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  1. Contract says 30 days as it should usually take 10 - 28 days according to CRB web site. In reality it is rare for a reply to an application within 90 days. I was suspended after 90 days! My employer has been very helpfull and are keeping my job open as they are fully aware that it is not my fault.
  2. Satisfactory CRB is required for employment. The business funtions within the law! It has been since the government made it law for anyone who works in a care capacity or as a teacher, nurse, doctor, dentist, socialworker ++++.. The business is making admin staff redundant and has no possitions available. They require all admin staff obtain a Satisfactory CRB as they will have to work with clients over the phone and somtimes clients or their families visit the office. Both myself and my employer have repetedly contacted the CRB but they just say it is being processed! "They cannot give any further information" I began work having provided a CRB... They must be checked periodicaly for any company to continue to allow you to legaly work. It is now 201 full days.
  3. 40 hours per week contracted. No alternative work available with them as passing a CRB is a legal requirment! Next stage if the CRB is not sent will result in immediate termination of employment and employment records being passes to the CQC and police for investigation. That information will be recorded on a CRB I am lead to believe and will result in me being lucky to work as a street sweeper!
  4. I changed jobs from one care company that went into administration to another earlier this year. As required my CRB request went in. Some 200 days later I have still not received my CRB report. As a result I have been suspended from work with no income. I have contacted the agency and a number of other agencies with the numbers and reference numbers that have been provided. I am getting into more and more debt. I have a job a very good job but I cant work because of incompetence on the part of a government agency. I was told by CAB that I could claim loss of earnings but no solicitor will touch it! I am now on JSA. In 7 years of providing Enhanced CRB's annually to my employers nothing has been shown on them and I have never been arrested. PLEASE HELP!
  5. I don't get called to assesments because I have a GENETIC disorder! I have been receiving hospital care for my condition since 1980 four years after I was born!!! I live in a depersonalized state as do all the male members of my family including my Nephew. I've been found fit for work and put in the work group for ESA. It does not bother me...!
  6. For each employee that suffers from a MENTAL illness that is likley to be affected by work or an individual that is likley to suffer injury because of a mental incapacity I have looked ONLINE for providers of Public Liability Insurance for Business and Employee Liability Insurance. Employee Liability Insurance would increase for each employee that has a mental incapacity and the cheapest adjustment PER EMPLOYEE is £49,990PA that is with a company that only provides insurance to companies that employ 100,000+ I have not been able to find an insurance provider that will insure a person with a Mental incapacity to work with the public! I have TRIED I have even contacted a number of them by E-Mail and they have replied in chorus that they would have to conduct a full assessment of the individual before providing a quote & that it would in all likleyhood be prohibitivly expensive even for multinationals! I should add that the quotes are based on the individual working a maximum of 16 hours per week under qualified supervision. All employees of the business are REQUIRED to pass the ENHANCED CRB to continue working with a vulnerable individual! IT IS THE LAW!! Remember NO WIN NO FEE! Put simply to employ 1 individual for 16 hours per week at minimum wage earning a maximum of £5058.56 before tax, an employer would have to pay insurance of aprox £100,000PA, medical assesments that would be conducted by private organisations required by their insurers costing aprox £500pcm, conduct an assesment of their physical and mental needs before and after each shift, employ a qualified individual at a price relative to their experience and qualifications and to shadow and supervise the individual and leaise with numerous government departments! Even simpler! If an individual works on a voluntry basis in a shop the insurance liability would be a minimum of £100,000 for that organisation, if the manager of that shop failed even once to complete a "Risk Assesment" before a shift that insurance would be invalid! (www.volunteering.org.uk)
  7. They have reinstated my pay in full. The only problem is that they will not pay it till the next pay day. Meanwhile I am being charged £40 per day for being late on my rent and I have been charged for bounced direct debits, late payments and overdraft charges that I would not have been charged if they had paid me on time. All the charges for this month add up to 3 months pay and thats not including the fact I still owe the payments. What should I do?? Please help.
