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  1. Seems that blanket stays were part of the deal agreed with the banks to get them into court. They must be saving them millions of pounds in paybacks and admin! If we go ahead with our business claim, we will probably be in the same position as you. Perhaps if enough people apply to have the stays lifted - and from what I've read this is happening in great numbers - public pressure will win. What gets me most is that we all know business and card claims should be exempt anyway! Let's hope you get a result in September.
  2. Thanks for the letter anyway - whose ever it is! As well as [problem] asking for a stay, when Hogbucket got to court he found that the Judge had put a stay all bank claims, so he's applied to have it lifted. My previous threads were all about claims on our personal accounts - now satisfactorily concluded! I haven't started one as yet for the business claim, cos I'm still gathering the energy to fill in the N1!
  3. Hi, Hogbucket So sorry about the stay. Just a bit confused, I thought it was [problem] who asked for it. But you say the Judge has placed stays on all bank claims! Two against one, not really fair, eh? I wish you the best of luck getting it lifted and do hope you're successful.
  4. Hi Skeggsy Thanks for posting your draft letter requesting the stay to be lifted - I reckon that this could easily be tweeked a little and be used as a letter to go with the N1 saying why a stay should not be imposed, if you don't mind? How did you get on at court today, Hogbucket?
  5. Very sorry to hear that - [problem] leaves things to the last minute so there is no time to take counteraction. The judge at our hearings did not address the substance of the cases at all - just whether or not parties had complied with directions- luckily [problem] had not and so we won. I sincerely believe the courts are not interested in the issues (or just don't understand) and just want us all to go away! Do hope you can get your message across and persuade the judge to lift the stay.
  6. Thanks Skeggsy, let's get going then! Good idea about a letter pointing out that business accounts should not be stayed - now I've got to worry about the wording for that ... will definitely look at the oft link, thanks. Does anyone know if a business claim has been stayed yet because of the test case? Have to use the N1 route, not enough room to fit it on the MCOL.
  7. Hi Skeggs So pleased to see your new POC for ltsb business claims. I've been asking for some for a sole trader for weeks with no luck, so would love to borrow these with your permission. (I hope you won't mind since you have posted them?) Let's hope someone gives you the thumbs up that they are OK very soon. Thanks, Tigerlily2
  8. Hi, Mizzpy We had two cases heard in Guildford at the same hearing at the end of June. [problem] did not turn up and the Judge found in our favour in both cases. They certainly are not going to try and defend this as a trial case and pre-empt the OFT case. I expect they will not show. I do hope your case is not stayed and you are given judgement by default. Best of luck.
  9. Hi, b&byd We'd like one for business accounts too!!
  10. Hi, Just to say money finally received today! Thanks so much for all the advice. Good luck to all who are battling on.
  11. Hi, Is that a month after the actual court date when judgement was given, or a month from the pay-by date stated on the judgement? We were given judgement in our favour on 28th June, to be paid by 12th July, but only received payment today 6th August! [problem] have been so dreadful to us that I would like to think that a CCJ has been registered.
  12. Money arrived in our account at 1.00pm! So ends one sorry saga - now for our business account and card !!?? Heartfelt thanks to all who offered help along the way.
  13. Last time I rang [problem] I asked the guy to get my (paper) file. He said it would take 10 minutes so he'd call me back - as he was worried about my phone bill. How thoughtful!!! I didn't trust him, so I told him I'd hold on while he got the file (only took 3 mins!). I was right not to trust him - he promised money by last Friday, huh!
  14. Thanks for your explanation and glad you got your money in the end -what a sorry state of affairs when the legal profession sinks so low! A manager at [problem] told me it was their aim to get people paid out asap - I told him it was obviously quite the opposite, to drag it out as long as possible using every trick in the book. All he said was that I was I entitled to my opinion. They've denied receiving the claim (MCOL!), the judgement order, my letters and phone calls. They applied for a bogus set aside, and made a lesser offer of settlement when we had already won in court! But he refused to answer any questions or explain their behaviour and said we would have to see them back in court to make them talk to us! I'm sure we'll get paid eventually - what upsets me most is that [problem] can get away with treating people like this - they are apparently sweetness and light when talking to the courts! Perhaps we should get together and complain? I wonder if anyone's been recording their side of phone calls with them!!
  15. Hi, Yes [problem] said go ahead with bailiffs/press - which alarmed our bank manager - but then agreed to pay electronically last Friday (no such luck!). The judge has told them to withdraw their set aside application - (explained in last post) and pay £2000+. I have started my own thread WHAT CAN WE DO NOW? as you suggest. Sorry you had the same treatment -- what did you do?
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