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  1. Hi again, I am still having no luck trying to get account information from BG. Can anyone advice me on what I can do to get the billing/payments/readings/dates for my prepayment account Thanx
  2. Ended up calling RBS back & spoke to manager. According to her Rbs do not have an address on my account (Sry but WTF) so they wont send any news cards to me. Think she may have slipped up a bit with her explanation 1) For security reasons they wont send cards to My Address, but all other post from them is fine? How is that possible if they don't have an address on my account? 2) If there was an issue with my address, why was I not told about this when I called about my cancelled card? 3) How can they possibly send statements about my address-less account? I have been receiving
  3. I went to withdraw money from cash machine last Monday and discovered my card had been cancelled. I rang my branch to ask why and was told I should have received a replacement due to santander taking over Rbs. I told them I had not received a replacement and she put an order in for a new card, and told me it would take upto 5 days to come through. I phoned again today when it did not come in todays post to be told it had been sent out and I should have received it. They have now ordered yet another card & I have to wait another 5 days for this one. I told her I needed money &am
  4. Hi sean thanks for your reply. The Bailiff is from Marsden group.she claims she has called to the house twice but if she did nothing was posted through to prove this. My son is a young 19yr old he is working full time although he isn't on a huge wage and he bought the car on finance last year, He also pays over the odds for his insurance so i refuse to sit back and watch him being taken for a fool. I will tell him to pay the asking amount for now and claim the fees back as you sugested. I will also put a complaint into the council and see where it gets him thanks again roz
  5. Hi My son got a parking ticket from the council in Feb and the silly bugger didn't pay it. I got home from work yesterday and the bailiffs had levied on his car which is under finance. The original fine was £80 and now they claim its £284.10. On the sheet they posted through it says the fine was £95. He phoned the bailiff and she was willing to drop the balance to £165.28 but he had to pay the amount in full. I phoned her to query the levy charges and explained she has levied on a car which is under finance but she wouldn't drop the fees. She claimes that they can still clamp it when it
  6. I got the info I needed by telephoning thomson head office. Apparently they advise stores not to sell the cards to people travelling to greece. The member of staff who sold us the card knew were going and yet still sold us the card. I am furious, if it hadn't been mentioned to us we would have been stuck in greece with no money. Roz
  7. Going to Greece next sunday. we have purchased 2 thomson prepaid mastercards. Since purchasing we have been informed that these cannot be used in Greece, can anyone advice me please. Roz
  8. Hi Had to reply as I too found a tooth like object in a meatball i purchased from asda the other day. I swore blind it was a tooth, I'm sure now though after reading the comments that its more likely to be bone. Roz
  9. Thankyou so much MC, Fantastic letter I will print it off tonight & get it posted in the morning. I will try ringing them tomorrow again as they were closed when I tried today due to the easter holiday. I am taking vusys1 advice and informing them that i am making a complaint so his insurance does not get cancelled before they receive the letter. Thankyou for all replies much appreciated. I will let you know how I get on. Roz
  10. Hi HB. I just want to add that the insurance quotes were for my dad but I dealt with everything. It was a quote from some1 else but at the time of doing quote I assumed like most insurers it was asking for other quotes he had been given. Although thay did not beat his other quote I did but notice the excess and other perks were better than his lowest quote hence the reason for accepting. They wrote and asked for proof of ncb and he sent his renewal letter to them, this is how they found how out much the renawal was. They never asked him to send anything else. Roz
  11. this is a quote from the letter i received , "Whilst we have received your previous insurers renewal document, The renewal premium states £249.46 however the the premium we were provided with £147.34 (This was the lowest quote i had been quoted). We would like to advise you that everything matches on a like-for-like basis with the exception of your no claims bonus protection. We would love to continue your policy with the guaranteed saving, howevern as per the terms of the offer this must be based on the renewal premium of your previous policy." it then goes on to say that the additional
  12. I renewed my car insurance with first direct in March. I paid the premium in full that they quoted. During the quotation i was asked for what i thought was the lowest quote I had been given and i gave them this. I have today recieved a letter asking for a further £87.58 as they are saying they asked for my previous insurers quotation which was £79.48 more than they quoted me. If I do not pay within 7 days they will cancel my policy. Could someone please advice me were I stand and what I need to do? Roz
  13. I didn't say he wasn't wearing his seat belt. He was pulled over as they claimed he was using his mobile, he proved them wrong. So they fined him claiming he wasn't wearing his seat belt. Had it been me that was wrongly accused I would have challenged it. My son however would have had a lot more to lose if they decided to take the officers word. If his mobile had been in the front of the car with him he would have had 3 points added to his licence. I really don't see how the officer had done him a favour by fining him for an offence they did not witness.
  14. Hi Kmal, This happened to my son. He was pulled over for apparently using his mobile phone. Luckily my son had forgot to pick up his mobile from the boot of the car when he was putting something in. The officer asked him to prove the mobile was in the boot & he did. But he still got a fine for apparently not wearing his seat belt. I was annoyed as my son is only 18, He works full time and struggles to pay for his car finance as well as the over priced insurance. He was driving legally and the officer probably was pi**ed off that he couldn't get him for a more serious offence.
  15. Ok thanx for your reply. You had me worried for a minute then. xx Roz xx
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