  8. The Rota shows me on Annual Leave from the 8th of April - 6th May 2011 The Disciplinary is for Unauthorised Abcence between 11th April - 6th May 2011 The meeting was allegedly on the 11th April 2011. However I was only invited to "pop in" to discuss my return to work before my AL expired. The letter revoking my Annual Leave was dated 12th April 2011 I was informed on the 16th April 2011 that I was not to contact any LA employee and that they had been told not to communicate with me. I have been formally notified that the Disciplinary is on the 6th of May 2011 before the head of service, HR representative and my Line manager for Unauthorised Abcence. I am not a Union Member.
  9. Simple answer. If you are paid late by your employer or a bank error then you are entitled to claim Compensation from your employer or bank (be sure who) for expenses and costs related to the error. e.g. Bank Charges, Late payment fees, ECT. But you must show that they made the error. Your contract will show this as it will state your normal pay date (on or last working day before a day/date) If your employer refuses to pay these costs then you can claim through the small claims courts (maximum claim value apply's) or through a Solicitors. You can also claim any costs in recovering these monies. If your employer does anything to punish you for such actions they will commit an offence.
  10. I have all the evidence as it's been sent to my G-mail account and is all digitally signed. My friend has read the Letters and E-mails I have been sent and is of the opinion that I am being subject to harasment by an Individual that is commiting career suicide and taking her employer with her. He cant believe that this would be done with HR approval but all the letters and E-mails have been CC'd to HR and her DIRECT Superior. If this was not the official position of the LA I am sure that another department would have stepped in and taken over the case HR or Legal. My friend is pressing me to contact a Solicitor, he has even given me his families solicitor details to call on Tuesday and he has said he will have the Solicitor Visit me at home next week. Should I? What I have mentioned is just the 3 months of issues I have had many more issues over the last 3 years. My last employee appraisel She described me as a Fairy.
  11. The monday after the leave began! HR say that I would have an opportunity to present a defence at my disiplinary. Please remember that I have been informed not to contact any LA employees and my Line manager has informed them NOT to contact me.. She even sent that E-mail to me. My GP has sent them a letter to inform them that I will be unable to attend the 'Hearing' due to my Ill health (worsened by this whole affair).
  12. The tip of the issue is that I was phoned and told that I was on Accrued Annual Leave whether I liked it or not! I was told to pop in at some time to discuss my return to work. I was told that my Line Manager would be available "FROM" Monday but I could pop in and see her on any day as I had been sent the Rotas for the next 4 weeks. NO appointment was set! On the Tuesday she sent a digitally signed letter with no reference numbers (unusual) but CC'd the HR department that stated that as I didn't attend a meeting that she aranged on the Monday without informing me that she was treating my abcence as unauthorised backdated leave and that I may have been confused. Quote from letter: "You may have been confused, believing that you were on Annual Leave however this was never agreed" I was not asked if I wanted the Leave nor was I offered the Leave! I was informed that I was being placed on Leave and that I had no choice! I don't see any confusion there!
  13. Seek legal advice. All employers are required to keep an accident/injury book. If your employer has failed to keep such a book they are in breach of their obligations under the health and safety act and may be in breach of their employee liability insurance terms and conditions. At the end of each working day/shift if no accidents or injurys have occured they should note it in the book. If they haven't or they can not show that they have a named first aider (subject to legal requirements) filling in the book for each day/shift or a duty manager doing the same (even if the only entry is "No reported Accidents/Injuries" with a signiture) they have not maintained the required documentation. Even if an employee has a pre-existing condition that has been agrivated by normal working practices it should be noted. Best advice is that if your employer has not taken steps to adapt your working environment or practices to prevent further injury or looked at redeployment within the company you may be able to claim disability discrimination or unfair dismissal. Thats all the advice I can offer, I hope it helps.
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