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  1. Many thanks dx100uk, fkofilee I have made contact with Noddle. Just waiting for them to get back to me. Cheers MBK
  2. Thanks for your help thus far dx100uk. Checked Noddle as suggested. The debt appears to be a 'loan' taken and added to my file in Jan 2019. I have not applied or taken out a loan. This is baffling!
  3. Hello dx100uk Not had any dealings with HFC as far as I am aware. Never made a payment to TBI, but my credit file is indicating the account was opened in Jan 2019 and payment made in Jan itself. Feb, Mar and Apr are blank. My credit file has open and closed accounts. This one is 'closed'. No, lived at my current property for over 20 years. Regards MBK
  4. Hello Hoping someone here can offer some assistance please. Having checked my credit file I note an entry from 'TBI Financial Services' who I now know are a debt collection agency having done some basic checks. I have no idea why they appear on my credit file and do not recognise the debt. Its been added to my credit file this year and appears as 'closed / defaulted'. TBI have not made contact with me either by telephone or letter and I honestly do not recognise the debt or entry. Never heard of TBI until yesterday. Could someone advise what the best cause of action is if I want to get to the bottom of this? My fear is that if this is indeed one of my old debts, I will open a Pandora box which I don't particularly want to!! Many thanks MBK
  5. Hello and apologies in advance. This is going to be a long one:| Fingers crossed that I am posting this query in the right place. Hoping someone here can offer some help. A relative (non EU) become an accidential landlord. She emigrated to the UK, worked here for a number of years, purchased a property which she lived in and then decided to return to her homeland. She informed her lender that she would be renting out her property. She has a residential / interest only mortgage. She left her property in the care of an estate agent No1 and for a number of years this worked well. Due to a number of issues she decided to cut ties with the estate agent and turned over her property to another estate agent (No2). He was responsible for finding the current tenant. The tenant paid the usual 6 weeks deposit to estate agent No2. I should mention that the estate agent no2 owns the management business. To cut a long story short, Estate Agent No2 was not responsible, payments were never on time (even though the tenant paid rent on a regular basis). Payments were erratic, differed each month if paid at all. He would pay his staff first and any left over would be deposited to his clients if they were lucky! All this caused a number of late mortgage payments. Thankfully this was minimised as my relative was able to deposit monies into her mortgage account from her savings and had an overdraft. Estate Agent No2 has since filled for bankruptcy and not for the first time! He is personally bankrupt but his estate agency is still trading. I found out about the bankruptcy order by chance by googling his name. Earlier this year the property was handed to Estate Agent No3 - and so far so good. I have a number of questions... The deposit was paid to Estate Agent No2. He has refused to repay the deposit and I doubt it very much he deposited it into any of the new schemes that were introduced. He has essentially pocketed the money! How do we get this money back? How can I check or where do I start searching for this money? Am I right in saying my relative would be responsible for refunding this deposit if the tenant leaves? Do we have to go to court? Luckily the tenant isn't thinking of leaving, but we want to be prepared moneywise. We have in the last month realised that as my relative earned an income (albeit a loss) on the rent, she may be liable for tax. I am in the process of engaging an accountant to assist re self assessment etc and hopefully this side of things will be in order shortly. In the meantime Estate Agent no3 is holding back part of the rent received as 'tax' until my relative registers with HMRC. They claim they have a responsibility to do this. My relative is not making a profit on the rent and has not done so for 2 to 3 years. She has had to 'top up' as the estate agent cuts, repairs and other charges and now this 'tax' means she is making a loss. The money she gets from the rent does not cover the mortgage payments. Is it true the estate agent can hold monies on behalf of HMRC? Any assistance would be grateful. MBK
  6. Thanks dx100uk. the bank a letter. Hopefully they will look at this case favourably and not look to repossess the property. Apart from letters banks send, what other steps do they take to indicate they are in the process of repossession? Are we likely to hear from solicitors? Don't want to find that my attempts to reason with them is too late if they are already halfway to repossessing the property. The plan is to clear the debt asap and keep all future payments up to date. Thanks MBK
  7. Hello Needing some assistance re mortgage arrears and threat of repossession. The mortgage in question is with Halifax (interest only). I should mention that I am trying to help out my aunt who lives abroad. Having decided to move overseas, my aunt left her property under a letting agency. The bank were aware of the property being rented. Due to poor management of the letting agent, monies were not received in a timely manner and eventually mortgage arrears mounted. To cut a log story short, the property is now under a new estate agent and things are steadily getting better. The mortgage arrears are just over £500 and another payment due shortly. By the end of this month its likely the arrears will be close to £1000. I know this is not an overly large amount, but my aunt is not working and not in a position to find this money. Halifax have written and have indicated they will instruct solicitors to begin legal proceedings to repossess the property if any more payments are missed or if contact is not made. I am aware that Halifax have applied late fees etc and other charges but possibly not enough wipe out the current debt. My main concern is to stop the repossession and wanting to know what is the best course of action? I would be grateful for any suggestions. Many thanks MBK.
