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  1. shining light you have just proved my case thanks mate
  2. god i tlike trying to make the mooines belive in our god. UW bussiness model is flawed...... Good luck with npower collection process.
  3. Just wait till UW runs out of cash its just another independent energy. IE used todo the same and it crashed leaving customer owing debt to the big 6. Anycase UW gets it energy of npower, so really it npower under another name8-)
  4. really £24 for both fuels..... you friend is well I hate to say it well.... gullible. The avage for both is £80. It not npower at fault but the broker you choose to change supply they should of set you up on industry average. I dont think npower scammed you i think yo ujust playing catch up with your bill. I know npower are bad but us the customer has to challenge the salesmans claim. it is our responsiblity as igronce is no defence in law
  5. Please make sure you have been using the npower card or key, i suspect that you have been paying e-on by using there card and may have a creidt bal outstaning there. Then ask npower to do a ppm debt transfer, for which there is a fee or get e-on to refund credit bal and pay npower. Speak to npower not mackensie hall and tell them about the key /card issue and ask them to put an hold on the account for 8 weeks untill you have the refund processed. If that fails and your dont have the credit you need to find all your reciepts and send a copy of them to nopwer. OH ask the person on the phone to look on EPPS system for your payment from the PMIP, if thery dont know how do do this raise an complaint and someone will do it for you.
  6. i think if you being chased by a DCA it better to go to npower direct.raise an complaint.
  7. no its legal the licence conditions of supply from ofgem allow this just have to give you 14 days notice or 64 days for aprice change
  8. npowers sol 19 is the cheapest on market. you just have to put with av customer services mmmmm though choice. Scottish and southern horriffic customer service i been fighting them for 2 year cos they billing me for ameter that sits next door.
  9. nothing worng with the meter all readings fall in line and it kinda supports the 19 units per day i forecasted. It all about getting them off the pp talking to e-on. Are they in reciept of pensioner tax credits if sl e-on may put them on a low social tarriff
  10. i would say either the owl what ever that is or meter is faulty. It needs a kettle test which is you switch off everything that is electric then take ameter read on the meter and that owl thingy. Switch the kettle on let it boil then swich off reapeat you readings see if the difeerent between the mtr and owl start and end readings are the same. I suspect it the owl as it a un certified peice of junk really but it coudl be useful as a guide, not ammisible in court of law as an accepted device. If you think there mtr faulty take a read every day for 7 days and hit the electric compnay with it.
  11. thats why its important to do the analsys and choose you suppier carefully.usually 70/30 split will save you money.But a word of warning timeswitch error in this type of meters abound.so you need to check you bil every billing cycle. Storge heater usuae a kind of E7 that records heat non heat and other usits as well as day. Thnkfully this is being phased out. Meter change cost depends on your supplier some eg e-on are doing ti for free on a green tariff.
  12. PPM meter can be set up to a max of £99.99 , but usually htey get set to bring the debt in over 1 or 2 years. Couple of questions Is you meter a 2 rate- possible transposed readings Is there a Meter tag on ppm that shows the installed reading , then challenge your installed if differs from this Look on your bill and tell me what MPAN area your in as this might effect things , i could use your who S number really, as npower have had problems with PPM in certian area with 2 rate meters,
  13. basiclly is a calulation to see if an E7 or D1T is in your favour. Kind of predicting how TSW will function and manage usage. Npowers web has that tool on it or there customer services will do it. i know they did for me yesterday and i work in the industry as well.70/30 is the typical split but they go in to greater detail they can predict any split basis now.As a side note tha thow they bill TSW issues.
  14. 14-18 units a day for all domestics is really good seeing as you have no gas supply. E7 or D1T may benfit you but i wouls ring up you energy supplier and ask then to doa D1T analysis for you.
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