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  1. Clicked your scales by way.....
  2. Thanks for that Slick... me thinks it is better to get the acct up and running before I tackle Barclaycard. I am off to see Barclays Bank tomorrow....hopefully will get accepted for their basic acct. I will then wait a month before I start my claim.!!
  3. Can anyone please help with the above questions?
  4. Hello Hoping for some advice... I have a Barclaycard (Credit card) with an outstanding balance of approx £600. Not a lot I know, but enough to keep me awake at night!! I have other debts with other companies which I am currently tackling. My question is I need to open a basic acct with Barclays (it cannot be any other bank as I need to link it to another barclay account that I opened abroad). Should I first open the basic acct, get it up and running, then start my claim againt Barclaycard (credit card)? If I start my claim (against Barclaycard),then attempt to open an acct with Barclays, will it show up on their system eventhough they are 2 separate companies? Any thoughts on this? Thanks... MBK
  5. Hello Just about to send off an SAR to Abbey but I have a few questions. 1) Can someone pls confirm the correct address for Abbey:confused:? Will be sending a SAR plus the applicable fee sometime this week. 2) Having been with Abbey for many many years, I reckon the overdraft will be well and truly covered by the bank charges applied to my account. Abbey passed my account to a DCA, who passed it back to Abbey after I ignored all their threatening letters . Am I right in saying I do send off the SAR to Abbey and forget about the DCA? 3) I had an ordinary account with Abbey for many years, then had it upgraded in 1997 to a current account. I am only claiming for the past 6 years. But my question is can I decide which 6 years to claim or do I start counting backwards from Sept 08 to Sept 02? I just wish I could claim from 97 to the present date :roll: Thanking you all in advance!
  6. Thank you again......clicked on your scales earlier!!
  7. Hi 42man So a SAR letter to Abbey with PO via special delivery. What do I say to Debt Management Ltd?
  8. Hello I'm hoping for some advice. I was with Abbey for well over 15 years until 2 years ago. I got into difficulties with paying off my overdraft, not earning enough, bank charges etc etc. Abbey passed my account to Debt Management & Recovery Services (I now know they are part of Abbey) and agreed to pay £80 per month. I foolishly defaulted on that agreement as I wasn't working full time. I am currently close to £2500 overdrawn and I am sure charges are still being applied. For the record I opened another account as I had a feeling Abbey would close my account - which they did!! Debt Management used to chase me by letter but for atleast 6 months now I have not heard from them. I am looking to reclaim bank charges as well as negotiating with Debt Management pay off my debt. Bearing in mind I have not been chased for 6mnths and that banks don't appear to be paying out....is it wise to try and reclaim charges? Will Debt Management suddenly start chasing me again? Any advice will be appreciated. MBK
  9. Ok - Thanks for the info. Will whip up a letter tomorrow! I will continue to post here....
  10. Thank you once again. Do I have to tell Cabot that I am communicating with Vanquis Credit card and vice versa? Or should I keep the 2 separate?
  11. Thank you for getting back to me CitizenB - Much appreciated. I am prepared to pay the debt to Vanquis - and so would like to use any successful reclaim to reduce the overall debt. However I do not want to have to deal with Cabot. How do I stop the endless calls??? They no longer write to me but they continually call and it is beginning to get me down. I am now clear on the SAR letter to be sent to Vanquis. What about Cabot??
  12. Hi Some advice is needed in how to get the ball rolling. About 2.5 years ago I applied for a vanquis card (silly girl!!:|) - to cut a long story short, I got into difficulties, was financially strapped, not able to make many payments and defaulted. I then started to get letters from Cabot. Then the telephone cals started. Since June I have been getting many many phone calls from Cabot (2 today) but luckly for them I am never in:D:D! When I last spoke to them, the person suggested I borrow money from relatives and as a gesture of goodwill they will reduce the overall debt! I suppose by discussing the Vanquis account I admitted I owe them. In fact at one point I agreed to make a weekly payment, but they wanted a lump sum. I promptly ended the call. That was in early Aug. Although I have read the many many threads on Cabot, I am a little confused as to whether I write to Cabot or Vanquis. I need to dig out the original letter Cabot sent, so at the moment I am unclear how much they claim I owe. I am certain Vanquis applied late fees as well. Where do I start? Having read the Cabot threads, I now know not to speak to Cabot and any communication must be done in writing...But what letter do I send them? Thanks MBK
  13. Thanks Rob S - You have been really helpful!!! Is there a template letter or wording I can use to fill out the appeal form? Is there a past case/hearing I could quote? I have realised that I can fax through the paperwork rather than send through the post. This give me a little more time to work on my apppeal, though I would like to fax it through by Saturday am. I have no problem in requesting a personal hearing rather than a postal decision. Is there a particular reason why you suggested I attend in person:confused: Just be curious really! many thanks MBK
  14. Hi Rob S Thanks for your help. I have no doubt that my pay&display ticket as on the windscreen and I will make this clear in my appeal. By the way I think I may have confused the issue. By 4 dys, I meant that I need to get my postal appeal to PATAS as the 28 day deadline expires. Southwark Council are insisting that they have photographic evidence that the pay&display ticket was face down. I would have liked to have seen this - looks like I will have to wait 3 days before the actual hearing date. As I have no evidence that the my ticket was displayed, apart from my witness and the fact that their was no pcn on the car, this there anything else I can do at this late stage?
