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  1. paid with Barclaycard and have already sent their forms back to them for the chargeback with copies of my invoice and emails. I will get the letter in the post later today and post as and when I get any news. Thanks again everyone.
  2. just one other thing - should it be a problem that I want to return all the items as I bought as a range / matching package? and as I haven't opened up the other items I don't know if they're constructed exactly the same.
  3. Hi, it only says oak on the invoice. nothing else. I do have 3 witnesses as to the conversation but they are family so probably deemed biased? I have to say I am quite reluctant to return the furniture as I can pretty much guess that they will not sign for it, at which point should I leave it there? even if filmed I could be held responsible for it? Slick - wasn't you told by the other store that it was oak panels with veneer? so they're being misleading as well? I'll look into hiring a van tomorrow and i'll get onto Barclaycard again just to see if they're any further forward before sending a letter. I really appreciate your advice everyone, thank you.
  4. here goes! I've attached 3 pics (hopefully) 1 showing the desk structure. the pics of the individual screw holes are of those in the desk top. Looks like chipwood to me but i'm not an expert. The pics are not great but hopefully you'll be able to see enough. Thanks again for help & advice
  5. Hi, you can see the chipwood underneath the desk before the leg parts are screwed on (I think the legs are structured to cover the ends of the chipwood that are visible) which are the sides and the parts that hold the drawer in place. The desk top also looks like chipwood but we can only see this by the screw holes. is there any way I can email a picture to you? Its rather like the MFI flat pack furniture from years ago. Chipwood with a thin layer of veneer over the top that tends to start lifting on the corners!
  6. Hi Slick, It definitely looks like chipwood - and the person I spoke to on the phone at AHF said I would be hard pushed to get solid oak as most furniture these days is made of chipwood or the like and then veneered. although I can't see why one would put oak veneer on top of an oak panel? I would probably settle for that at least it would be all oak like I was told. I don't have a link to the AHF website, it doesn't seem to be listed.
  7. Hi, that's the range, different store though. but I didn't see this before I'd made my purchase at AHF, like I said, I was in the store buying something else when I saw it. I wasn't even offered a brochure on the range.
  8. Hi, to clarify, I was instore looking at a wardrobe & looked at a couple of desks as well. there was no brochure just the price which was discounted. After chatting with the sales staff and having a look at the furniture I made the purchase. Its only after delivery and unpacking the desk that I've seen its chipwood with a veneer. I haven't even opened the other items. I bought a desk (flat pack) with 2 filing cabinets and a narrow sideboard which are ready built. the sales invoice says as follows: Oak Desk/ studio 8000-66 / 084033884 / oak. £279.99 discount £28. £251.99 the other items are listed in the same way. I've just noticed the delivery note describes it the same way. I've paid a total of £1,614.95 which included the £49. delivery charge. It is only since complaining that I've managed to find the furniture on another website and yes it does say veneer. I would need to hire a van to deliver the furniture back to the store as well as a couple of burley blokes to carry it as its very heavy. I don't mind doing that but what if they refuse to accept it back/sign for it? I wouldn't have minded so much if it was just support framework in a cheaper wood but the desk top/front is veneered which I really object to.
  9. I have just posted the form back to the credit card company. But i'm not sure of the sequence of events or what I should do if the credit card don't refund. Should I respond to the customer service reply - it looks like they're prepared to deny any wrong-doing
  10. I bought in store, had a look at it as I liked the design. I have to say I didn't look too closely as the sales rep said it was all American oak. As I had just bought an oak wardrobe in the sale (which I did inspect for any damage) I believed him. He did say the desk came flat pack but the rest of the furniture came built. He never mentioned veneers, I wouldn't have bought it. I wasn't given a brochure either. I have since found the furniture on another website and this does say oak and veneers.
  11. Hi, I did state in my email that I was rejecting the goods as they were not as described and that my invoice said oak desk etc and this is the only response I've had. I said I wanted my money back under SOGA and gave them 7 days to give me a date for them to pick up the furniture. I will write a letter to the name & address you've supplied, thanks for that. What happens if this just goes back & forth (ie my word against theirs and they keep refusing to budge?) thanks again for your advice - I have requested a chargeback.
