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  1. https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/environment-and-planning/abandoned-vehicles/ While your area may not be cornwall, the procedure will be the same. Find the appropriate page for your council and report it. If you have no joy there (sometimes the RK is simply able to 'claim' the vehicle and thus the council can't do anything) then you'll need to fill out a V888 form from the DVLA and obtain the RKs details. Write to them and inform them they have 14 days to remove the car, otherwise it will be removed by you - also fix a notice to the car. If 14 days pass then contact a towing company/scrap dealer and have the car removed. More good advice to make sure you stay on the right side of the law. https://www.askthe.police.uk/content/Q441.htm
  2. At the moment they are only asking who the driver is, and the reason for asking. You will likely commit an offence by not giving those details as best you have them. Do some due diligence to see if the car was in the car park at that time, check mobile phone texts and calls ("hi honey, on my way to pick up the kids..."), bank statements (did you buy something from a nearby shop or fill up with petrol?) and so on. You mention you rarely drive as it's so close, did you perhaps drive as you were on your way to somewhere else afterwards? As it stands, they must have received a report from someone with your car details so the car must have been there at some point. If the alleged matter is just a car park prang, then it will probably go no further as the police will leave it up to the insurance companies to sort out. If it's more than that, or the police want more information they might ask to "pop round for a chat", at this point I would decline to be interviewed at home and instead attend the police station. This means you then have a solicitor attend with you under the legal aid system. Do not make the mistake in thinking "well I haven't done anything wrong so why do I need a solicitor - that will make me look guilty!". That simply isn't true.
  3. I would advise Driver A not to try and have so much reliance on the lack of external damage to the front of car B (or is it the back of C?) I have had the misfortune of being involved in 2 rear end shunts, and on both occasions 1 car did not show any external damage besides a very small scratch but did have internal damage not noticed until later.
  4. Did you have any travel insurance at the time? Some banks bundle it with their accounts, maybe worth checking.
  5. I can't find any link between whitehouse.com and the magazine you mention. Whitehouse.com was owned by an american man who filled it with adult content and parodies of the US government and whitehouse magazine was a british publication. But we're arguing semantics really on that so lets leave it You are right at the OP's situation is different, but only if such deceiving, infringing or passing off is in place on the website. From the OP's description of the website - that it simply links off to a porn video - I can't see that it does but the OP would be need to confirm exactly what is on the .com website. Of course the OP knows that the website has been setup because of their company, but that in itself is not illegal.
  6. Also, with some research there is an infamous example of this. Whitehouse.com back in the late 90s and early 00s used to be full of adult content and understandably because of the name it was visited by people seeking out the website for the Executive branch of the US government (which is whitehouse.gov). Despite threats, there was nothing the administration could do to get rid of the website so if the US government can't do anything about such a situation - I'm not sure you will be able to either unless as said, there's some evidence of defamation or infringment of trademark. I realise obviously that laws differ between here and the US but you are dealing with a .com website which are governed to an extent by the US. I should quickly point out too that whitehouse.com is now safe to visit, it has no adult content now - the website was sold about 10 years ago.
  7. I'm wondering, is there any illegal in this website though? I'm not condoning it just trying to see what angle you can actually use to have it taken down or removed. Other than the address of the website being similar (because of the difference in .co.uk and .com) is there any mention of your company in the .com website for instance? Alternatively, is the name of your company a trademark? Or could you trademark it? That might give you an angle to use to claim ownership of the .com website. Other than that, I'm not sure you have a case unless there is something I'm missing. But saying that, it doesn't stop you paying for a solicitors letter demanding they take it down - the owner might not know you don't have any power to do so and a threatening letter might scare him.
  8. Just remember at the moment they are only requesting who the driver was in the car at that point in time. Regardless of whether you think she may be guilty or not guilty of any offence, you still need to give those details within 28 days else the Registered Keeper could be found guilty of Failure to Furnish which is 6 points and a £~600 fine.
  9. I like this particular twist on the discussions of whether there are aliens or not: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermi_paradox Put simply, copied from the above if you don't fancy clicking: The Sun is a typical star, and relatively young. There are billions of stars in the galaxy that are billions of years older. Almost surely, some of these stars will have Earth-like planets. Assuming the Earth is typical, some of these planets may develop intelligent life. Some of these civilizations may develop interstellar travel, a technology Earth is investigating even now (such as the 100 Year Starship). Even at the slow pace of currently envisioned interstellar travel, the galaxy can be completely colonized in a few tens of millions of years. According to this line of thinking, the Earth should already have been colonized, or at least visited. But no convincing evidence of this exists. Furthermore, no confirmed signs of intelligence elsewhere have been spotted, either in our galaxy or in the more than 80 billion other galaxies of the observable universe. Hence Fermi's question, "Where is everybody?" There are flaws in this obviously and the page above goes into them, but I found it an interesting theory.
  10. When we claimed on our GAP insurance a few years ago it was about 4-5 weeks until it was all settled, though didn't need any kind of telephone interview. A ridiculous 12 page form, along with requesting every single piece of documentation under the sun however...
  11. May I suggest for the future putting a towel down on the floor before using the shower.
  12. I've checked my credit card statement for my last Enterprise hire (Aug 12) and the deposit refund posted the day after I returned the car.
  13. Yes phone them up, you apparently have enough time on your hands to send a letter so why not phone up in an attempt to get the problem solved? It may be something simple such as your payment card has expired and you need a new one, or just an admin error. It seems to me you are setting yourself up for attempted court action as you are using (presumably) a service you are not paying for, though I can appreciate you are trying to.
  14. I've just checked one of the T&C's of a venue we visited and if the wedding is cancelled they want 100% of the outstanding balance and this is within SIX months of the wedding! I found this for the OP, this might give you some hope though it is in Scotland where laws sometimes differ. http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/couple-win-hotel-court-battle-over-cancelled-big-day.19555192 Edit: removed section about claiming insurance, good advice by Bankfodder below not to use it. Otherwise stick to your guns, if the debt collectors contact you then say the debt is disputed and they should refer it back to the their clients. The hotel can only claim their losses for the cancellation and this far out their losses will be quite small, perhaps a token amount for staff costs assisting you in preparing the wedding. No food or flowers would have been prepared this far out, and any drink ordered can either be cancelled or reused in another wedding. As Bankfodder said, get them to give you a breakdown of the costs they are claiming - they very fact they have already reduced their claims down almost a grand means it never reflected their losses in the first place.
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