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  1. Hi Andy, I am about to claim against Lloyds TSB and am also looking at the service fees, Did you try to claim them and if so were you successful? Phil
  2. Hi WILLO, Goes something like this: 2nd Feb sent request for statements, with the obligatory tenner, 19th Feb got statements 26th Feb sent letter before action for refund @£2210 1st March reply from Hfx stating that they had 8 weeks 3rd March tried all the numbers off forum, no go! 9th March issued MCOL with interest & court fee =£3018.46 20th March Hfx acknowledge claim have until 26th march to file a defence which they7 state that they will 22nd march phone call from Hfx offering £1500, lady was suprised to know that I had issued a claim and upped the offer to £2300, I declined(gulp) 23rd March letter offering £2300 Hopefully someone else can fill in the end for you...and me! Cheers pepper491
  3. Thanks Mousey, I must admit to a slight stress as four days have eaten into BOS time....hope the don't respond, keep wondering if I will be the one that they defend?? Pepper.
  4. Hi Mousey, a insite to time for you might be my situation, sent SAR on 22nd Jan, got reply on 9th Feb stating that information would be sent and some crap about manual intervention on account, got statements on 25th feb ,sent request for refund of charges(£2210) on 26th feb, next reply came on 3rd March, HALIFAX were sorry that I was unhappy and they stated that they have 8 weeks to respond...I think not, filed MCOL yesterday £2210 plus 8% £614.46 total £3018.46, same feelings as others on site, o my , I have just taken my bank to the small claims court, scary. Pepper491
  5. WELL DONE DAZZABOY, GRIPPING STUFF. got me sweating , 7 days after issuing MCOL.! pHIL
  6. no. not been offered a dime yet! can anyone tell me about the so called 5k limit?
  7. Hi Rooney, I issued a MCOL against BOS and as you said I was expecting to have to shave it down to 5K but when I got into the system it allows any ammount up to ....£99999!!! don't know why but I issued them £7864.02 made up of £6065 charges and £1549.02 interest with a £250 court charge. Got a letter back from court stating court sent claim to defendant 1st class post on 2nd March , deemed to be served on 7th March and BOS has till 21st March to reply. Oh shit I hope I win. Got one lined up for Halifax @ 3K just pausing to see how this one goes. Cheers Pepper491
  8. account closed...where will they pay it??
  9. Filed mcol yesterday, five weeks in
  10. Thanks Sowerby, Did you have more than one account?? I have only one Business account that I closed over a year ago, OH HOW i would LOVE yo get those charges back!! Pepper491
  11. Hi Sowerby, I filed my claim on line to BOS yesterday(£7864.02 charges from a business account) then found your thread! Tell me as I am now concerned did you change your particulars of claim to not mention consumer contracts regulation? mine does and I need to know if to change it??
  12. Hi GEMSPAN, was yours a business account with BOS? and if so did you edit your particulars of claim to suit?? Phil
  13. Oh wow, sent the money claim on line today to BOS at their Birmingham address for £7864.02. I was suprised that I could go above 5k??. Fantastic to read this thread , gives me hope that I may see a cheque one day and my £250 court fee was well spent. Read a lot of stuff about Scottish courts and head offices but just decided to stick it to em in Birmingham?? PHIL. (with crossed fingers for 14 days!!)
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