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  1. Well done Superward. I received my offer today.
  2. Hi everyone. Been away for little while with work so not had much chance to get on here. Was collecting all my information etc ready for filing a claim this week when I received a letter today from RBOS offering to settle the claim in full for the total I requested. HOORAY They have sent me sheet to sign and return accepting full and final settlement. Should I be sending a letter back with this or just accept by signing their form? Thanks
  3. Hiya I too got a letter today saying thanks for my letter re: claiming charges back. it is being considered. What is eveyone's views, as the second 14 days I beleive is almost/already up. Do we go ahead with Money claim or wait for their response?
  4. Hi all Checked the mail again today and nothing so the LBA is printing out now ready for posting Cheers T4FF for the letter, (royalties on way heheh) Hopefully superward you are correct in saying they have backlogs due to lots of claims. Good luck benn
  5. Hi all Today is the end of the initial 14 days from receipt of my Prelim letter. Looks like the next stage is sending off the LBA. Benn
  6. hi superward You heard anything back? Benn1
  7. Hi Superward I have sent off my prelim to Cust Relations Dept in Edinburgh but have yet to receive an answer back. They have until next Tuesday before I move to next stage. Benn
  8. Thanks Badmother. Prelim letter sent off so will wait and see what happens
  9. Hi all Have managed to find all my statements and calculated the charges. I have seen a few people on here mention they have sent their Premlim letters direct to RBOS HQ in Edinburgh. Is this correct or is it best to send to the branch? If Head office can someone give me the correct address. Thanks benn1
  10. Hi mrestrick2k7 From my reading on this forum you can claim certain parts of the charges. If you have a royalties, gold or premier account the CHG to ac # will include the agreed monthly charge for this account which is around £10-15 dependant on the account as well as penalty charges. If you have a look around in these forums you will see other people who have claimed back the penalty charges however you cant claim the royalties fees back. benn1
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