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  1. Wow, just read this post and its a replica of the one I just posted!!! Now to dewhit20, I also didnt finish the course but what I did do is check out some 'Stop smoking ' websites and forced myself to watch some videos of people dying through smoking! I didnt want to smoke after that!
  2. Thanks Louis, no their time is well ellapsed but as I have been speaking with them they keep re-ordering the statements but the statements don't arrive, so I can't wait forever so will send the letter, Thanks
  3. Need some advice now please, I have 2 current accounts with Abbey, I have receicved statements for last 6 yrs for one account but have only received 50% of statements for the other. So shall I continue with my claim for the first account, OR Contact ICO to complain? I have tried to speak with Abbey but just receive polite response saying blah, blah, blah, although I believe it is their system cocking up rather than deliberate delaying etc
  4. Hi I sent my dpa letter on 2nd March but I didnt receive the letter you received, yesterday though I received last 12 months statements from one of my accounts.
  5. OK Guys, I am just about to begin my correspondence and have a couple of Q's. 1. Ref; my Subject Acess Request form, Shall I send this to the address at Triton Sq, London (as per forum) or the address on Chq book @ Prescott Street, London. 2. Shall I send a copy to Customer Satisfaction Centre. Do these letters need proof of posting/delivery? On a slightly different note, Over the years I have regularly changed Credit Cards but now I have no account details for them, Can I send the above forms to various Credit Card Companies without account numbers? Many Thanks
  6. Louis, I get ur point but it just seems bit fishy! Of all the days the charges could be taken its the day EVERY month that I have least in my account. I don;t expect/want to take this further and I will get the date changed, I was just wondering if this is common practice and would like to know.
  7. Including myself, this is 3 people with the same situation, are there any more??? Is this something new that has cropped up or is it typical?? jUST WONDERING wHETHER IT IS THEIR POLICY TO DO THIS?? iF IT IS THEN THAT IS JUST OUTRAGIOUS!
  8. Thanks, was wondering whether it was shear coincidence being the day before pay day or deliberate planning by the Abbey to make more money???
  9. Hi All Abbey apply my charges on the 14th of each month. It occurred to me that this may have something to do with the fact that my wages go into my account on the 15th, this means I am often at my limit on the 14th and the charges send me over resulting in more charges!!! Q: Is the 14th the standard date for ALL Customers? Does anyone have similar?
  10. Hi all, Like many others I saw the tv prog on the other night. Have been with Abbey for many years paying Charges so here goes.
  11. No I havnt asked for it to be changed. to be honest it never really occurred to me until I started looking into the entire situation since the tv programme. I think that I will sit tight until I have done my reading before approaching the bank about anything.
  12. The 17th? Hmmm, thats interesting, I will start a thread , thanks for info
  13. Would like to say Hi, Thanks to those involved in running this Forum, Like many others I watched the BBC last night and was quite disgusted at the blatant theft of my money! I have just checked back the last 6 mths on one of my Abbey accounts , resuilt is that my Charges were £170! I havnt even started yet but I would expect my total figure to be in the region of 5K. An interesting point is that my charges are applied on the 14th of each month, I wonder if this is the standard date, is it a coincidence as that is the date when my account is at its lowest as my wages go in on the 15th? So the cahrges send my over my limit? So for now I am about to start the reccomended reading, Here goes!
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