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  1. Gooders Should I have told the Mods?? All experiences in life are to share which ever side of the fence you are on Some from being hounded by Banks and some from trying to recover funds whilst in employment so both sides NEED to be considered for a balanced view
  2. Gooders Completely agree However do either of us know the facts?? Other than someone is overdrawn, over there overdraft limit and the bank want there money back - we have all been there otherwise this site would not exist You will note my 1st post on this thread asked for more info - so although a difference of some opinion exists - I feel until we know more facts it is hard to give a balanced view
  3. Gooders No offence taken what so ever My point no matter what you do is face things head on AJG
  4. Fair comment However what is a default these days or a CCJ (Banks are collecting enough of them) Does a default stop you from opening a bank a/c, getting a credit card, getting a loan, mortgage - The answer is no If it goes to court then Judges would see a reasonable offer and rule on it You are better to fact the debt than hide behind the Code of Banking Practice, after all the banks do not use it and break it every hour of every day
  5. Never walk away from debt you will regret it. You hide behind what ever you want but it will catch up with you Make a reasonable offer, one which you CAN afford, stick to it and then take them on. I do not know the circumstances but Banks accept all reasonably offers, as if it does go to court they may end up with less. This is sound advice from someone who used to work in Banks for many years
  6. Bassplayer At what stage is your account - is it still branch controlled?? Or in a bank collections department. If still branch controlled **** them. Protect your business - Move it Enter a small repayment program - What you can afford - If you have a debt and offer to repay it no court will rule against you - provided you can prove it reasonable. Start action and follow the guidelines carefully I am an Ex-banker so know the system
  7. Your money should hit your Lloyds account on Monday BACS system is a 3 day process I should know I am an ex banker (left to join the real world)
  8. Where is the Allocation Questionairew for Limited Companies? The link takes you to a blank page!! Thanks
  9. The office of Fair Trading issued a number of requiredments/rules which most of the large banks signed up to - They include behavioual issues and guidelines which can be found on the following web The Office of Fair Trading: Banking services to small and medium sized enterprises (December 2002)
  10. Great I am iinvolved on the other thread re - Business Accounts but my claim is solely on Limited Companies and could really do with specific advice The Claim is against BOS for c £ 9k I have just sent the LBA action off and so far have not heard a thing - so need advice re court action and bundle of docs - I know I have to leave out all consumer references On a seperate issue and another company Bos strung me for c £ 15.5k interest penalty when I transferred a business loan (variable rate). The facility letter stated that they MAY charge 3 months interest, and did. This is a direct breach of OFT regulations OFT 620 and all associated documentation. The Banking Ombudsman has so far ruled on the Banks side and quite frankly been a homer. (They were never going to rule on our side, and ignored OFT docs when it suited them to) But the battle will continue. Can anyone give advice on this, this is not a cost thing as we paid all legal costs, valuation costs and full arrangement fees, still waiting for justification other than "computer says no" Things will hot up in a couple of weeks when court papers will be submitted.
  11. Scott I take it Nat West have just ingored you to date All the very best (watching this with interest)
  12. Thanks innocent Was not being funny, so please do not take any offence There were a number of claims you have won and a business a/c claim which appeared dormant for 6 months - now know why Any advice given will be greatfully received This is my 1st claim and is a business a/c for c£9k, with BoS so expecting a battle, Of which I want to win. When this is out the way do expect to start 3 other business claims- all sizeable. Does anyone know if it applies to interest penalties when repaying a business loan early - 3 months interest another c £16k claim with Banking Ombudsman who are "homers" - Complete breach of OFT 620 regulations - seeing if the regulatory body with sort that out but not much hope. Thanks
  13. Why the delay on your Business Claim You seem to know what you are doing - Can you provide any tips
  14. 37 Grand and u are still in business Good luck with the claim and keep me posted
  15. So were are you up to, other than them trying to close you down Any advice??
  16. Great I have tried to start a thread on this twice before to no avail I have just started proceedings against BOS for £ 9,300 , on an account closed 16 months ago, we were lucky as they tried to put the boot in and almost lost everything. Lucky to move Banks and survived. It is a Limited comapny account and could really do with advice on the following: Amount of claim being over £ 5k Proceedure Scottish Banks - as I understand it the law is very different but BoS is governed by scottish law Thanks
  17. AJG

    Business Accounts

    It appears slightly different principals apply, but in whole Limited companies can take action. Has anyone done this? Any Pointers? Is it as straight forward as been a Private person
  18. After hearing much on the news ect about Bank Charges I struggled to find out if it applies to Limited Companies. I believe it does. And have just sent off the First letter claiming £ 9300 Anyone had success as a limited company claiming??
  19. After hearing uch on the news ect about Bank Charges I struggled to find out if it applies to Limited Companies. I believe it does. And have just sent off the First letter claiming £ 9300 Anyone had success as a limited company claiming??
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