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  1. It certainly does help. Thank u so much. ps - I have clicked on your scales!!
  2. ok - thanks for your quick response. Will get it sorted. I have just re-read their request slip. It says Please specify what you require: 1) Copies of statement of Account only (free of charge) AND/OR 2) A copy of the original application form only (which u have suggested i cross out....) 3) A copy of all personal data held by MNBA, TO INCLUDE THE ABOVE......As soon as we have received a copy of your id nd request fee, we will provide a response within 40 days as provided by the Act. Which box do I tick? I want all info they hold on me, but do not agree that the 40 days deadline (which has already expired) should start again!!
  3. Hi Corn Yes I agree, MBNA are a bunch of idiots. Is there a standard ltr that includes all that you have mentioned? Another thing, i did receive the mentioned response within the 40 days deadline (with 7 days to spare but I did call to remind them). If I do as you have suggested (which I will do) what else should MBNA be sending apart from full payment? Should I expect more than the list of charges they have already sent?
  4. Hi, I have had a reply from MBNA... Dear Ms MBK Account xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx We refer to your recnt correspondence concerning default fees on your account. I would like to clarify the situation from our perspective. We have always set out precisely what our charges are in agreement with you, as they are an intregral part of the terms and conditons under which we are prepared to provide credit facilities. When customers pay late, we incur substantial costs in dealing with their default. Similarly, we have set credit limits carefully for each customer and for good reason. We expect every customer to respect their credit limit. If a customer goes ver their credit limit, he or she is using the card ina way that is not allowed, in effect obtaining unauthorised borrowing. We, herefore, lend more than we agreed to, and take on risks, which were never acepted in the first palce. In the case of both late payments and overlimit usage, and also where a chq is returned unpaid, we look at the portfolio as a whole and set uniform charges reflecting our costs of dealing with uch defaults of customers overall, as do all other major credit card providers. This approach allows us to be clear and upfront about all default charges and the basis on which they are applied. Our view is therefore that the charges that you agree to are valid, fair and enforceable. Prior to july 2006, term 3b of your credit agreement with us clearly stated that you must pay £25 each time yr payment had not reached your acct within one day of yr pymt due date, or when you exceeded yr credit limit, or a chq was returned unpaid. As a requested, we have enclosed details of yr statement information. On this occasion we have provided the information to you free of charge, as we have not treated yr request as a formal data subject access request under section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998. Please find enclosed your £10 chq pymt. Shold this information be insufficient for yr purposes, and you wish to make a full data subject access request under the Data Protection Act 1998, please complete and return the attached form, Please ensure you include the fee of £10 and appropriate ID (photocopy of driver's license or passport). We would like to resolve this matter and i have therefore arranged for a goodwill payment of £500. You may know that the OFT issued guideline in April 2006 for the level of credit card default charges. MBNA disagrees with the OFT's interpretation of the law and continues to maintain that its default charges have always been fair, legal and transparent. However, we decided to reduce our default charges to £12 with effect from 28 June for late pymts and returned paymts and 28 July for overlimit fees. I enclose a copy of 'Our Commitment to You' leaflet for your information. If we do not hear from you within eight wks of the date of this ltr, we will assume that the matter is closed. Yrs sincerely Rachel Nixon. Now I am a little confused and angry!! I sent the required £10 and used the standard letter from this website. MBNA have sent me a list of charges, but are asking that I sign their 'Right of Subject Access' request slip with copy of my id. My letter to them (taken from this website) is absolutely clear and they know it was a SAR. WHY RETURN MY £10??? Can anyone please enlighten me?
  5. Thanks redsue. I suspect they owe me more so I won't be agreeing to anything without seeing a list of charges. That reminds me, when you put in your SAR did you receive your statements or was a list of charges? I am not too sure what MBNA send. I suppose banks find it easier to send copies of statements.... 40 days will be up on 7 April, however after I sent my SAR they sent an interim letter to say they would respond by 26 March. They didn't, which is why I ended up calling them, hence the offer of £500.
  6. Can anyone online pls have a look at the above post? It is worth calling MBNA and asking for the chq to be sent with the charges (with the view accepting it as a part payment)? I would like to call them before end of business. Any advice pls?????
  7. Hello Here is the lastest..... Was expecting a letter from MBNA end of last week...nothing came. Rang and asked for a callback - nothing. Called them again - now being told that list of charges are to be sent ASAP. In the meanwhile a chq of £500.00 will be sent (separately from the letter). Now call me stupid, but I know my charges are probably more than what they are offering. Secondly why not send the chq with the charges? Could it be a case of 'sign this and agree payment in full and final settlement' etc and then we will send the chq? What do you think - should I request the chq be sent out with the list of charges??? I woud be grateful for any input here..... thanks MBK
  8. Well done - All seems to have worked out well for you. Enjoy spending the money!!!!
  9. Hi Be sure to keep us updated guys.....and good luck with the telephone calls!
  10. Nick200 What is the lastest with your claim against MBNA? MBK
  11. I think I will sit and wait. I don't really know how much charges they have applied over the years. I would like to see these before I do anything. However once this comes through, I just might call them and try an negotiate. Thanks for your input - much appreciated.
  12. MBK

