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  1. Hello there I will be pursing capital one credit card in the next few weeks (concentrating on MBNA and Debenhams first)...however I have a question. 1. I read someone (I think on the bankers thread) that Cap 1 provide copies of statements/list of charges free even if you don't pay the statutory £10. Has anyone had this experience? 2. Do Cap 1 after settling - terminate your contract (credit card account) like how some banks appear to be doing? thanks in advance!!!
  2. Hello Goodluck dpick, I sent off a SAR just the other day to MBNA....perhaps we should compare replies!! I will keep my eye on your thread.
  3. MBK

    First attempt

    As long as you have an account elsewhere....Have you tried applying for a basic account? My CR isn't that great but opened a step account with Natwest. Didn't attempt to open a current account. Hoping to upgrade to current account in due time. I will be reading your thread with interest (no pun intended)! to see if Abbey have changed their approach. As mentioned earlier will be starting on Abbey soon, thought it best to tackle a 'soft target' first....MBNA to be precise. Balance is zero and therefore account closed.
  4. Lets hope that Debenhams settle quickly!
  5. MBK

    Can I claim?

    Hi tyd I believe it is the same template letter you use for banks. You may need to twick it a little.
  6. Hi THF thanks for that...I will keep that in mind. Def don't want any conditions attached to any settlement offered. I am at the very early stages....wanting to read up on all that I can. There is so much info to digest!!!
  7. Hi I was just wondering that myself!!! Will be requesting a SAR against Debenhams in the next day or so. oh...the joys of people power!!!
  8. Hello Now I am really angry!!!!! I have sent of my SAR (yesterday) against MBNA,...nx in line will be Abbey, Capital one and Barclaycard. However I think I should pursue Debenhams first. My mum and I have the same initials and on occasion we have opened up each other's letters. Just opened up a letter from GE money stating that a late payment of £4.00 had not yet been received. Strange as my mum paid this early feb. They will be charging her £15.00!!! Now she has had this card for many many years, and sometimes has paid a little late. ..But to charge £15 for a missed payment (in this case def not late) of £4 is a touch greedy! The outstanding amount owed on this account is only £90!! I doubt that my mum checks her statements with a fine tooth comb, but I am requesting a SAR on her behalf frm Debenhams. I would like to see just how many £15 charges DB/GE Money have been added to the account. ok, rant over.....just thought I would post my feelings!!! MBK;)
  9. Hello THF Glad I have found your thread! I am in the process of starting a claim against Debenhams (GE) on behalf of my mum. Out of interest - what were the conditions? where they requesting you repay what you owe? Or that you cut up the card etc etc. I ask as my mum is rather attached to her card!!! DB is her fav store!!! Have you accepted their offer??
  10. MBK

    First attempt

    Good luck X,......you will find tons of encouragement and support here. No doubt you have opened a parachute account elsewhere. I will be tackling Shabbey in the next few weeks...concentrating on MBNA first. I bet all the banks/credits cards dread opening their post!!!! This is great!!!
  11. You have won more than an Oscar Debs!! Well done!!!! What can I say??? Another battle won against Abbey.....serves them right!! Enjoy!
  12. No Idea Deb, give the court a call. Its best to get that type of info from the horse's mouth!!!!! But then again someone on this fab forum is bound to know! I am off to post my SAR to MBNA. Hopefully by the time I get back you will be celebrating!!!! Still wishing you good luck!!!
  13. Oh god the suspense is killing me.....!!!!
  14. ok - thanks for that Deb. I am actually wthin my overdraft limit. Will definately read other threads. According to Kimmy01 Abbey settled on the day!! That must be music to your ears!
  15. Thanks! I have a huge overdraft with Abbey (silly me!!) and a little scared that they could call it in if I were to pursue any claim against them. At the moment I don't have the funds to pay up. However I will start another claim against MBNA and Barclaycard. I hope you hear from Abbey tomorrow. And you are so right about this forum. Very helpful indeed!! I have learnt so much.
  16. Hello everyone, I am a newbie....Just wanted to wish Deb good luck. MBK
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