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  1. Can u send me in the right direction to the template letters? regards
  2. Hi My mum has just told me shes in debt to Vanquis to the tune of £2200 She has a £2k limit on the card. They are now phoning her up at home and at work harrasing her saying she will have to pay more than the min payment. Im going to start a claim for her £12 over limit charges. Can anyone advise me how to get them to freeze the interest and get the £2200 repaid. think her apr is 49.9% so obviously the min payment is nowhere near servicing the debt and each time she brings it below 2k the next months interest puts it back over.
  3. Hi thanks for looking in. I run a business which has just received a bill for over £3600, apparently someone switched my supplier to npower (not myself or anyone else employed by me) Obviously they are now looking for payment, i have asked them for the name of the person on the contract whom agreed to transfer our supply to them. After many weeks gone by they gave us a name, but they were never employed by myself and npower have no record of them. I suspect it was a canvesser trying to switch energy suppliers for commision, whatever. I received a letter saying i could report them to the energy ombudsman because they have failed to resolve the matter in the 8 week timescale, however 7 days later i now have a letter threatening disconnection. I am not in the position to pay £3600 outright due to the nature of my small business. Any suggestions on my next steps, this is urgent!, im happy to agree a payment plan with them, obviously we have used electricity!, i should also say no utilty bills were sent out prior to the £3600 one! Is it worth trying to gain a discount on the figure?, do the energy companies get fined if the ombudsman has to investagate, is this a bargaining chip? ALL HELP/ADVICE GRATEFULLY RECEIVED
  4. Hi Just found out i have been paying too much council tax for the past 4 years! Basically i have four kids and have always found it difficult to pay my councill tax ( i had a wage arrestement for 2 years!) ive just found out that because of my earnings and child tax credit award that i was also entitled to a council tax credit deduction which basically means i should have not had to pay any council tax!. I am in the process of getting a benifit form to reclaim this years back (currently being payed to our old friends Scott & co through an agreed repayment) My question is can i backdate any claim of payments which i made when i wasnt actually due them anything?
  5. Right folks its been a while since ive been on here but got some questions. Claimed back over 7k last july, N/W cancelled my o/d of £500 on a specific date, cant remember when but it was about a week after i had the charges refunded by which time i cleared the account and moved it elsewhere. however when i was a bit tipsy i withdrew £210 from my N/W account at a cash machine after the o/d was cancelled 3 days earlier even though the balance was zero it still gave me it??, happy days i thought they must have changed there minds! anyway got a letter telling me i was o/drawn and hitting me with a charge for it. Never payed it and forgot about it until i checked my credit file today and saw a default notice on it from N/W dated 28/dec/07. Contacted them and offered to pay all the money if the would remove the default notice which they declined, told me to contact the debt collecters which i did and payed the money. Questions are as follow...... and yes i know its my own fault! 1. Can i get the default removed 2. Opened the account online so never signed any agreement 3. Never requested an o/d they put it on my account after the first month with them 4. Am i f%cked for 6 years now because of it? Any help appreciated.
  6. The reason they knocked of 30 quid is because the give you ONE! 'Goodwill gesture' (yeah right!) per year. I would def write to the Nationwide explaining you have contacted the ombudsman and that it is benifits they are taking from your account. I believe the ombudsman require you to attempt to regain the money back yourself in the first instance before they will take your case on. Unfortunatley it is a slow process which will not help your immediate problem however i would contact your branch again and force your issues upon them in a polite manner. Sometimes you might find a manager on a good day! Good luck and regards.
  7. Well done Andrew i was kinda worried for you when i remembered you had rejected their offer and the test case was announced. Took an extra couple o months but well worth it eh?! Enjoy spending it mate Regards :)
  8. While claims in England are now stayed pending the outcome of the OFT v The Banks court case, a Scottish court has thrown out a challenge buy 2 different banks to have the case stayed. The OFT decision does not affect Scotland, the OFT decided not to pusue through the scottish courts therefore the sherrif (Inverness court) has ruled that decisions made by a 'foriegn' court have no implications in Scotland and has given the go ahead for people to claim through the scottish small claims system. Good news for people in Scotland claiming up to £750 through small claims or £1500 through a summary action. See no reason why anyone in England could not do the same using a Scottish address.
  9. How about this. If the banks can have a stay on paying us our money back until the outcome of the pending OFT v The banks courtcase as to wether or not their charges are legal, why can we not have a stay on having to pay any bank charges? If no monies are being payed out because they are unsure if the charges are lawful or not, no monies should be taken either.
  10. Well done! pleased to hear you finally got YOUR cash. Enjoy spending it
  11. The bad news is, at the moment the Ombudsman is not taking on any complaints about bank charges due to the ongoing OFT v The Banks high court case. I think you can still go down the N1 route taking them to court although im not 100% sure, i'm sure someone else will jump in here and give you further advice. Don't be put off trying to reclaim the charges you'll find loads of help on this forum.
  12. Have you had charges retuned to you before?, sometimes if it's 1 or 2 charges they will waive them if its the first time. Dont call your branch call the number on the back of your card. Nice of NW to charge you £60 for bouncing standing orders to yourself!, did they send you a letter reminding you to pay yourself in future!. A bit ridiculous and im sure they should be able to see that however it is the NW we're talking about here!
  13. Yeah F O told me 6 weeks but NW say 28 days! Go's to show they are aware but dragging it out. N W in no rush despite the F O saying pay PROMTLY!
  14. Yes, they have so far made no attempt to close it. They make you wait for your money though!. I kept calling them up wanting to know why my name wasn't on their spreadsheet from the legal dept to receive payment. Call them it's worth it, i got my name on it straight away! That was the Thursday, letter and money by Monday. 01604836938. They tell you they have 28 days from receiving the acceptence but this speeds things up or at least it did for me. Regards
  15. Got the money on Monday along with a letter thanking me for accepting their offer! Money payed into the account about 4pm.
  16. Congratulations!!! I got mine today too! :-D :-D :-D
  17. Congratulations!!! I got mine today too!
  18. I contacted the F O today with regards to my claim. I signed an acceptance offer over 2wks ago and as yet no money. The F O says NW must honour acceptance offers if they have been offered and accepted. Think they will wait 28 days before payment is made.
  19. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Well done Disco_Dolly, good on you sticking it to them.
  20. Suprise suprise chuck! Nationwide are now withdrawing my £500 overdraft despite them being aware that the account was in dispute and agreeing to hold everything off until the 15th Aug. Letter received today. Petty retaliation if u ask me! Screw them i had no intention of leaving my money in an account with them anyway.
  21. Dont get stressed about things! you'll get your money in the end! Just send it as an amended letter before action with an amended spread sheet. Out of inerest are you planning court or financial ombudsman route?
  22. Welcome to the world of checking your bank account constantly! You could try calling them on 01604836938 or call the number on the letter you got explaining your situation.
  23. Does the amount your asking for in the L.B.A include the 8% or is it just the spreadsheet that has the 8% included on it. If it's the latter i wouldn't bother amending anything. If the total on the L.B.A has it included resubmit both.
  24. No, think you'll be fine. All your really doing is outlining what it will cost them if they went to court, at least that would be my interpritation. You could also re-submit an amended one if you wanted. I've read posts where people have done the same as you to no ill effect. Good luck.
  25. To chase up payment if you have claimed via the Financial Ombudsman use this number. 01604836938
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