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  1. cjm_

    court fees

    no word about transferring it yet, but i haven't told the court that the bank haven't contacted me about defending the claim yet.
  2. cjm_

    court fees

    yeah, the goodwill payment came in not long after i'd paid the court fees. i'd have probably just settled too if wasn't for the money i'd paid to the court! i shall send that material off to the court tomorrow. will it make a difference that my claim was via MCOL?
  3. cjm_

    court fees

    ok, i posted away the rejection letter on the 18th of june. as this was close to the date by which the bank would default (it took me a couple of days to decide whether or not to go for it) i've given them a bit longer to respond. as of today though, there's been no word. what to do now? tell the court to proceed with the claim at an adjusted amount, or do ou think it'd be worth my while contacting the bank and seeing if they'll sort me out with the court fees?
  4. cjm_

    court fees

    thanks everyone, Jubaxt- served on the 33nd of may, money in my account on the 7th of June.
  5. cjm_

    court fees

    ta! so, should i send the bank another letter letting them know that i've recieved the money but intend to pursue the remainder of the claim through the courts? also, do i need to inform the court people about the change in the amount i'm chasing the bank for? thanks again for the help, this is pretty stressful!
  6. hello all, The co-op have just "good-willed" me a sum which is just a shade less than my original claim minus the interest. at this stage I'm not sure whether just to accept it or continue on by sending them a letter thanking them for the partial payment but telling them i'll be continuing to persue the full amount. To be honest, i'm not too sure of the exactitude of my figures given the banks confusing breakdown of charges, something that's making me a bit shy of going to court. The thing is that i've paid the £120 for the MCOL, which doesn't seem to have been refunded (there was n
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