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  1. Hope someone can give us a few suggestions. 1997 got windows from a company.(Now not trading) Loan and missold PPI came from First National Bank. Due to circumstances defaulted, they wouldnt accept payment offered took us to court and got a decree(CCJ) They got a charging order over house, which ran out. They assigned the debt to Asset Link/Link Financial. I disputed the debt amount for various reasons with Link. Then 5 years later, this year, they got another charging order on house. In First Nationals name. The query I have is this, First National was owned by Abbey National. Abbey National sold it to GE Money. But GE money is owned by Santander. Do I go after Santander? And also when I was initially taken to court the amount could be wrong? Thanks in advance. I also have all documentation.
  2. Congrats Micheboo, Have fun spending it, I certainly will!!!!!
  3. HI Everyone, After sending of the list of charges to Eversheds on Monday thought to myself just sit back and wait as 28 days not up till the 16th. Kept checking MCOL to see status of claim and yesterday it was still stating acknowledged. Checked this morning and its still stating acknowledged. Hubby says to me this morning, we need a new lawnmower as its broke. Thought uh,oh, how much money is in the bank as not paid till next week and wasn't sure if we would have enough. So, Goes onto internet banking and OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly collapsed. Every penny had been paid back into my account yesterday!!!! I am still in a state but had to come on and say thank you to everyone on this site. I know I have to do something like contact the courts or something I think but I am not thinking straight at the moment! So thanks to everyone and everyone else who is waiting please keep your spirits up. Will come back on later after I've calmed down!!!!
  4. Hi Micheboo, just read that your deemed date of service is the 20th May, mine is the 19th May! I,ve also just received my acknowledgement of service letter (they intend to defend) so will be sending a copy of charges to eversheds on Monday! Did yours say they intend to defend as well?.
  5. Thanks Jennyuk. Have received acknowledgement of service - they intend to defend. Their solicitors are eversheds in cardiff. No contact name on it but on address a long 12 digit number - i presume this is their reference no? anyone else had this?
  6. Help please! It's the 1st June and have still not received my paper copy of the acknowledgement of service.(it is deemed served as 19th May but was acknowledged 17 May.) Should I now send of a copy of schedule of charges to Nationwide and Eversheds just to be on the safe side? Getting a bit worried.
  7. Fantastic news Libby, I,m really happy for you! Hope your son is good to you!!!!
  8. Good News Sarah Lou, well done!
  9. Hi, mars32, mine was also filed 14 May! It was deemed served the 19 May. They acknowledged the 17th though! Havent received my acknowledgement of service yet. We seem to be at similar timescales!
  10. Hi Libby21, how long do you have left to wait?
  11. jamiesbabie, tiatia here, thanks for replying re the acknowledgement of service letter. keeping fingers crossed for you..
  12. Hi, Nationwide acknowledged on 17 May - checked mcol online. Todate I have not received any acknowledgement papers - is this normal? Also, because I have recieved no acknowledgement of service letter I have not sent a copy of my charges to them yet (sent 2 to MCOL) or their solicitor - any ideas on this anyone please?
  13. Hi Lori, keeping my fingers crossed for you! Thanks for answering my pm I feel better now!
  14. thanks hol40017302 for a copy of that letter. I too was unsure on what to write. Tristar, My mcol was deemed served on 19 May and it says they have untill the 2 June so we seem to be at about the same stage. Its just the waiting now!
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