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  1. can't make head nor tail of it, however, I have been thru computer records & clerical records and can't find anything specifically mentioning "overpayment".
  2. Received the bundle from DWP today, its a minefield! I have her application which includes copies of her bank statements/savings etc at that time 2004. I have also found a letter that says "sorry to hear of the death of...... etc - our records show we owe her some money" goes on to ask who the money should be paid to and for their account number. where do I start?!
  3. No it wasn't suitable for a third party asking for a deceased person so I sent a letter clearly stating it was a SAR request and that they had 30 days etc. the only part I left off was that I would make a complaint. I sent it trackable delivery and so I know they received it. Does that really matter though, as long as they've received a request they should adhere to it surely
  4. Well I sent SAR which dwp received 13th February. Haven't received anything back yet. We're supposed to send in the financial details by the 28th March (if we don't they'll calculate any overpayment on what info they already have). Should I just sit and wait for their calculation or write to them beforehand saying we've asked for SAR and heard nothing so we take it there wasn't any overpayment after all.
  5. any advice on what would be the best way to word a letter?
  6. We've been through all the usual probate etc for my mum in law who died Feb 2018. We've now received letters from the DWP saying my late mum in law may have been overpaid an income related benefit. They say according to their records and those of the probate there appears to be a discrepancy and want us to provide all her financial statements covering 2003 - 2013. They've told us not to distribute any funds from her estate (which we had already as it all went to my husband, before we'd even heard from them). They've said they can work on the figures they have and calculate the possible overpayment but its best if we provide the information for them so they can make an accurate assessment. I assume the cheapest option would be to approach the banks with SARs? However, before I do this, can I ask the DWP to provide all the information they have regarding her payments of benefit and her applications for benefit because, to be honest, neither myself nor my husband recall filling in any forms for her (and its something we would normally do as she's registered blind). We do know she was getting a pension credit (savings based only) but we've no idea when it started or how she came to claim it - perhaps we've just forgotten as its so long ago. However, I don't want to just take their word for it so how best to approach this really, if anyone has any advice. I'm not trying to avoid any repayment (if one is due) but naturally I'd like to check for myself as well, if that makes sense. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  7. yes we appreciate the money laundering side of things - but how do you prove earnings going back to the 1940s?? that's beyond a joke. the bank statements should be adequate proof that the money has been saved over many years.
  8. Hi, my mum is buying a property (effectively in cash) using money from family members. large bulk of money has been transferred from her cousin who is 89 yrs old. Countrywide have had the building society account book to show her savings but then they said it wasn't old enough and needed to go back a few years and we've done this. then they said they wanted a letter stating the income and job of the cousin from when she started working as well as an account of her lifestyle to prove how she's accumulated her savings and we provided this but now this isn't good enough either, they now want details of the earnings of her dead husband (who died last year at aged 97)! We understand about the money laundering aspect but this is becoming increasingly ridiculous - even the tax man doesn't keep records going back that far! We've said we'll change solicitors but then countrywide sayif we do that we just have to start from scratch and we're supposed to be completing on 12th December. Bank statements from other members of the family have been accepted. has anyone got any advice, thanks. the sum involved from the cousin is £130,000 and will be a short term loan.
  9. I'm sure they'll try & skirt around that issue - but I'll phone in the morning and see what they have to say. Thanks message #3. Yes, The ticket was stuck to the drivers door window.
  10. My question really is, could I/should I still go to the furniture ombudsman but keep the furniture now?
  11. Sorry been in hospital. I have to say once I threatened BC with court action they phoned me! amazing really, every letter they responded to seemed to take weeks rather than days. They offered me the price of the desk as a one off gesture of goodwill. Because of the hospital thing, I decided to accept that. However, I did ask if it was possible to still complain about the store to the furniture ombudsman and BC seemed to think I still could. But with everything that's gone on, i'm going to use the furniture (still haven't had time to unpack it!) I don't think I have any evidence to go to court, otherwise I would. The shop no longer stock that range of furniture so It would be hard to get any evidence now, even though I know they weren't displaying proper leaflets/price tags. It was handwritten pricing on plain white paper in Perspex holders! I really appreciate everyones input and advice, and a free desk goes someway to help soften the experience. I do have my ombudsman forms completed ready for posting though - but if I proceed with that, I can't use the furniture can I? and I am becoming a bit sick of seeing those boxes in my lounge!
  12. I parked on double yellow lines in the hospital grounds, displaying a blue badge. Quite a distance from the entrance & main car park. I have received a parking charge notice issued by Colchester Hospital University NHS foundation trust. It states the t&cs are displayed at the entrance to the hospital and by entering the driver has agreed to abide by these t&cs and is legally bound by them. If I don't pay the trust can take legal proceedings and it says on the back representations should be made in writing within 7 days and gives the hospital address. I have breached 2 rules; parking outside a designated bay and parking on yellow lines. A staff member said I should just bin it as most people do but I am unsure and don't want to ignore it and have debt collectors turning up on the doorstep! Do I have to pay this charge? I have to say that there are no parking t&cs in the area I parked in.
  13. the latest response from BC is that they would like to reiterate that there are no documents to substantiate that the goods received were not as described. Therefore a breach of contract or misrepresentation is not established on the merchants part. I will be writing yet again asking them to clarify exactly how I'm supposed to prove this, other than give them my invoice, which clearly states Oak and the manufacturers description which clearly states some sort of chipboard!
  14. to be honest court scared me but also I don't have any proof other than what is stated on my invoice and what the manufacturer have now told me. Its my word against the shop staff. Is it too late to go down that road now then? I will continue to pursue BC though. It is frustrating that they take so long to reply but I am determined. I'm grateful for the advice, thanks.
  15. I referred to the fo form (I meant furniture ombudsmans form)
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