  12. hi that has come from head office customer services, I cc'd them the store copy
  13. can someone please advise - I have received this email from AHF, I'm not sure of the best response really. " An uplift and refund has not been agreed. Unfortunately, AHF will not progress this issue any further, you have the goods as ordered and signed for, they are a fair representation of the goods seen on display in store, whilst the sales invoice reads OAK, this refers to the colour of the furniture, it does not specify that the goods are solid oak. Please be assured of our best intentions at all times"
  14. Hi, really appreciate your help. I phoned and more or less got called a liar - said he told me it was mostly oak but large flat areas were veneer! He (the manager) just kept repeating that he had made it clear to me and nothing more could be done, advised me to phone customer services - they said I had what I ordered and referred me back to the store?! Pointless. I told them I was going to trading standards. I will email them to clarify that i'm not happy etc and I have already initiated a chargeback with Barclaycard. Do you know what happens next? thanks again
  15. Thanks for that, I've had a read and i'll be speaking to the manager in the morning (Monday). The invoice just lists the items as: oak desk/studio 8000-66/oak followed by delivery time & price etc.
  16. Hi, I bought some oak furniture from AHF store in Colchester. I remember being told it was oak and I believed it to be solid oak. I can't remember if the sales person said solid oak but I do know that the word veneer never came into the conversation because I would not have made the purchase. I just unpacked some of the items and it turns out that they are in fact oak veneer. I phoned the store who says I need to speak to the person who sold it to me, but that most furniture these days is only veneer and I probably won't be able to return it! He said if it had been solid oak it would say so on the paperwork. it doesn't, it just says Oak sideboard etc. I don't want veneered chipwood and want to return it. I will be speaking to the manager tomorrow but meantime I wanted a few tips on what I should or shouldn't say and if I do have any rights. We paid in full at time of purchase by credit card.
  17. yes thinking that myself - but she did say it was in excellent condition, no marks & as good as new. I wouldn't have even contemplated buying something from so far away that had to be collected. my friend picked it up without inspecting it because I didn't ask him to and also because I'm probably stupid in thinking that all people are like myself and trusted she had been honest in her description. I've never come across anything like it before and will only ever pay by paypal in future, this was the first time i'd paid cash and it'll certainly be the last. Thanks for the advice
  18. I've been offered a refund upon return of the table but I'm expected to pay the costs of returning it. Ebay terms say buyer is responsible for return costs but trade descriptions act says buyer should be refunded all postage costs when an item has been wrongly advertised. I did have a quote to have it restored and it'll cost quite a bit which shows it wasn't in the excellent condition in which it was advertised. Am I covered by the trade descriptions act? or do I have to just swallow and return it at my own expense?
  19. Hi, I've just bought an item of furniture from an ebay private seller. It was advertised as "used but as good as new with no marks". I got a friend to collect it as it was a 6 hour round trip and I just couldn't get there. I was horrified when I saw the state of the table - clearly scratched & marked. I expected some wear & tear as its vintage, however because of the distance, I only bought it because of the way she described it. It was paid cash on collection. I understand by ebay that they can only ask her to refund me but they can't make her. I'm also supposed to be responsible for the return costs. Is this really the case? is there anything I can do outside of ebay, like small claims court (providing I can obtain her surname - I do have her address & mobile telephone number). I'm rather angry that she has tried to blame the condition of the table on my friend who collected it and hasn't offered me a refund. I've opened a case with ebay but wanted to get some advice/tips on dealing with this. Thanks
  20. Thanks for the info - should I contact the dealer and explain that the car is now not fit for purpose? only I think they will just say something along the lines of "wear n tear" (I'm assuming) I want to go prepared with possible answers as I just know they will try and fob me off.
  21. Hi, just wanted to know where I stand. Bought car about 18months ago from Audi dealer. (used car, 2006 plate). the roof suddenly stopped working and Audi want approx. £2000 to repair! the roof is a fundamental part of a convertible (its pretty useless without it). I bought the car with the knowledge that it was built to last - I want Audi to help pay for the repair and I don't think i'm being unreasonable. Whats the best way to go about this, contact Audi customer services first or ask the dealership manager? I have no warranty.
  22. Hi, I need to SAR Santander but I have 3 addresses anyone got the correct / appropriate address please....much appreciated, thanks.
  23. I don't particularly want to upset my bank by letting them think i'm about to claim any charges, this is purely for the benefit of receiving duplicate statements - would it be wise to state this is the SAR letter? & omit the para that says about claiming for charges?
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