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  1. Hi I have a claim ongoing with Barclays and has been stayed for £13,359 this was up until feb 2007.In June I asked Barclays to help me under financial hardshjp as I have mortgage arrears and baliff letters for council tax. They sent me a I&E which the first one did not arrive but they received the second.After spending £35 in mobile phonecalls (as I can no longer afford a house phone)I got nowhere Apparently cos I don't owe them anything I don't have hardship.It is very frustrating as I am desperate to get out of debt. They have obviously not read up about getting back to me in 6 weeks as all they sent me was a letter giving telephone numbers for debt councellors and telling me to contact the people I owe money too! I would not be in debt if it was not for bank charges. Anyone have any idas?
  2. I am reclaiming against Barclays and I have sent in a I&E form nder the hardship waiver but thet appear to be ignoring me any ideas anyone?
  3. Hi Slick, yep I can confirm that the only money that goes into my account IS child benefit ,working tax credit and child tax credit ! Yes I really need the money NOW. I think I have done everything possible, any more ideas ?
  4. Morning EL , I went to court yesterday to apply to have my stay lifted but to no avail. I argued financial hardship on the grounds of only my child benefit and my tax credits being paid into my account and them being inalienable , but sadly the judge had made up his mind before he entered the court ! He said that once the money hit my account it was mine> I think some good came out of it because he said due to the large amount obviously this should be sorted sooner rather than later he would put me in for listing (what does that mean?) in January !
  5. Sorry to hear your case has been stayed ! I have a court date to apply to have my stay lifted on hardship grounds ,So wish me luck and I will update you with what happens fingers crossed
  6. Thanks for that all but has anyone else got any more helpful advice ?
  7. Hi all ,can someone please advise. I was one of the first to have my case stayed, basically I don't think anyone knew what was going on as it was so soon after the blanket stay. I asked woolwich/barclays rep if their was any chance to have my case heard but she said no point as all cases have been stayed. I have objected to the stay on account of hardship as the only money paid into my account are tax credits and family allowance , this morning I received a court date for application of stay to be removed. I just want advise as what to do now as my claim is extremely high! Please Help
  8. Hi everyone, My preliminary was on monday and the case was stayed. My claim including interest is over 18k . I was told that even if I tried to sort this out last monday it would only go so far and it would get stayed again . I asked on cag if there was anything I could do concerning hardship as I am a single mum on working and child tax credit but was told there was nothing I could do. Since then I have been advised not to let Barclays take money from my benefits But what can I do about the last 6 years ?
  9. Hi electric Lemon, No I was very unlucky also, had my prelim on monday and my claim was stayed. I am looking into the hardship route if anyone can help as I am on low wages and benefits and some months they took 90% of my benefits . Thankyou for your kind thoughts and hope we can get this all sorted soon. How unlucky are we I was probably one of the first to have mine stayed !
  10. No sorry nothing,I have no idea how long it will take Barclays rep said it probably won't be until xmas then she fully expects the banks to appeal !
  11. Thanks for that ! I was at Cambridge Court today .
  12. Hi everyone I have been to my preliminary hearing today and sadly ALL cases were stayed !
  13. Guess what spoke to the evasive Mr Quinn ! when I last spoke to him he hadn't realised just how many claims he had for July ,said he was sorry he gave me a date for when my offer would be sent out but to be patient as he was doing date by date. Do you think they have court dates for every day ?
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