  15. Hi Rob S 4 days to appeal to the Independent Adjudicator at the Parking & Appeals Service. (My original letler to the council was rejected hence the appeal process). I cannot remember what time we got back to the car, but I do know it was well within the expiry time frame. The ticket was due to expire in about 55 mins when the warden issued the ticket. The pay and display ticket was exactly where I left it. On the driver's windscreen. I remember taking it off the window as I had to open the window (I always drive with open windows so that I could hear the engine!!) There was definately no pcn on the car. I then put the pay & display ticket in my bag - which is why I still have it!! I never place the pay & display tickets on the dashboard unless it is the non sticky version. thanks MBK
  16. Hello there This is my first post - I would be grateful for some urgent help. Back in March 2007 I borrowed a relative's car. I parked the car in a car park run by Southwark Council, London. I paid to park, stuck the ticket on the driver's window. I was with my mum so she is a witness. The above is 100% accurate. Anyway about 4 weeks later relative calls to say she had received a PCN £100.00, issued under Road Traffic Act 1991. This surprised me as: 1) I had paid for a ticket, stuck it on the driver's window and was clearly displayed (mother is a witness) 2) pcn was not placed on car. I had no knowledge of the pcn! I did not throw away the pay and display ticket, and it clearly shows the time I purchased the ticket and the expiry date. The pcn was issued 55 minutes before my ticket was to expire. Having written to Southwark Council stating the above, the response from Southwark states that my ticket was observed by the warden on the dashboard facedown and that the warden took photographic evidence to that effect! (THE FACT THAT THE PCN WAS NOT ATTACHED/PLACED ON THE CAR HAS NOT BE ADDRESSED BY THE COUNCIL DESPITE MY ASKING). I am 100% sure the ticket was dispalyed on the window,mother is a witness and I still have the ticket with the sticky bit still attached. I have been sitting on this was a while (silly me!!) I now have 4 days to appeal. Any ideas on how to tackle this one? thanks MBK
  17. I believe I am right in saying that the law regarding only states that when a flight is cancelled or if a passenger does not take a flight then the tax is not payable to the government. However the law falls short of stating that the tax should then be paid back to the passenger. This is why you find some airlines saying a refund of the tax can be refunded, however an admin fee is payable in order to get the refund!!!
  18. Hi Overflow Thanks for posting!! I wasn't sure there was anyone out there in the same situation as me! You are so right when you say the support here is amazing!! How far have you gone with your claim? Have Abbey closed your account or asked you to return your cards and chq book? I don't actually want to return my card although I am not bothered about the chq bk as I have never used it. I think I have to come to same agreement with Abbey, ie pay off the overdraft bit by bit, then send in an SAR. Pls keep an eye on this thread - I might be sending an SOS!!!!!
  19. ok - will def get the ball rolling. I already have an account elsewhere. My biggest fear is that Abbey will suddenly ask me to cough up 2k!!! When this is over, I swear never again to get an overdraft!!! Thanks for the replies - much appreciated. Out of interest, has anyone had their Abbey account closed after claiming bank charges???
  20. I have just read your thread -Well done!
  21. I am thinking of taking on Abbey but I need some advice before I take the plunge. I foolishly have an 2k overdraft with Abbey and I am currently £300 over my agreed limit because of bank charges. I am not working at the moment and so I haven't had a salary paid into this particular account. Having spoken to Abbey in the past few wks, I know I will be getting their standard letter to pay up or send back card etc. My question is if I start reclaiming the banks charges which I know will more than clear my overdraft, (with plenty of change leftover) will they demand I pay up now? This is not something I can afford to do right now and this is the only reason why I am hesitating. Any advice please?
  22. Well done Naps - that is good news...bet it was a looonnnng year though!!! Well done - and enjoy the money!!
  23. If only someone who works for Abbey could hop on and tell us what is going on!!!! I am in two minds on whether to take on Abbey, I must admit the thought kinda scares me to death!!! Nevertheless, I shall continue reading the threads to get some inspiration!!!
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