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  1. I've received the outcome letter today - I feel as though this whole fos business was a complete waste of time. If you read their letter, they've not even bothered with the fact that the halifax passed the debt on & continued to harrass me for the payment. Anyway, what is my next move - do I appeal and ask for an ombudsman to look at it? and then wait for the halifax or the dca to take me to court? help and advice please, very much appreciated!!
  2. ok I know I need to wait for their final response but i'm worried - what happens if they come back and say it is enforceable. and in your case Pinky, what did you do?
  3. Hi everyone & Merry Christmas! This has been a long time coming but I got a phone call from the Ombudsman office today. As far as they're concerned my application form is an enforceable credit agreement:eek:, i'm a bit worried as she obviously knows what she's talking about and I don't well I'm not quite as concise anyway. she said she would look into it a bit more, but that she was quite certain it contained all the prescribed terms etc. I pointed out that I thought the document might have been put together for a couple of reasons but she seemed to think it hadn't been. Does anyone have any advice please. What happens if they now come back to me and say yes it is enforceable?
  4. I did question the staff member when she mentioned doing a credit check and she just said they've done this for a few years now and never said it was for identification purposes - which would've saved the confusion! Thanks very much Paul76
  5. should a bank consult a credit reference agency when you apply to open a savings account with them, even if you're an existing customer? I thought they were only supposed to carry out a credit check if you were applying for credit as the more searches that are done can sometimes affect your credit rating.
  6. I've sent this (or will be today) let me know if you think its too sarcastic. Thanks again everyone. Thank you for your “demand for payment” dated 15th August 2008, which was posted 2nd class and only received today. I therefore imagine the 7 days you gave me to respond may actually have expired. However, more importantly, I felt it best to advise you (as the Halifax have clearly not bothered once again!) that this alleged debt has been in dispute since 26th September 2007. In fact it is now being investigated by the Financial Ombudsman Service, their reference number is****. Your letter has been passed to them to assist them further in their investigation. I should also like to point out that the same will be done if I receive any further correspondence from yourselves but without the need for me to reply to you again.
  7. I was on the verge of writing but then thought why bother? let them think they're onto a sure thing when I don't respond I'll just keep forwarding the correspondence to the FSO... will keep you posted.
  8. just a brief update; FSO are still waiting to allocate to caseworker as they have such a high volume of complaints at the moment. They wrote to wescot on my behalf to advise them of the ongoing dispute and wescot wrote back to me saying they would put the debt collection "on hold" until the outcome. Today I received another debt collection letter from yet another dca, Rockwell Oh well that'll be another one to the weighty collection at the FSO office!! Can someone tell me please though, do the Halifax actually contact these dca's and tell them the debt is outstanding for it to be passed from pillar to post? or do they have some sort of computer system whereby dcas can look up info and make demands "on the off-chance"??
  9. in 2003 I lost my job with building society. I had an unsecured personal loan at a "staff rate". upon dismissal the interest rate reverted to normal public rate and I couldn't afford to repay and made offers on numerous ocassions all of which were declined. this went on for about 6 months then I got letters saying I should agree to a charging order, I refused. court papers arrived to which I also made offers of payment these were also refused even though I was then receiving job seekers allowance. I then got a news that co had been granted against my house. I felt like I had been railroaded and bullied. what galled me most was I could have taken out a secured p/loan on a much cheaper interest rate right from the outset, which I would have done had I known that eventually it could result in it becoming secured in the end anyway, along with the fact that my very first original offer of £x per month was then accepted. Something definately needs to change about the way co's are so easily and readily obtained.
  10. I'm no expert & this is only my opinion, I would contact energywatch immediately, surely they shouldn't cut you off if you have kids
  11. Finally got thru to BG and after a couple of questions, all done! I'll get my discount from now - though I did forget to ask how much, still shall wait n see - something is better than nothing
  12. I've been on to E.On and apparently they don't offer any reduction in rates. just payment plans! When I said other companies offer reductions for low incomes/benefits etc I was told "well we don't, somethings in the pipeline but thats it at the moment". As for British Gas, I've been trying them all day, but the call cuts off after they tell you they're receiving high volume of calls.....I wonder why?!
  13. Will do, thanks. I've just put in my rather abrupt letter, "complaint is not closed still awaiting FOS decision and will not correspond with them any further. Meantime their letter has been sent on to FOS with a complaint and also that OFT guidelines state that they should not be trying to collect on a disputed account!" Hope that does the trick
  14. I'm still waiting for the ombudsmans decision, meantime I received yet another letter from westcot basically saying their client (halifax) have told them the complaint is now closed and that they can resume collection. If I still consider it to be in dispute I need to send them a copy of my response to Halifax and whilst it is in dispute I can pay off money to cover the part of the debt that is not being disputed! should I respond or let them carry on regardless as it is all more evidence for the FOS.
  15. Hi, I had credit card with Halifax and have an ongoing complaint at the moment. I just thought I'd let you know that they they froze interest on my account for almost three years.
  16. Hi, sorry for the delay! I sent in my complaint to the fos (end of May). I've had an acknowledgement but they have high volumes of complaints at the mo but I don't mind waiting. Meantime, I've had another letter from wescot saying they've referred my debt to doorstep recovery! I haven't replied to them yet, not sure if best to ignore them and send any letters to fos or write them a sharp reminder that they shouldn't even be trying to collect - any views? thanks
  17. Hi, I understand the reason why insurers now provide vouchers or use certain stores to replace goods being claimed for. However, I really do not want to use the store my insurance co deal with (currys/dixons). My tv needs replacing & I prefer to buy my own & then send receipt for insurance to refund - As yet I haven't asked them if they'll do this as I would like your views please....................Thanks.
  18. Thanks. what would be a fair level of comp to ask for? Should I mention that I've never asked for any charges to be refunded or the insurance they took (which I only noticed recently on the statements they sent)
  19. They've said in the last letter to go to the ombudsman if i'm still not happy so that's what i'm going to do. But first would like a little advice; what do i want the business to do to put things right? er, wiping the debt would be nice! how do I ask that in a nice way?! or am I simply getting the ombudsman to ask for the correct cca which the halifax simply don't have?
  20. I had one and deleted it. I am a Halifax customer but thought someone had sent message to me by mistake!
  21. Looks like I already went down the root of official complaint So its onto the ombudsman now. Any ideas as to how I tackle the point of having made payments previously as the halifax said this constituted "acknowledgement" - I know people pay for various reasons just not sure what to say really......any pointers would be helpful, thanks.
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