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  1. Nick keep at them mate!! I kept ringing every friday asking where it was - kept getting told it was a long process to get it printed and to be patient Last friday the woman put me on hold for 5 minutes then came back and said "they have it in their hand .. it will be in the post today" Well it turned up today (14th august) and guess what date is printed on it?! 20th July hahahhaa So all the time they've been "waiting for it to be printed" I guess its been on someones desk or the floor or whatever. Total time from accepting their offer to receiving settlement - 3 months!!!!
  2. Just to clarify It was natwest customer services made me the offer - I accepted to them but told them my account was in arrears and I was paying it off at £40 a month to "natwest credit management services" They said they could pay the whole £1500 to the credit management services and then send me a cheque for the £600 that my account was in credit by However I never received the cheque, and after phoning "natwest credit management services" several times and always being asked "is this a natwest account then?" I get the feeling that its a 3rd party debt company dealing with more than just natwest I shall give them the benefit of the doubt until next week and then write them a letter explaining im starting legal proceedings and will be asking for interest lost while ive been sat around for 3 months waiting for my money!
  3. Thats what I put in the last letter and mentioned that I would bring it up with the banking ombudsman (spelling??) I received no cheque and no correspondance - that was 14 days ago I rang them today and got told the girls who write the cheques out had mine in their hand and would post it first class today - but if it doesnt turn up next week I really dont know where else to go with it You see the problem is natwest has paid - they've paid the money to the debt management company who were dealing with my account (who wont tell me their name) Its THEM that are supposed to be sending me a cheque for the remaining amount :(
  4. The offer was in writing, my acceptance was in writing Everything else has been on the phone as since I accepted the offer they havent replied to any letters ive sent!!
  5. I'll keep this short as I know you're all busy I filed a claim earlier in year with natwest for £1500+ of charges They sent me a letter - usual stuff, dont agree you were wrongfully charged but as goodwill gesture they would refund me - YAY HOWEVER my account was £900 in debt as I had been refusing to pay these charges. I signed the letter and asked them to pass the £1500+ to the debt management team, clear my £900 debt and write me a cheque for £600+ out This happened on the 21st of June this year - the money went to the debt management team and they confirmed it had cleared my debt. I am STILL waiting for the cheque - I have rang the debt management team every week since end of june and it is now a week into August. They have had my money for over 6 weeks! Every time I ring I get a crap excuse, first they told me it could take a few weeks, then they told me they had missed my cheque when doing things chronologically and it was in a priority queue. Then I was told the queue was taking a while but I would defo get it Last phone call I had the woman went back on everything, said there was only 2 women doing cheques at 400 a day and they hadnt got to end of june processing yet but would post mine on monday Its now thursday and NOTHING again I have written to natwest customer services again saying I am massively dissapointed that i've been waiting 3 months for a "good will gesture" and guess what - 14 days later they havent even bothered replying I am absolutey at the end of my sanity. Its my money and its in my account but because that account was in debt management I have to wait for a cheque. And they've sat on it since 21st June What can I do? Has anyone else experienced the same with Natwest? Last time I rang I just ended up shouting as every week its a different person and a different story and I still cant get to MY money! *cries*
  6. Thanks! Im seriously over the moon. I spoke to them today and they are clearing my debt and sending me a cheque for over £600 so I can have a nice holiday now this year Keep at it guys/gals there is light at the end of the tunnel - Phil
  7. This is my first post and its a post of thanks!! I started my claim 2 months ago with natwest by sending off for my bank statements, they came through and I set to work putting them in the spreadsheet found on this site I sent that off and got a standard letter back saying "Thanks for your claim we are looking into it" sort of thing A month later I was getting ready to follow up as nothing had happened when I got a pack through the door It was a copy of my T&C's, and a leaflet explaining charges There was also a letter which I started reading, basically saying the charges were lawful, they didnt agree to my claim etc.. etc.. On the second page it said "however" after reviewing my claim they were willing to offer me £1546.00 (the full amount I claimed for) as a gesture of good will and not an acceptance of fault... etc.. etc.. So Im over the moon. I haven't been able to pay the charges off and am subsequently still owing them £900, so I've cleared my debt to the bank and getting a check for over £600! Brilliant! Cant say thanks enough
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