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  1. Thanks for merging.....although the above posts are from 2011.....
  2. Hello Ims21 Thanks for your quick response, Yes, we have had formal letters from Lloyds giving details of monies owned. However they have not written to us since last September and therefore we do not know officially why the delay in paying. Surely they now owe much more because of the interest accumulated! When I last spoke to them they claimed the delay was due to the sheer number of claims they have been getting from customers! Many thanks MBK
  3. Hello, Any advice re my post above, would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks MBK
  4. Hi Hoping someone will come along with some advice much needed. To cut a long story short, my mother went to a third party to help her claim back PPI on a number of loans she had with LLoyds. LLoyds agreed to make payment and have done so, but have yet to make the final payment. It's been almost a year since the last payment. Despite calling and writing to Llodys TSB on numerous occasions, no payments have been received. We are at a loss of what to do next. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks MBK
  5. Hi Hoping I can get some help with my PPI claim. I had sent a SAR to Santander in hoping I can claim back ppi on a loan I took out many years ago. I cannot remember the year I took the loan but it was prior to 1997. I have had other dealings with Abbey such as bank accounts. I wish to make a claim on the PPI, but no longer have any paper work. Despite sending a SAR to Abbey/Santander they claim historical information can only be retained for legitimate reasons and that personal data may no longer be held and has been deleted. Is there anything I can do to get Satander to provide the paperwork of my loan? How else can I prove that I took out a loan with them? Futhermore, I have had many years of dealings with the bank apart from the loan, but Santander have not complied with my SAR. They have not sent any information on all my other accounts I have with them. Can someone please tell me what next I can do? Many thanks MBK
  6. The letter thay have sent seem pretty final. It doesnt sound like any other info will be forthcoming....That said, I will wait the full 40 days as suggested.Many thanks.MBK
  7. Hi,Having sent of a SAR with the £10 fee, I have received a response from Abbey / Santander. But not the response I was hoping for!All I have received is a summary of charges debited from my account. I have had approximately 4 accounts with Abbey plus a loan. They have only produced info one account.What is the next stage?Any advice would be greatly appreciated.ThanksMBK
  8. Hi, Thanks for your quick response. I paid off the loan nearly 9 years ago I believe. It is definitely more than 6 years ago but its my understanding one can claim beyond the 6 years?? Please correct me if I am wrong. As I no longer have a copy of the loan agreement, will the SAR produce all paperwork including a copy of the agreement? Your help is much appreciated. Regards MBK
  9. Hello Hoping I can get some help regarding a PPI claim I wish to pursue as it was mis-sold to me. I had a loan with Abbey which I paid off sometime ago. I no longer have any paperwork including the loan account number. I have called Abbey/ Santander twice and each time they have claimed they do not keep records beyond 6 years. Can someone please clarify which letter I first write to Abbey? I prefer the court route and prepared to go all the way. Of course I will do plenty of research before I start my claim. Many thanks MBK.
  10. Follow the advice you are given here!! They chased me for an old overdraft I had from Abbey. Can't remember how I got rid of them...think I CCA'd them in the end.
  11. Thanks David & Debt4get I think I may have confused matters... I haven't actually CCA'd Capital 1 or H L Legal.. What I sent to CAP1 was a SAR. They have yet to reply. It is over 50 calendar days now. As advised I will now CCA H L Legal...wait 12+2 days and send a acct in despite letter and see what happens. Thanks for your all your help. Pls subscribe to this thread....I will keep updating....
  12. Can anyone please advise on this? I sent an SAR to Capital One - 40 Calendar Days have come and gone. They have since passed my file to another DCA, who in turn have forwarded the file to H L Legal. H L Legal are stating they will start court proceedings. Please help....
  13. Sorry about the error - well spotted!! It was a SAR I sent, (for all personal data they hold on me) together with a £10 postal order. I used the template letter off CAG.
  14. Hi there Back in July I sent a CCA letter to Capital One credt card. To date I have not heard a thing. They are well and truely over the 40 days.:mad: Instead Capital one have passed/sold the debt to DCA. I dealt with them following advice from CAG. DCA sent a letter stating the account had been passed back to Capital 1. Capital One have now passed the debt to Capquest. I have fired off a harrasment letter, Door step letter & CCA letter:D:D:D. Now Capquest after 1 letter have 'passed' the file to H L Legal. :-?Reading the forum I see it is common knowledge that Capquest and H L Legal are one and the same. Question is HLLegal are stating I must pay by a certain date or court proceedings may be issued against me. What do I do? By the way in the last few days I have sent an LBA to Capital One in respect of the non compliance of the CCA. Any help, as always is appreciated.
  15. Thanks - consider the letter posted via SD!
  16. Hi Thanks for the quick reply...I was just looking at the same info. It seems to be geared towards banks, rather than credit card companies. Does the same LBA letter apply to Credit cards?
  17. Hello After suffering constant calls and letters of CAP1 my account was passed to a DCA. I have CCA'd them - they have gone away for now. CAP 1 have passed my details to another DCA. CCA'D them a few days ago.... My question is I sent an SAR to CAP1 - the 40 day limit has come and gone:eek:. What letter do I now send to CAP1 regarding this and the fact that they have passed my account to another DCA? I want to reclaim the charges butdo not know whatI have been charged over the years..... Another question isn't it breach of the data protection act for a cc to pass on your details to third party? Just a thought.... thanks MBK.
  18. Thanks! Will send off tomorrow via special delivery.
  19. Hello I have recently received a 'debt notification' letter from Wescot. Its regarding a debt I apparently owe to Barclaycard. I intend on sending a CCA letter (via special delivery) to Wescot and a SAR to Barclaycard. My question is does anyone know the correct address for Wescot:confused: The letter has 2 addresses on it - PO Box 137 Hull HU2 8HF & Kyleshill House, 1 Glencairn Street, Saltcoats KA21 5JT. Which address do I use? Thanks MBK
  20. Thanks for the quick response! Will fire off that letter tomorrow. I don't suppose you have the correct address for 'Fredpay' or should I use the address on their letters?
  21. Hello I am hoping I might get some help on how to deal with with Fredpay (DCA). I owe Barclay card approx £600. The majority of it includes charges and interest. Barclay have passed this debt to Fredpay who constantly write and call me. I know better than to speak to them, but I do want to communicate with them on paper. I would like to know apart from sending Barclay SAR to get the ball rolling, what letter do I need to send to Fredpay? I am pretty sure by the time I reclaim from Barclay, the overall debt would be less than £200. Thanks in advance. MBK
  22. Hello Some time in 2007 I started a claim against MBNA - They paid up, but I don't believe I got all my charges back. I had a lot going on and wasn't able to pursue all my charges. Can I still pursue MBNA for the full amount - eventhough it is almost a year since I received monies from them? Thanks MBK
  23. Hi Thanks for the tip.......I would like to get all that is owed to me. But on the other hand don't fancy going to court!! Maybe will wait until I have added up the charges and see if it will cover the debt. I suspect it will....
  24. Thanks JM:p Will fire of the letter tomorrow! Will keep this thread updated.8)
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