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  1. Hi Zoot Do you have the thread title of this fast track claim - would be interested to read step by step. Thanks. Clare
  2. Hi Caro Not sure of the exact date when account opened but it was around 1993/94. I have been reading on site about claiming for more than 6 years. It looks like YB are only sending out statements for the last 6 years. It did state in my SAR that we were requesting a complete list of transactions and charges relating to our banking history with YB. YB did respond and say they would comply with my request. I will write to YB stating that they have not yet fully complied with my request as I require statements from when account opened up to 2001. We are probably going to have to split this claim into two as from 2001 to 2005 we are already nearing £4,000, then there is the 8% interest added when we take them to court (which is extremely likely) and we want to got through the small claims. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Clare
  3. Hi twosue I had my form completed for the Information Commissioner but was waiting until I went back to work on Monday 15th (had a week off with the kids) to photocopy the relevant correspondence. It took them 45 days to send copies from 2001 - 2005. I will probably wait until mid week next week, as they say 2005 to present are on their way shortly from a different source. I have just gone through 2001 - 2005 and highlighted all charges and entered these onto a spreadsheet ready for my letter to the Yorkshire requesting my charges back. Good luck with your claim and keep us informed. Clare.
  4. Update: Have today, 14th April, receive bank statements from February 2001 to June 2005 with a letter saying they are coming from two different sources and that the others should arrive shortly.
  5. Hi Carolyn Soz, forgot to put in last post - 40 days were up yesterday, 9th April, so I suppose there is still a chance I will get them soon. Good luck with going through your statements. Will keep you posted. Clare
  6. Update: Received 6/4/07 a letter from Yorkshire Bank Advice Quality Unit - Charges Section dated 4/4/07. I refer to our previous correspondence acknowledging receipt of your request for details of charges and/or statements relating to your bank account(s). Within the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 we have 40 days in which to provide you with the information we hold. The end of this time period has almost been reached, however, due to the high volume of requests we have received in relation to this high profile issue, I regret that we are not yet able to provide you with the information requested. Whilst you are within your rights to refer the matter to the Information Commissioner at the end of the 40 day period, I confirm that we shall provide you with the information as soon as we possibly can. I thank you for your continued patience and understanding in this matter. Yours sincerely T.G. Rayner Advice Quality Unit - Charges Section Their last paragraph infuriated me . Where was the Yorkshire Bank's patience and understanding when I asked them to lay off the bank charges as I could not feed my family and had to rely on hand outs from family members (the mother in law)? I have my complaint ready for the Information Commissioner and just need to get photocopies of the relevant bits. Anything further.
  7. Hi Carolyn Not received anything yet or heard anything - they have until 9th April. Clare (catmaddy)
  8. Carolyn Received a letter from YB (Advice Quality Unit - Charges Section) today, 13.3.07, stating that they will be able to supply copies of bank statements. They confirm receipt of £10.00 fee. They state they have 40 days in which to provide this information (they now have 26 days left). They say that manual intervention is not covered by Data Protection Act and as such they are under no statutory obligation to record or provide this informtion. Just wondering if you have received one yet as we both sent our SAR's off the same day. Clare
  9. Update: Received today, 13.3.07, acknowledgement letter (from Advice Quality Unit, Wade Lane, Leeds) stating they have 40 days in which to provide me with the information and will forward this in due course. Also confirmed receipt of £10.00 fee. State that manual intervention is not covered by DPA and are under no statutory obligation to record or provide this information. The standard reply. It has taken them 14 days to respond to my original request. 26 days and counting.
  10. Carolyn - Cashed my cheque yesterday (Thursday) - nothing yet. Will post when anything new. Andy - Thanks for your good wishes. Hope it all goes OK for you. Will keep you posted. Clare
  11. Thanks caro. Update: Cheque for £10.00 taken from my bank account yesterday.
  12. Good luck with your claim. We are at the same stage. 40 days and counting. Keep us informed. catmaddy
  13. Will keep you informed of progress. Good luck to you also sococarolyn, looks like we'll be running together.
  14. Hi Thanks for your welcomes and good wishes. I have been reading everything I can find on this site for a week now and after lengthy discussions with my husband (joint account) we decided to go ahead and fight our corner. I am very indecisive in nature and even though I might be doing everything right I tend to need reassurance so I will be looking for help and reassurance from you all.
  15. I have today sent by recorded delivery my subject access request for information from my bank giving them 40 day in which to supply me with the information. Let's wait and see now.
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