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  1. The boost pipe is fine, I checked that myself. The Problem is the turbo itself, the actuator is sticking inside.
  2. Just got off the phone to the dealer, after numerous calls trying to contact him. I have told him straight out that I would like a full refund on the car, plus the costs I paid for, under his advice for the diagnostics check. He has told me that they will not give a refund as its not their policy, i'm sure their policy cannot overule law? I suggested a would get the car repaired locally, and he can sort the cost out through the warranty, which he originally suggested first. He has now told me that the warranty might not cover the cost of repairs and I could be left out of pocket:!: Surely this issue is a dealer one, and not one of a warranty. Either way I should not be out of pocket. He promised me a courtesy car while mine was getting repaired, which I originally agreed to. He has now told me that his 'gaffer' will not loan out any more cars, this puts me under lots of inconvenience now, which he isnt allowed to do. He said I have not given him the opportunity to repair it, but how can I when he keeps promising a loan vehicle which he is always waiting for to be returned....and now they have decided they dont loan them out? I'm stuck now as to what to do, he ignores my calls and gives me excuse after excuse. I wanted to take legal action, but only as a last resort:|
  3. Well the dealer is stalling at every chance now, never returns calls etc. Only speak to him after calling numerous times and he eventually answers. Saying that, the car is still in my possession and still faulty. I have decided now to proceed with court action to recover any costs, this is going on for too long.
  4. Adviceguide doesn't seem very clear, they state I can demand a repair, and then they state I cant under the SOGA. Either way, if he offers to refund me, I will be asking for costs also from the inconvenience he has caused.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm hoping he does repair it, but I would like it repaired to a satisfactory standard. The cost of some of the things I predict are at fault could be costly, so I was thinking he might just take the car back. Does he have the final say? Can I demand a repair or does can he refund me if he wanted to? I cant seem to find any solid info on that issue.
  6. I'm looking for some advice or clarification on an issue I am having with a car dealer. After having my car stolen in February and being paid out from the insurance, I decided to replace the car like for like. I eventually found the car I wanted, a year newer than my last model, from an independant dealer a few miles away. Now when I picked the car up (Mondeo TDCi Zetec) I noticed it was very sluggish on start, and blew some smoke out under acceleration. The dealer said it was probably because it was stood for a while, and to give it a good blast on the motorway, in some ways that part is true with most diesels. Cut a long story short, the problem never went away and it seems to be getting slightly worse. The car came with a 3 month warranty, and I understand i'm protected by the SOGA anyway. The dealer asked me to take it to a local garage for inspection and forward him the report, which I did and paid for. After dragging his heels, he has now asked me to take it back to him so his mechanics can take a look at it, chances are I know more about this model of car than his mechanics, and I am well aware of the possible faults and symptoms, and they could be quite costly, injectors, Flywheel and turbo. My question is, am I entitled to have the car repaired and keep it, which is what I want to do, as apart from the problems the car is mint condition and low milage? Or, can he refund me the money plus diagnostic fees (£3000) and take the car back? I would like to keep the car as it the exact model, colour and specification that i wanted. Thanks Steve
  7. Thats what I cant understand, if all credit etc is on my Experian report, will the same info be on Equifax? I dont really want to be subscribing to Equifax if it is only going to show me the same as Experian
  8. I will try with Equifax this week, I thought the info they held would be the same as Experian. Everything I have ever had is on my Experian file, so surely Equifax cant be worse can it?
  9. I'd like to add that my CC Company, Natwest. Dropped my limit from £4000 to £2880 recently. Their letter just stated that after a review of my account they where reducing my limit
  10. I recently applied for a new credit card (MBNA Virgin) and was declined the card. I was hoping on transfering the balance from existing card, approx £2600 to a 0% balance transfer. I have checked my Experian Credit Report and it it is showing 'Green' on everything, I wasnt expecting it to be that good to be honest. The only 'Yellow' showings are on my mortgage which was is a couple of late payments which was down to my mortgage company. They have even admitted their errors to me. There are still old loans that are cleared and an existing loan which has no late payments. What could have stopped Virgin issuing me a new card. I cant see anything that stands out on my report as bad. Do Experian and Equifax show the same information? Would my partners credit history have an effect on me? Sorry for the long post but it has really annoyed me being refused when I can see satisfactory for everything
  11. Thanks for the replies, finally got my head around it now. Steve
  12. HI, I switched my mortage to an interest only about 6 months back due to my partner losing her job. I am wondering if the actual payments I am making are correct. The balance of my mortgage is now £87'000 with a term of 20 years left I recieved a letter a few months back saying my new interest payments will now be £262.42 The letter says; The new rate of interest will be 3.600% based on 90 day Libor of 2.10000 plus the margin applicable to your mortgage account. This rate will apply from the 1st March 2009 until the next quarterly reset date. Your new minimum montly payment from 1st April 2009 is £262.42 As the interest rates are low we are now looking at switching back to the SVR as my partner is now back working. The ammount I am paying at the moment just seems quite high for an interst only at todays rate. I have used online mortgage calculators to se what I should be paying but it all seems a little confusing Any information or help is much appreciated Steve
  13. I will await the break down of payments I should receive this week, then hopefully I can go from there. If for some reason I do owe them, I will pay it....but I am going to chase them for a written apology for they way they have handled this. What is this Subject Access Request you mentioned? Is this like a credit referance check?
  14. Thanks for the quick reply, they have said they are going to send me a break down of the payments and arrears this week. What has really annoyed me is the fact that they told me a couple of times that I had no arrears and then they hit me with this out of the blue. I am willing to pay any arrears and not shy away from them. Their advisors need either retraining or dismissed. They probably laugh and joke about their mistakes on their fag breaks and not realise the stress they cause people
  15. Hi, I will try to keep this as informative and short as possible. In November we switched our mortage to interest only because my partner was finished up in work. Luckily she has got new employment and we will shortly be swithing back to capital and interest. I received a phone call this morning from my lender, Derbyshire Home Loans:mad: They said I was in arrears and would I be willing to make payment today, I told them I am not in any arrears and only hve to pay this months payment which I did (£390.73) They said that my arrears totalled £390.73, which goes back to January 2008...this is strange considering my new payments are £390.73 They have now told me after another phone call that my arrears are for January this year. I made a payment in January this year of £390.73 + £278 arrears I was told I needed to pay which is a total of £668.73 I was told today that the £668.73 I paid in January was arrears only and did not include my monthly payment, which is why I am still in arrears of Januarys payment of £390.73 Now when I made the payment in January on the phone, the advisor stated that if I pay the £278 plus m monthly ammount I am up to date. So in effect she was totally wrong or lying to me. I made a payment in February of £390.73 and asked am I am up to date again and was told I am So somewhere along the lines THEY have made errors informing me of my mortgage payments. They have told me today that they are going to listen to he phone calls and come to a conclusion, they said they will reverse my credit score! and remove the £25 month charges for last 2/3 months I told them that this is just not acceptable and to make me believe I am to date was a very serious error on their part Can I take this further or do I just accept their reasons etc. I am totally willing to pay any arrear I have, but to be told after numerous calls that i owe nothing and thenhit with this is very frustrating Any help or advice is greatly appreciated Steve
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