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  1. I sent my request for the charges to be claimed back, and got a bog standered letter saying they had 8 weeks to reply, ( not true as i have found out from other postings ), now my 14 days are up i have to send them the next letter but im not sure how to find out which courts i need to us, is it 1 in Halifax or my local court and do i get in touch with the court before sending the letter or not. Sorry if i sound a bit dim on this but i'v never had any dealings with legal things before , i've read loads of posting and advise on this site but things can seem a bit confusing when your not used to this kind of thing, so any more advise would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. received my statements last week worked out Halifax owes us almost £3000, I sent of my first letter on 28th march, i know i should wait 14 days before sending LBA but is that 14 working days or do i count weekend? Also i have had bog standard letter back from them saying they are looking into my complaint and they have up to 8 weeks in which to reply ,is that correct or not. Anyone help im confused. (no one say that normal for me) lol :-|
  3. Nice to hear you got your statements, I just got mine today waited 36 days, but it's a buzz to know the little people are now turning on the big banks, they've had it their way for so long bet they don't know what's hit them. I was suprised to find they owed me almost £3000. can't belive how much it addds upto. Iv'e done my next letter and it's in the post tommorow, so were at the same stage, i'll watch your thread and keep in touch.
  4. I have just done my letter and enclosed my list of charges, will be posting it in the morning. How long should i wait for a reply? and whats the next step. Any advise please.
  5. I sent my SAR to my local branch 15 th feb, they cashed my cheque 1st march so when I had not herd anything by 21March I rung the customer help line and spoke to someone and they said they had no record of my request but could see that they had cashed the cheque so she would put a request in for the statements to be sent. I received them today less than 1 week after ringing. I have just worked out they have charged me £2997 , I was suprised at how much it was, Iwas expecting about £1000, so my next letter is in the post in the morning but this time i'm sending it to Trinity Rd, Halifax. Keep at it and stick to your dates don't let them string it out. Good Luck.
  6. Hi everyone, sent off for my statements 15th Feb and cheque was cashed on 1st March, just rang today to see what was happening and was told they didn't have record of the original letter. I told them the cheque number and date it was cashed, the lady on the phone said she could see the cheque being taken from the account so would order the statements today. Anyone else had this sort of problem ?and when should i count the 40 day reply rule from? today or from my original letter. If anyone needs the number to make enquires for the statements it, 01422 380880.
  7. :-| We need to open a new bank account as we are trying to reclaim charges and iwe are also in debt and need to do a self help plan. As we have a over draft with halifax the NDL told us to open a basic account with someone we dont owe money to. But how do i find out which bank is attached to which credit card company. We owe Halifax credit card, Tesco credit card, Capital one, and Egg card. We also have 2 store card by Ge Capital. So any one konw which bank is not attached to any of these please let us know. Thanks I have had so much help from this site i a short time it's great, theres always someone who knows what to do or where to go for help. Got some advise yesterday when i was very down about debt, and contacted NDL now feel more posative Thanks.
  8. sequenci, I,ve sent an e-mail to NDL and had a reply giving some good advise and livks to their site with letters for creditors ect. Going to give NDL a call after work, Thanks for the advise and support, im at rock bottom, even thought of doing the worst then my hubby can claim on the insurance. I find the help and advise from all on this site so helpful, its like having friend to talk to as i cant ask family as they dont know the situation, sat here with tears rolling down as i feel so bad. Been to Payplan 3 months ago all they did was say we should remortgage through them and like idiots we thought that was the way out all they did was take £250 for survey then tell us house wasn't worth what we thought and they couldn't help. So next step was Debit Free Direct they tried but said as we have the equity they couldn't do IVA but will try somthing else, like to bet they also say remortagae and want a survey fee. But we've lernt from you not to be taken in. Thanks so much for the advise
  9. Sequenci, can you tel me what CCCS are , as you can tell i've never been in this sort of position before, so dont know what to do.
  10. we have around 49,0000 equity and debts including a loan to the mortagage company of around 42,0000. We ahve been dealing with Debt Free Direct. They have said that our creditors may force us to sell the house to repay them. This is the last thing we want. All this comes from my husband being ill and not being able to claim anything, we got lots of bank charges and had to live off our credit cards. sorr yto rammble on but it helps to get it off my chest. and i feel i can through this site Thanks guys
  11. Just been told we cant do an IVA as there is a small amount of equity in our property. We have been in debt so have a bad credit rateing so don't think a mortagage company would touch us. Dont know what to do now so worried need help please anyone help?
  12. I have already started trying to reclaim bank charges back (sent for statement) and have now just had to apply for an IVA. Dont know how this will affect my claim? Could i just ask for the charges to be paid off my o/draft ( if im lucky to get them back) or do i have to share them amoung all my creditors ?
  13. Hi I'm in the same boat as you ,i to sent a template off another site to my local branch, not had anything yet but keep waiting, just give them 40 days then if you've not had a reply give them a call.
  14. Hi posted my request for statments on 14th Feb they cashed my cheque on 28th Feb but not had anything from them yet. I have the 40 days marked on my calender and if i've not had anything by then will be sending the next letter off stright away. got to keep at it.
  15. Thanks MR2, some people think everyone knows what their doing like AD. But we all have to start somewhere. I 'm not asking anyone to do it for me, i thought this site was for support and help not to put people down when their just starting out .
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