on the line! good on you louis wu!
  11. Good point tabit but isnt it true that staff do have the power to refund charges? Ive heard lots of cases where challenging bank staff has produced refunds. You have a valid point about them just doing their jobs though, its easy to shout at people on the front line, even though its not them that decide these charges! Why on earth should we be charged a fee for having a bank account though? our money has to go somewhere!
  12. Thanks for the correction louis wu, thats interesting...im off to check older statements!
  13. I would get clarification from abbey on this matter. I think all its saying is that if people/departments access your account to investigate anything, that may not be recorded. I dont think it will affect charges. again, I would get clarification. they cant make things simple can they!
  14. Yes you can, how can they expect you to clear your actual debt if they slap on charges of £450. Keep us posted!
  15. That should make you more determined to get your money back! It would help with the overdraft!
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