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  1. Hi, i get help with my mortgage interest (£20 pw). I am currently selling my house though and after paying off various bills etc, will be putting the remainder into another property with a family friend. They will be paying majority share but will allow me to live solely in the house and charge me a nominal rent. Can I get help with the rental costs? This friend is not officially a landlord, the property is in their name only but all the bills etc are in my name. The rental costs to me will be the equivalent of what the local council would say I was entitled to. I receive IS, Incap. DLA
  2. all quiet (so far) on this matter......however, I am going to move soon, should I inform Halifax of my new address??
  3. I wouldn't go BR for at least 6 months to a year after moving. my only income would be benefits. the proceeds from the sale of my house would be put into the new house (boyfriends name only) along with a substantial amount of money from my parents. In effect, I would have no assets & living on benefits. it's not what I want to do but as I am not liable to want nor apply for credit of any sort in future I thought maybe it would be my best option
  4. I may have posted this in the wrong place - if so could a mod move it please, thanks. Also, with regards to the house I will be moving to, my parents are putting in some money & the proceeds of the sale of my house would also be used though the house will solely be in boyfriends name because he will be taking on a mortgage also. I will be the only resident, the bills will all be in my name and I receive income support, incap benefits & disability living allowance.
  5. my cirumstances at present are that I have 3 major debts. (approx. £12,000 ccj & £4,000 charging order, both with same company) and a credit card debt of approx. £4,000 which I have been fighting by the route of no valid agreement. I offered f&f of £1,000 to clear CO but has been refused. I am about to sell & move into another house owned by boyfriend, nothing therefore to do with me legally. I know the CO will be paid off but I was considering then to go bankrupt. does anyone have any advice on this.....I won't own a property, I'm not concerned as to my credit rating as I won't be needing it now or in future. will the other debts have to be wiped off? the only legal asset I will own will be my car, which I can solve by changing back to my boyfriends name. any advice would be welcome.
  6. Hi, I have a charging order for a debt of around £7,000. I have been paying for about past 5 years at £40 per month leaving the recent outstanding balance at about £4,000. The dca offered me a settlement of £3,057 last month which I declined. However, I'm now thinking of moving and want to offer them a max of £1,000. But I need to make sure that the CO is removed before I decide to go ahead and sell. Is this possible; do I just include a sentence in my letter/email to reflect this? and if they agree, how long would it be before the land registry is adjusted. any advice appreciated. thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, my mum pays quite a few quid out (monthly) to have her appliances covered by BG (i've tried to tell her not to bother but...) anyway, her oven door is one of the glass pull downs and is held by 2 hinges on the inside at the bottom. one of these hinges has broken. BG came out to check and say its considered a "trim" and won't fix it. Eh? the door is not a functioning part of the oven so they refuse to fix it. I don't understand how they can say you can safely use the oven without a fully working door!? some lass from "Terms & Conditions" has confirmed the door is a trim so won't be fixed. Anyone here got any input regarding this?? I'm going to make a formal complaint - maybe now mum will cancel her policies. What a rip-off.
  8. Nothing else but average monthly statement of account. I've failed to make a minimum payment so could result in legal action - like nothing has already happened!
  9. Hi everyone, its been a while! I thought this had all gone too quiet - I have just received a statement on the account (usual monthly one) direct from Halifax. Now do I ignore this as it says they may take legal proceedings if I don't make payment, I can feel another cycle about to start.....any advice, thanks & regards
  10. sorry to butt in but I've had problems with shoosmiths trying to get them to respond to my subject access request sent to them in February. I think this lot like to refuse ones offer of reasonable repayments until they get the charging order rubber stamped in court, then they accept your original repayment proposals. If they can't provide me with copies of court documents etc. can I then challenge the original charging order albeit its about 4-5 years old?
  11. ok the dca's letters have started to appear! Do I sit tight and wait for official court papers before responding or is there a letter I need to be sending to each and every dca letter that appears? I haven't heard from Halifax themselves regarding the FOS response yet.
  12. unfortunately these debts went thru before I found this site & long before I knew about reclaiming. However, I did try going thru the FOS for some of the charges on one of the accounts (overdrawn current account & credit card lumped together) but its all been put on hold. I had wondered if I could challenge the charging order (even after all this time it galls me to think that they were able to get it "rubber stamped" so quickly & effortlessly!). I was hoping to look at what i've paid, see whats left & then see if they'll negotiate a final settlement. I think I still owe about £6,000 on one & £3,500 on the one with the co. I will send sar next week that way they'll have to send me the copies of everything including their court applications, wont they?
  13. Hi, I have 2 ccjs (one of which resulted in a charging order). I have been paying without fail for about 4 years now. I've never received any form of statements. I've written to dca (shoosmiths) asking for a list of payments, outstanding balances etc but they keep ignoring me. Whats my next step, SAR? or is there another "formal" letter I can send without sending them any extra money? advice appreciated. thanks.
  14. The FOS have just told me that the question of unenforceability is for the courts to decide and then bleated on about my having had the benefit of spending on the credit card so I do owe the debt. seems a pretty pointless exercise complaining to the FOS re credit agreements. I'm now waiting to see what will happen next.
  15. in the appeal they want me to set out my reasons for disagreeing with the way in which they have reached their decision:confused: apart from the fact that all they seemed interested in was that I have not disputed applying for the card nor having had the benefit of using it(flippin cheek). Now I know what I'd like to say;)......so does anyone have any advice whatsoever please
  16. I know i'm being a bit thick here but could someone give me an idea of what to say in my appeal letter?! thanks
  17. yes I was just pondering that thought! they've given me until the 7th Jan to appeal, meantime I've received 2 more letters from yet another dca (moorcroft) .
  18. so what should I do now then? wait for court papers then take it from there?
  19. Dollydoo23/Financial Ombudsman response - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting hopefully this should be the link to the 3 page letter.
  20. I've received the outcome letter today - I feel as though this whole fos business was a complete waste of time. If you read their letter, they've not even bothered with the fact that the halifax passed the debt on & continued to harrass me for the payment. Anyway, what is my next move - do I appeal and ask for an ombudsman to look at it? and then wait for the halifax or the dca to take me to court? help and advice please, very much appreciated!!
  21. ok I know I need to wait for their final response but i'm worried - what happens if they come back and say it is enforceable. and in your case Pinky, what did you do?
  22. Hi everyone & Merry Christmas! This has been a long time coming but I got a phone call from the Ombudsman office today. As far as they're concerned my application form is an enforceable credit agreement:eek:, i'm a bit worried as she obviously knows what she's talking about and I don't well I'm not quite as concise anyway. she said she would look into it a bit more, but that she was quite certain it contained all the prescribed terms etc. I pointed out that I thought the document might have been put together for a couple of reasons but she seemed to think it hadn't been. Does anyone have any advice please. What happens if they now come back to me and say yes it is enforceable?
  23. I did question the staff member when she mentioned doing a credit check and she just said they've done this for a few years now and never said it was for identification purposes - which would've saved the confusion! Thanks very much Paul76
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