  8. Cheers Andy. All done. Now the waiting game begins! I would like to get my paperwork in order. Is it advisable to send through another SAR to Blackhorse or shall I do that after any judgment?
  9. Yes - doing it online. Can I check that in point 3 I put the full amount that is being claimed including court fee and legal representative's costs?
  10. Thanks Andy. Very much appreciated. Once I put in my defence - how will I be informed of the outcome?
  11. Hello, I was wondering if dx or someone could offer some urgent assistance. Hillesden Ltd via Mortimer Clarke Solicitors are taking me to court for a debt. I believe this to be statue barred. Details are below. I should mention that I sent through the AOS to allow for an extra 14 days. Just to let you know that this debt does not appear on my credit file. Name of the Claimant - Hillesden Securities Ltd Date of issue – top right hand corner of the claim form – this in order to establish the time line you need to adhere to – 14 DEC 2015 ( by my calculations 33 days is up tomorrow) – What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? By agreement between Black Horse Ltd & the Defendant on or around 07/11/2006 (‘the Agreement’) BLACK HORSE lTD agreed to loan the Defendant monies. The Defendant did not pay the instalments as they fell due & the Agreement was terminated. The Agreement was aa signed to the Claimant. The Claimant therefore claims 5500 What is the value of the claim? £6000 Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? LOAN When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? BEFORE 2007 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. DEBT SOLD TO DLC/HILLESDEN. THEY ARE THE CLAIMANT. Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? I DO NOT RECALL. Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? I DO NOT RECALL Have you been receiving statutory notices headed "Notice of Default sums" – at least once a year ? I DO NOT RECALL THIS. Why did you cease payments? LOW SALARY – I WAS NOT ABLE TO AFFORD PAYMENTS. AT ONE POINT I WAS OUT OF WORK. What was the date of your last payment? APPROX 2007. I MADE A PAYMENT OF £10 FOR A SAR TO BLACKHORSE – WHICH I MADE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR WAS FOR ACCESS TO MY RECORDS. I DID RECEIVE MY RECORDS. THIS DEBT AT SOME POINT WAS PASSED / SOLD TO ZINC WHO CHASED ME FOR THE DEBT. AT THE TIME I SENT THROUGH £1 FOR A COPY OF THE AGREEMENT. THEY DID NOT RESPOND. THIS WAS IN 2010/2011. ABOUT 2/3 YEARS AGO I RECEIVED A LETTER FROM DLC STATING I HAD MADE A PAYMENT OF £1 TO MY ACCOUNT. I DID NOT RESPOND TO THE LETTER AS I KNEW THIS TO BE INCORRECT. Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? NO. I MADE PPI CLAIM – WHICH BLACKHORSE PAID. THAT WAS APPROX 2 YEARS AGO. AT THE TIME THE DEBT WAS ALREADY SOLD TO ZINC / DLC/HILLESDEN Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? WHEN THE LOAN WAS TAKEN OUT ORIGINALLY, I DID CONTACT BLACKHORSE OVER THE TELEPHONE. BUT THAT WAS WELL OVER 8 YEARS AGO. I BELIEVE BLACKHORSE/ DLC/HILLSDEN HAVE THE DATES WRONG. I NO LONGER HAVE THE ACCOUNT OPEN WITH THE BANK FROM WHICH I MADE PAYMENTS FROM. I HAVE MADE CONTACT WITH THE BANK AND THEY INFORM ME MY ACCOUNT HAS NOT BEEN IN USE SINCE SEPT 2007. I SWITCHED BANKS OVER 10 YEARS AGO, SO I KNOW I HAVE NT MADE ANY PAYMENTS TO BLACKHORSE IN THAT TIME PERIOD APART FROM REQUESTING ACCESS TO MY RECORDS VIA A SAR, PLUS £1 TO ZINC FOR A COPY OF MY AGREEMENT. I hope I have provided enough detail above. I am seeking assistance in what to state by way of defence. Many thanks mbk.
