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  1. Thank you both of you! tomorrow morning before I take this questionnaire in to the Court I will telephone them to see if they can help me any and in the meantime follow and read all the links!
  2. does anyone know if there are any links on here to templates regarding hardship or financial difficulties that I could add under my further information in allocation questionnaire to see if that can stop a stay being issued in my case. Ive tried searching this site but still have no success in finding anything.
  3. I received a completed allocation questionnaire from the solicitors acting on behalf of the halifax. In the space set out for other information they put *The test case between the Office of Fair Trading and Abbey National Plc, Barclays Bank Plc, Cladesdale Bank Plc, HBOS Plc, HSBC Bank Plc, Lloyds TSB Bank and Nationwide Building Society is not expected to be timetabled to be tried until the end of 2007, the defendant respectfully asks the court to stay the claim pending the final decision of the test case* Now when I put my original POC in I used the standard one from this site. However its since been brought to my attention that as myself and partner were on benefits at the time and that all charges have been taken out of such benefits that under the new terms imposed by the FOS that maybe I could go ahead under the new hardship clause that they have. If this is the case does anyone know the wording I could use to ask that the Halifax not be allowed to stay the proceedings because of such hardship for my allocation questionnaire. Also once the questionnaire has been filed does it mean that the next stage is to attend Court or should I perhaps write to the Halifax to inform them of the fact that all charges were taken out of benefits and ask that they consider it under hardship case.
  4. Ive received a defence from the halifax this morning together with an allocation questionnaire from the Court. Could anyone tell me what this is, what it does and how I should fill it in. Is it at this point that I need to do the bundle of court documents or not. Any help appreciated as I kinda feel out of my depths now.
  5. Im back again for yet more advice. I have two claims running with the halifax. One in my name only and one in both myself and my partners. Both have had N1's issued, one had acknowledgement of service with intention to defend issued. However on the other one I have today received a cheque for £496 which it claims is in full and final settlement of my claim (my claim being for £1207) can anyone tell me what I should do now as this is really starting to play with my head. Thank you!
  6. I received my acknowledgement of service this morning from the court saying that the halifax had full intentions of defending this claim. I know that this now would generally give them the 28 days in which to file. I also received a letter from the Halifax at the same time confirming that they had now placed my claim on hold until the outcome of the test case and also that they intended to apply for a stay should any court papers be issued ( I think they a bit behind the times here as they have already had them issued) but anyways what I wanted to know is do I just leave this court case for my claim to just hang now or after the 28 days still apply for judgement knowing full well that the Halifax will then request this stay. Any advice most welcome. thanks.
  7. Received my notice of issue today stating date of 21st July will be the date they deem it issued. Now I guess I wait for the 14 days to see what happens. With relation to my 2nd claim I received a letter this morning offering me as a gesture of goodwill around 50% of the claim. Needless to say my rejection letter will be in mondays post and my N1 filed the same day considering how painless it was the first time. Thank you all for the help you have given me so far.
  8. Thanks for the reply you left. Court costs left out. Went this morning to my local county court to take my N1 duly filled out. I was at the point of almost taking a bloody valium as I approached the steps but I have to admit it took me less than 10 mins to get it all over with. Sometimes things really arent as bad as they seem to be! I can see though where these banks are hoping that most will fall short of the last hurdle and not actually go through with the whole court process. Well anyways no point writing a book about it here. I can settle down to coffee now and start the waiting game. Yet again! Thanks for everyones help so far. I will keep you all updated on progress
  9. hi again. Im just running through particulars of claim on my N1 form that I am finally getting around to submitting. On it I note that a claim is to be made for court costs. Does this part still have to be included if the claimant is exempt from court fees? thanks
  10. can anyone give me advice on how to claim daily interest figure that needs putting on an N1 form please. Just in the process of filling out my claim form and came across it. I have done the statement of claim with the 8% interest so any help appreciated. Also after re-reading the forums Ive noticed threads about bank charges being taken from benefits. As my account is fully funded with invalidity payments I was wondering if I should make the bank aware of this before filing the N1.
  11. Hi again. My 14 days after the LBA is up today and lo and behold I just received a letter from them offering me a goodwill gesture of £690. As my original claim was for over £1400 could anyone tell me what the next step would be for me as obviously I would prefer to go for the full amount and not settle for this offer. Thank you
  12. LBA sent off tonight recorded delivery. Here starts the waiting game.......again
  13. Hi lelbel. From what Ive seen its a standard reply. At least they were quick about it and didnt leave me hanging the traditional 4 weeks then turning it down. Now we are free to move on to next stage and show them we dont have any intention of *going away* ~alysa
  14. Hi everyone. Ive been watching these forums for a few months now and decided finally to take the jump and try to reclaim my charges from the Halifax. I sent in my request for full details approximately 8 weeks ago and recently received details of the amount of charges. I sent a preliminary request for repayment dated the 16th May by recorded delivery to the head office. And prepared myself for a long wait. However today (22nd May) I received their reply dated the 19th May basically telling me that they had checked out my complaint and they were happy that this was within their guidelines etc. (I think at this point they expect me to go away!) Now I expected this from reading everyones threads on this. So Im now preparing my Letter before action. For the record this claim is for £1436. ~alysa
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