    Kingmils vs MBNA

    Nick200, I am just about to read your thread. Kingmils, I have had a reply to my SAR from MBNA. I am afraid their response reads, smells and looks like a standard reply!! Short and sweet!! The contents of the letter are on my thread (MBK vs MBNA). No doubt you will get a reply in the next few days. I wonder if it will be identical??? MBK.
  13. Hi everyone, Got a reply from MBNA today following my SAR sent on 26 Feb. It reads: Dear MBK Account xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you for your recent communication.......investigating yr complaint.......will provide a full response by 26 Mar 07. in the meantime....further queries......please call 01244 672628 etc etc. yrs sincerely Steve Bailey Head of Customer Advocate Office. I am sure this is a standard reply.....what do I do next? Continue with the countdown? (I believe 40 days is up on 7th April). They are stating they will get back to me by 26th March - should I reply/call or just sit tight?? any thoughts guys???
  14. Ok, I will keep you posted....
  15. As americans say ...'good job'!! I have a question for you - have cap 1 indicated whether or not your credit card account is now closed? Just wondering as I know some banks are closing accounts but not too sure if credit card companies are doing the same.
  16. MBK

    Kingmils vs MBNA

    Join the queue Nick200.....Kingmils is very popular!!!
  17. Hello Cornucopia, Sorry about the late reply....busy daydreaming about a trip I am planning towards the end of this year!! Thanks for the encouragement. I will certainly keep this forum updated with any progess. I found 2 old statements from MBNA yesterday....with charges applied...me not too happy:( oh well....I look forward to claiming them back:D
  18. Lets hope it is settled quickly!
  19. MBK

    Kingmils vs MBNA

    Thanks Kingmils.... I have a feeling I will need alot of help! Thanks for your offer of help! If my claim is as easy as yours I will be more than happy. I have no idea how much my charges are...I don't think they will hit the £500 mark....but u never know!
  20. Hello everyone, I fairly new, although I have been reading up for a little while about bank charges. Anyway I thought it was time to start my own thread and will be posting any progress of my claim. No doubt MBNA will play hardball....and I am expecting a long fight!! SAR sent on 26 Feb. Signed for on 27 Feb.
  21. MBK

    Kingmils vs MBNA

    Well done! It is unsual to get both statutory interest AND contratual interest. So your charges were £320 and you are now expecting £1826.61! wow!!!!!! I hope you keep bugging them until you get the chq! I am waiting for MBNA to reply to my SAR. Lets hope it will be starightforward! Maybe I should start my own thread...
  22. I am crossing my fingers and toes for you! Mine was sent on 26 Feb, signed for on 27 Feb....counting down to day 40!!!!!
  23. MBK

    First attempt

    I hear what you are saying!!! I take comfort that banks/credit cards are for now, appear to be paying up as they are not prepared to disclose exactly what their bank charges are! We all now know that the hefty charges they apply are for sheer profit and no way relate to the 'real' charge! I myself don't fancy battling it out with any solicitor....but on the otherhand it doesn't appear that any banks want to explain their charges to a judge. Just look at the number of cases that people like you and me have won. They would much rather settle.
  24. Good luck Bexterwho, I am sure you will get all the support you need here!
  25. Hello Glenn It def helps - thanks. Will be making sure all that I do with my claim is as per the 'tried and tested method'.... Could anyone else who has taken on Capital one had their cc taken away from them? Just wondering....
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