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  1. Thankyou for that reply, I'll have a look through the section you mentioned. I'm starting another thread with a general question as I've noticed the change in approach over the % rate of interest that people are requesting as well as charges so I'll be more specific in that new thread as to my new query. Cheers from the Duff Man, Oh - Yeah !!
  2. Hi, would like to know what success anyone has had going to the Ombudsman when you are trying to claim charges older than 6 years ago. This seems to be my stumbling block at present with Citi Cards as well as them sticking to their guns over the £12 fee & only doing a part refund between that and the charged amount. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Yes it was staring me in the face, just realised there was a 2nd page on the templates with the letter I need. Doh !! Thanks for looking anyway
  4. Hi, not been on the site for a couple of years & I have finally decided to sort out all my cards/PPI with avengence. I have had all my statements and sent out the letters detailing amounts of charges & interest earlier this week & have just received first reply back from Citi Cards with an offer of approx 1/7th of what was requesting with all the usual spiel from them about them only offering the difference between the then charge & the £12 now standard charge amount. So my question is with regards to the next letter to send, I've looked around the site but I can't seem to find one for credit cards. Has anyone got a link to the next template to use that has then resulted in a better offer from Citi Cards or should I just go straight to the Ombudsman ? If it was staring me in the face & I have missed it then I'm happy to be pointed out of the error of my ways of being a numpty !! Many thanks
  5. Duff Man says " Oh - Yeah !! " Many thanks for that, I've just finished off my spreadsheet so that's off in the Duff post tomorrow with the letter. Time to go & drink some of that cool refreshing Duff Beer now !! " OH - YEAH !! "
  6. Duff Man has been going through his Duff GE Money loan statement and as well as all the charges for direct debit recall charges & the 'admin fees' they then like to charge I've also noticed some 'Additional Interest' amounts appearing in the debit column. :? Is the Duff Man able to claim for those amounts also ?
  7. Duff Man says " Oh - Yeah !! " Many thanks:)
  8. Duff Man would like to know is an "Unathorised Borrowing Fee" claimable. Its on my LLoyds TSB statements alot at a tenner a time.
  9. I received all my info from GE Money earlier this week & when going through the statement its not all there !!! Anyone else had this stalling tactic ? I'm missing the printout going back from now up to April 2004 !! I've just done a letter informing them, just wish I'd checked it at the beginning of the week, GRRRRR !!!
  10. Duff Man says " Duff Man has just recently sent off a load of initial letters to lots of accounts that me & Mrs Duff Man have and just recieved an initial reply from GE Money to which I would like your thoughts on. It goes as follows 'Thank you for your recent letter, requesting statements of your accounts. This information can be provided free of charge. If you are making a subject acess request the fee remains £10. In addition I note there is a second account holder. We will require the second account holders' authority to supply their data if we do not receive this we will simply provide just your personal data. Please confirm by return if you would like a refund and simply account statements or if you would like a full subject access request.' So Duff Mans initial thoughts and questions are do we have to send another £10 for Mrs Duff Mans subject access request with it having been a joint account. Also their question regarding if its just a refund & account statements that we require as opposed to subject access request- is there any difference to this? Duff Man says thanks in advance to any replies & suggestions. Oh - Yeah !! "
  11. Duff Man says " Duff Man notes your great welcome 'cheddar' and that from your location I'm not too far away from you as I live close to the Duff town of Chorley . Duff Man also noticed that you quite rightly state Bolton as being in Lancashire, thats where its always been! Oh - Yeah !! "
  12. Duff Man says " Duff Man is most interested in all the best help & advice for pointing him in the right sections for info on claiming for Business Bank charges incurred with Lloyds TSB & the RBOS. My posting style may seem strange to some but as I intend to enjoy trying to claim back my money with any help & guidance that you guys can offer I hope you can all put up with me & my mad thoughts!. Oh - Yeah !! "
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