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  1. I rang. They said they wouldn't do a full refund and then offered me all the charges and 53% of the interest. I accepted.
  2. Do you think it possible they may not up their offer - and just take it to the wire?
  3. Hi, I had the first offer from Halifax which I rejetced. Now over two weeks later I have received a letter saying how they are sorry I was unhappy with their offer and asking them to ring them. Is this their normal course of action? If I stick to my original request will they try and reject or do I offer to waive the interest? My own inclination is to stick to my original request but I would be interested to hear other's view point. Also as I work during the day do we know the hours that customer relataions are open? Thanking every one for their contribution in advance
  4. I submitted my letter asking for a full refund of my charges. I have today received a letter offering to refund less than half as a full and final settlement. There is no explanation of how they arrive at the figure and I am thinking that they are trying to see if I'll settle knowing that really they should pay the full amount. Anybody got any guidance on this please?
  5. Hi - I'm getting confused. I've got all my statements from the halifax since I opened the account for which they charged me £5. I have written my letter using the template from this site and used the simple chages calc to calculate the total amount plus interest. I am going to send that off to Customer relations. Would it be best by recorded delivery on Monday or trust in first class post. I saw that some people are saying you have to pay a further £10 is that correct or have I got hold of the worng end of the stick. The lady at the call centre said just to send in the letter.
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