  12. Thanks dx. Just being able to 'talk' about this is giving me the strength to deal with it. Thanks for your advise and encouragement. MBK
  13. I am afraid life happened. I was earning so little money and trying to pay off other debts, this one didn't really feature. I don't recall getting many letters / bills from three regarding this contract. Because of other debts, I at one point stopped opening all debt type letters as I was 'drowning' in debt and the easy option was to bury my head in sand. It's only recently that I have noticed this debt has grown to over £600 without me ever making a single call on the sim. I suppose the dispute now is how can I owe three money on a sim never activated?
  14. What exactly am I looking for when I do get the information they hold? What will my argument be? What is the significant of the default placed on my file by Lowell??? So many questions!!! I only wished I had resolved this ages ago....:sad::sad:
  15. Ok...thanks guys. ...will send 3 a SAR as suggested. In order to get Lowell off my back in the meantime is there a letter I could send them? I am determined to fight 3. Most contracts are 12, 18 or 24 months. This has been going on for more 2 years..you would think that at some point the 'contract' would end!! I would be interested to know if anyone else here is in the same situation. Dx...you were asking about the default and dates....can I ask why is this relevant? Thanks for all your help so far.
  16. Lol!! Am I liable for this debt? I seems unfair to be chased for phone bill that I have never made calls on! Have you come across this situation before?
  17. April 2013. Wish I knew what they are up to!
  18. Hi dx Yes this debt is on my file as a default. Lowell have the account.
  19. Thanks for your quick response dx. I am not entirely sure. Let me check - Will get back to you shortly.....
  20. Hello I would be grateful for some help with a debt. A while back I had a mobile phone contract with Three. Got into difficulties and started to repay the debt. This was contract no1. I recall receiving a marketing call from Three offering a sim card / possibly another contract with Three. I don't remember all the details as this was years ago but I think the offer was something like £30 a month plus any calls I make. This was all done via telephone and no paperwork was signed. Contract no2. A sim arrived but I never used it. I would occasionally receive letters from Three as well as various debt collectors which I ignored. I have now started to receive letters from Lowell and the are chasing over £600 from me for contract no2. Whilst I admit I should have sorted this out before it spiralled out of control, I am at a loss as to what I need to do. I cannot afford to pay £600. Incidentally this amount is still climbing - I am not sure if any of it are charges. All I know is that I never made a single call on the new sim. I would like to know what steps I should take to resolve this. Many thanks MBK
  21. I like your thinking!! I might just do that!
  22. Hi Dx Thanks for the reply. I dont recall sending off a 'failure to comply'...but I will check to be absolutely sure. If I havent done so, I shall do so in the next few days! Thanks for your help once again. Much appreciated. Will keep you / CAG informed. Regards MBK PS Thanks for merging once again....will stick to one thread in future.
  23. I don't believe it is the same question. Abbey have not sent info on my many accounts I have had with them. I was with them since the 1990's and all they sent was a A4 sheet with a couple of lines.... I sent a SAR....surely they are obliged to sent info on my accounts that I have with them right now?
  24. Ok, will go down the court route. Enough is enough!! They have had ample time to pay and are still dragging their feet. Lba will be sent off to tomorrow and if I don't hear anything, I will definitely be taking them to court. Will probably need further advice down the line Ims21...... In the meantime, many thanks for your help. Will keep you informed. Regards MBK
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