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  1. hi red, sorry to hear you been feeling down. it was the big day for you today hope everything went ok. I just not replying to em yet untill they start threatening me, cant be bothered lol. thinking of you and all fingers crossed for you. sue
  2. have never contacted them before rory (last fight was with lowells which we won) just had the two letters from these losers first letter stated that they had been attempting to contact him (my husband) at a previous address held without success, that would be hard seeing as untill last year he hasnt been on the eletrol roll for about ten years since his marrage broke down he lived with friends and the last 2 years before i met him, he was living in the garage he rented for work so what address they held i dont know. then the last letter we recieved was the letter i posted above. Husband thinks its coming up to 6 years in maybe june or july this year. So thought if i cca them by the time they come up with anything if they do at all then the 6 years will be up anyway.
  3. hi all well thames credit limited are at it again heard nothing since 19th april then this letter turns up today. dear sir, re agreement number ************* first national tricity finance we write to advise you that aktiv kapital group of compainies has bought the interest of first national tricity finance in the debt that you owe them under the above agreement. we are acting as collection agent on behalf of atkiv kapital group of companies which is now the legal owner of the outstanding balance on your account. our records show the total balance outstanding, inclusive of all accrued interest, amounts to £***** you should not send any further payments (never sent any ever) to first national tricity finance and if you have a direct debit or standing order arrangement of first national tricity fianance that should be cancelled. all future payments should be sent to this company at the address shown. cheques must be made payable to Thames Credit limited. if for any reason you are unable to pay the full balance immediately, you should contact us as soon as possible to discuss payment arragements. we look forward to receiving your prompt payment. if you wish to speak to us, our telephone number is clearly shown on this letter yours faithfully so got cca letter with £1 ready for sending off tomorrow and let the fun begin again. how you getting on red? hope things are going well for you.
  4. thanks storm, that makes me feel a lot better. Just been fighting lowell and they sent letter saying original creditor says agreement is no longer available so think i will just wait until they send me the threatening letters and do the same to them (send cca) although am tempted just to ignore them completly. will keep you updated
  5. well good news, got letter today from lowell's, its as follows dear mr ****** our ref; ******* original creditor; capital one balance outstanding £791 following your recent request to be provided with a copy of the original credit agreement in respect of the consumer credit act. after liaising with our cllient in an effort to obtain this document we have been advised that it is no longer available. under the circumstances, we have closed our flies in relation to this account which has now been returned to our client. we can confirm that no further contact will be made by us regarding this account. we trust that the above clarifies matters for you, yours sincerely andrew bartie cheif opertions officer. So all we have to do now it wait for ackiv/thames to start with the threatening letters which am sure they will and do the same thing all over again, and if the agreement is no longer available theres little hope for them is there.
  6. hi red, thanks for your reply, do u mean this present address or the address he was at, at the time he took the credit card out?
  7. have just looked carefully at the letter recieved and they are part of the aktiv group. as it doest say what the debt is for or for how much for do i just wait for more letters to arrive or send cca now. also is i have SAR cap 1 how do i do this without knowing my hubbys account details ect do i just put his name and that should be enough. I dont know if lowells have sold this on or if this is a new debt, as no imformation in the letter from thames credit/aktiv.
  8. yes please red either pm or on this thread i dont mind either way what ever is best for him
  9. thanks red. just realised but its not beneficial finance its thames credit limited, , cheers again for you support
  10. hi been a while since been on as have had no new from lowells, that is untill today when we recieved a letter from beneficial finance, the letter just says dear sir re; agreement number ********* we have been attempting to contact you at a previous address held ( he's not been on the electrol roll for years untill last year) however we have been unsuccessful. we have accessed public informantion in order to ascertain your current address (as shown on this letter) and believe that it is your correct current address. it is important that you now telephone us on the number shown at the top of this letter, as we hold the above agreement at the address shown, and we need to explain this in detail to you. if you beleive this is not your account then please telephone within 21 days on 0800 028 0773 to avoid this account being registered against your name at credit bureaux. we look forward to hearing from you yours faithfully, now has anyone heard of this company and do they have anything to do with lowells, or have lowells sold it on because the month is nearly up before they commit offence. please any help would be appreciated because getting very stressed now. ps the month is up on 5 may
  11. hi red thanks for your message yep all quiet they recieved letter on 20 march so half way into the last month so fingers crossed they wont send me anything. will keep u updated if or when they send me anything. Thanks for remembering me hope all is ok with you and your fight.
  12. thank you one. can relax untill the next one arrives lol. cheers again.
  13. hi. have just recieved another letter from lowell financial. it says we are in receipt of your request for a copy of your credit agreement in accordance with section 78(1) of the consumer credit act 1974 We also in recipt of the prescribed fee from you. we are requesting a copy of the agreement from the original lender with whom you originally entered into the agreement. while we endeavour to reply to you with the reequired information within the prescribed 12 days period under the consumer credit act, you will appreciate this is dependant upon receipt of the information from the original creditor. we will advise you further if it will take longer than the prescribed period. yours sincerely andrew bartie. could you please tell me what that means and what do i do now. just wait?
  14. hi tim yeah me too was very interesting. are you having probs with banks or debt collection agency
  15. hi hope u can help we have recieved 3 letters now 1 from lowell portfilio saying they had bought an old debt off capital one. this is an old debt of my husbands (before we met) he thinks its about 6 yrs or nearly since he made any payment on it. The max limit on card was about £250 they are asking for £789. The last 2 letters were from lowell finanical. I have read lots on here and just sent the cca letter today with a £1 cheque. So am just waiting for them to reply now. My husband moved around alot and so if capital 1 had been trying to write to him we would never know so wonder how we stand on that. sorry if i sound a bit thick but this is all new to me and a bit worried these letters are scary. one good thing is they dont have our phone number so havent had any nasty calls like a lot of people seem to have had.Thank you for listening to me
  16. hi there this is my first time and dont know if im on the right thread. we have recieved 3 letters from lowell about an old debt they bought from capital 1 that my husband had nearly 6 yrs ago ( we think) he didnt pay this all off and the limit on the credit card was about £250 and they want £695 i have ignored all letters until now. my husband has moved around alot and so no one has been able to contact him until we married and he went on the elecrol roll this year As we have no statements from previous years or any documentation i was wondering what we can do about this. we would appriciate any advice on this thank you for your time. |Oh and how do i read any replys that are made to me
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