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  1. hi there i am in the same boat my claim also is in danger of getting chucked out if i dont restore the application before 31st july have you had any advice on what to do?
  2. thanks freaky will keep you posted
  3. thanks freaky one question about the litigation details i am unsure which ones to include there doesnt seem to be any recent caseson hsbc or am i looking at the wrong page? pleasehelp asap need to post off my bundle asap thanks again
  4. thanks i will have a read through
  5. hello everyone well my court date is next week 27 th nov to whether the stay should be lifted and im not holding out much hope ! im very nervous and not looking forward to the experience could anyone give me any advice as to what i take and what i say and what will happen it would be much appreciated
  6. sory for delay not been on for a while cant get on the computer for the other half! The letter says you should be advised that if it goes against you you may be faced with cost consequences. im a bit paniciky now as to what will happen being realistic i dont think i have much chance of the stay being lifted im not in financial hardship apart from having a wedding to pay for in january! and i cant afford costs whatever they may be ! and a hearing date would almost certainly be after jan anyway any advice?
  7. i have read with interest about your ordeal and thought if anyone is going to win it was you ! but dont let the ba8714ds grind you down and keep helping people you do it so well!
  8. got a date for hearing to lift stay 27 nov ! talk about stringing it out! and it says if it goes against me i may face cost consequences? anybody got any idea how much this would be?
  9. believe me ive got more than my fingers crossed!
  10. well i took myself off to the court armed with my cheque book to pay the £65 fee (application to set aside the stay) the chap was very helpful told me i needed 3 copies of the application but said he would photocopy them for me then he told me i didnt need to pay the fee as the court had ordered the stay without any formal notification from the defence and on the courts own initiative. result! its definatley worth contacting the court to see if a fee is payable
  11. thanks i am going to take it to the court on tue the date i should have been having my final hearing god i hate that bank !
  12. well finally got around to writing my application for stay lifting ! when i send it to the court do i need to send dg a copy or do i give the court 2 copies?
  13. bishop auckland county court have issued a stay on my case hearing date was 28/08/07 have 14 days to apply for it to be lifted
  14. thanks i have received the order today and have 14 days to apply for it to be lifted
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