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  1. Hi Advice please re-my son. He has been on JSA since Oct.2012 and is doing voluntary work set up by the local Council. They have funded him on 2 courses related to the work he's doing.(Gardening and site clearing,brush cutting tool usage) He has seen on the local College site that the next couse that would be appropriate to go on (Chain Saw use etc) the College state that people on JSA will have their fees waived. On enquiring today at his JC, they have advised him that they only "fund training" if there is a job at the end of it. Is this correct ? as I cannot see how without any training very few will be able to get jobs, or is this statement the usual JC brush off ? Advice appreciated Peter
  2. Thank you for the reply. He has advised the JSA re-me paying his mortgage and it his on his file. It was through this disclosure that the JSA sent a further "form" to fill in re-payment of interest. The reason I was worried re-advising his mortgage company was he could get "black listed". Seeing the problems that other people get with Banks etc, especially as he is with one of the "worst" customer related Banks (Santander) I thought it best to leave advising them well alone. I envisage bailiffs at his door dealing with Santander. Regards
  3. My son is claiming JSA and has been advised he may be entitled to interest payments on his mortgage. At present I am keeping his head above water until such time his job prospects perk up. I have advised him prior to this interest payment offer not to advise his mortgage company (Santander) of his unemployment as even though it's being paid and he's not in arrears that they may "black list" him. If he takes up the offer of having the interest paid ( I will continue to pay the rest) is Santander likely to "flag" him up as a prospective bad debtor etc ? I have read in the Press of Banks/Mortgage companies doing the "dirty" on people when they really ought to be helping. Not much change there then. So do we leave sleeping dogs lie or get the help ? Peter
  4. Hope this in the correct part of Forum. My Mother went into hospital with a urine infection and has slight Parkinsons. She was with the aid of a zimmer and my sisters help able to get around the house. Due to the fact my sisiter also has her own problems (bone cancer) it was decided initially to provide a care service at home for my Mother on her return there. Her bed was to be brought downstairs and carers would come in 3 times a day to hoist her in and out of bed etc. However due to her deteriation in Hospital (the ward has a tummy bug) a "Social Worker" has now come on the scene stating. It would be best if my Mother was to go for 6 weeks into a Nursing/Care Home as it's now felt that "they" could not supply adequate care at her home. I suspect that this is a ploy to get her permanently of their books and into the Care Home system. She would have to pay for the Care in a "Home". However my 50 yr old sister has always lived with my Mother and the question was asked "Does my Mother have her own home" Ans. "yes" So to finally get to the point. How does my sister stand. Will they force the house to be sold etc, or does my sister have any rights to what is "her family home" or just kick her out. She herself is on DLA etc due to her conditions. Advice appreciated. Peter
  5. Hello My son has just lost his job and will no doubt have to start claiming JSA. If he rents his house from a relative can he claim some sort of rent rebate ? None of us in the family have ever been in this position, so we are all in the "dark" re-claiming anything from anywhere. Any pointers in the right direction before he does or says the wrong thing appreciated. Peter
  6. Hello My sister (54) has had no "one to one" contact with ATOS but had been sent the form to fill in at home. On sending this form back she collected 15 points and has been put on WRAG. She suffers from a spinal cancer. She also looks after her Mother who is housebound and has Parkinsons. She has unfortunately turned down the chance too appeal. She receives a DLA and Incapacity Benefit. At a DWP interview she has been advised that she will get ESA allowance and it may be better for her to claim as a Carer for Mother. Can anyone advise if she will lose her DLA, if either she gets ESA or a Carers Allowance? I personally am unable to make head nor tail of the DWP "help" pages. Any advice greatfully received. Peter
  7. PEED

    New Start

    Hi I am about to start to try and get some money back for my son from HSBC can someone advise Do you write to the local branch or Head Office customer services to start the claim going.? Cheers Peter
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