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  1. yes i know the claim number and when it was issued. I've written back to the solicitors and they're still adamant the court have the paperwork! what next, any ideas?
  2. No I can't find my copy and debtline says that the bank can only ask for interest after a judgement has been made if it stipulated it on their claim form when they took me to court - hence the need for me to obtain a copy.
  3. Back in august I asked for advice as i'm still getting statements from bank with mounting interest charges. I wrote to the court to ask for a copy of the banks original claim form but they say they don't hold the file and referred me to the solicitor/debt collector who acted for the bank. I've written to them asking for a copy of this claim form as this is the only document which can prove/disprove that the bank are entitled to claim further interest after judgement. They've now referred me to the court as they say they don't hold the documents. I'm being pushed from pillar to post, National Debtline said they can only claim interest if they stipulated it on their original claim form - so I really need to see a copy of this claim form, are the solicitors/debt collector legally obliged to provide me with a copy? if so, what happens if they don't? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I spoke to court admin manager (didn't get name) but after reading link i'll be phoning national debtline first thing! sorry to appear thick, I know what i'm asking for in an SAR request, but what am I looking for in a CCA request and are there any template letters for CCA? Thanks again.
  5. the bank was Nationwide B/Society. It was for an overdrawn current account and credit card. I have contacted the court who dealt with it and I was told under no circumstances can the Nationwide ask for interest they could only do that up to the time of judgement. Once the judgement had been granted that was it, whatever the amount was in the judgement, thats what I have to pay. The accounts were lumped together as one amount and then sent to their solicitors/debt collectors who I now pay. As far as the court are concerned, the accounts should have been closed at time of judgement. I think I Should just return statements with a strong letter (again) and see what comes back. Thanks for all advice/info.
  6. I was taken to court back in 2003/2004, ccj registered and I agreed to pay monthly instalments to the banks solicitors which I have been doing ever since without fail. I have started receiving monthly statements from the bank (whom the debt is with) showing charges/interest which have risen from the time of ccj (approx. £7000) to now about £12,000. I have been in touch with the court who dealt with the debt and they say the bank cannot charge any more as the ccj would have been the end of the matter. What can I do to stop them sending statements? I've written to them but they keep coming and Its begining to make me feel ill. Any advice please, thanks.
  7. I had an unsecured loan with the Nationwide, they refused all my offers of reduced repayments, took me to county court and the court agreed with them that I had to pay whole amount in one lump sum not instalments, even though I had just been given Disability Living Allowance to live on. Once the court had agreed to them putting a charge on my property, they then decided to accept my original offer of repayment. I don't understand how they got away with being able to do this but they did.
  8. Dollydoo

    Help Please!!!

    sorry to barge in; i'm having problems getting the spread sheets - I can only view them via google but can't input, any help please?! thanks.
  9. Hi, I've no idea how these threads merged, sorry. the reason I feel they haven't complied is because in my SAR I asked for a list of transactions and charges - they only sent charges. Also they have not supplied info when they took legal action against me. I need to know the balance of my account at various stages to work out interest as I had a large overdraft which was also made up of the various charges & interest charges. The monetary difference between claiming charges only & those with interest is quite a vast amount of money. I'd like to see everything before I go for the simple approach. I hope I've not confused you too much. Thanks for any advice.
  10. I sent nationwide SAR, received summary list of charges only. I then sent LBA for not complying with data protection act, stating that I wanted list of transactions as well as the charges and also details of any legal action between them & myself. They've sent back my letter stating that I had not sent £10 fee. As this was a Letter Before Action for non compliance with Data Protection Act, I assume I don't need to pay again. However, the time is now up so do I send yet another request for info or do I now apply to county court for them to provide my personal info? Any advice please - appreciated! thanks.
  11. Thanks Lori, I'll send the letter off tomorrow. If I was just going to claim charges only the summary would have been ok, but as I need to calculate interest (which they charged a whopping 220 at one point!) I really need more info like the actual balance of account etc. I have a fairly complex case (I think) because they took me to court 2003 CCJ sum of £7000 which i've been paying off monthly. mostly charges/interest etc. this summary I have just received comes to a staggering £6,028. So i'm hoping I can get something wiped off at least. Thanks again.
  12. I'm still not convinced that they are supplying exactly what has been asked for in the SAR - a list of all transactions and charges does not mean a summary of only charges, so in my opinion I don't think they are conforming to the DPA - I know they're not supplying all the information they hold about me, ie they took me to court back in 2003, yet in my list of charges there is no mention of this whatsoever, can someone please advise if that warrants a non-compliant letter only i'm fairly new to this and am getting quite phased by all the info. Thanks
  13. I've received the same and am not happy. Its impossible to calculate the interest and other vital info is not available. I'm thinking maybe a second letter regarding non-compliance and asking again for statements is the next step??
  14. Hi, I've received a "charges summary" from the Nationwide as opposed to full statements. I'm unsure as to what would be proportionate interest because the summary only shows actual charges/interest & unauthorised overdraft fees, it does not show my account balance, should I just ask for the lot back as they've listed it? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  15. I sent the SAR letter to credit card & received response letter - but no statements or lists of actual transactions. Basically they said about press coverage etc then went on to say "with regard to your request for a refund of all the charges applied to your account, I can confirm to you that as you were placed on a fixed payment plan from 2003 no penalties have been accrued after this date. Before this date charges were below the OFT recommended level". Any ideas on what letter I should send next. They clearly haven't answered my SAR letter - or should I just send reminder requesting transactions again? any advice appreciated. Thanks
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