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  1. got a ticket through the post on the 31st march 07, saying that i had been recorded by cctv camera parked in a restricted st during prescribed hours, in bromley on 26/03/07 at 11:50 hrs. on the pcn that i received through the post it says; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vehicle reg no- p...... penalty charge notice no- BY7....... date of this notice- 30 march 2007 date and time of contravention- 26/03/07 11:50 hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i posted these details on this forum when i first got the pcn, and was advised to write to bromley council saying; I am writing to make representations against the PCN which was taken by CCTV camera. This purported PCN is invalid and a nullity in that it does not conform to the requirements of the Road Traffic Act 1991 and the London Local Authorities Act 2000. The purported PCN states that a reduced charge can be paid within 14 days of the 'date of this notice' whilst the requirements of the above regulations are that it should state that the reduced charge can be paid within 14 days of the 'date of service of this notice'. Since the purported PCN was served by post the date of service, being the date of receipt, was some days after the date of the notice. The Council has unlawfully and unfairly attempted to shorten the time I have to pay the reduced charge and as such the purported PCN is invalid and a nullity. The Council has no rights to pursue this purported penalty charge. Please write by return that you will not be pursuing this matter further. which i did. on the 1st of june i got a letter back saying that basically my reasons i wrote in my letter are not grounds for withdrawing the pcn. today i have received a 'ENFORCEMENT NOTICE' from bromley, not sure what this is, is it the same as a NTO???? dont know what to do now, so any advice would be really appreciated. picture of 'ENFORCEMENT NOTICE' here is one of the pictures i took of the double yellow lines i stopped on
  2. since winning my appeal i have received 2 more PCNs, this hasnt been my year for luck!
  3. thanks anyways to your sugestions, i know i have been an idiot, but we all make mistakes in life, just needed a bit of advice from people who know what they are talking about, nothing else!
  4. went to where i suposedly got red light ticket, and reliesed my partner was driving my car at the time, but he is not insured to drive my car, which makes my case even worse!!!
  5. isnt there anything i can say or do??? the bank machine is round the corner from where i parked my car, does this help??
  6. got another ticket which arrived this morning, from bromley council. this time it was a camera recording of my car 'parked in a restricted st during prescribed hours' in church st bromley. what happened was i parked my car in a pay and disply bay in church st, bought ticket then went off and did what i did. came back to my car and drove up church st and pulled over to run to the bank, my partner stayed in car with hazards on. i have stopped here before to go to bank but have never received a ticket before. what can i do to fight this ticket, as i think bromley have got it in for me as i have just won another ticket appeal against them i went all the way (PATAS) and won. any info would be apreceated thanks :twisted:
  7. i will just pay the £60 + 3 points, as there is nothing i can do! oh, and i really dont remember running the red light, if i did i would have accepted the fine, but i thought i would get some advice before i paided this ticket and normally i have gotten great advice by the people on this website, but i guess this time i am buggered!! thanks
  8. hi, just wanted to say thanks to all of you who gave me great advice!! just got in and there was a letter from PATAS. i didnt want to open it, but i did, and to my amazment it said that Bromley Council will not contest my appeal against the PCN, so therefore the adjudicator allowed my appeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so thanks to all, and keep up the good work! :D :D
  9. the first NIP was sent out on 8th march and it says that the alleged offence was on 28th febuary
  10. can anyone help? aparently i ran a red light, which i can not remember doing. i receveied a letter from metropolitan police saying this, i signed and sent it back, and today i receveived another letter back saying that i could contest this red light ticket in court or pay £60 and 3 points on my liecence???? i dont know what to do, can anyone help as i genuienly cant remember jumping this red light!!!!! thanks
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