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  1. Barclays bank have filed their defence and my claim has been allocated to the small claims. I'm really confused to what documents I should service etc. Please someone help! amanda
  2. I have sent Northern Rock the standard letter asking for my money back. I enclosed my scedule of charges which amounts to £2,400. The have replied by stating the following:- 1. Charges on current accounts are charges for services and are not DEFAULT charges or put another way are no a breach of contract. 2. in law, for a clause to be deemed a penalty clause, it has to operate due to a breach of contract You make reference to a regime that is "unlawful at Common Law without identifying the common law statute or consumer regulations or indeed the specfic sections or regulations
  3. I could not keep up my repayments on my cahoot credit card, cahoot made it impossible for me to sort my account out. They were constantly putting charges on my account. Eventually they put it into the hands of a debt collection agency. I am now make regular payments to this agency at an amount I can afford. My question is if I reclaim my charges from Cahoot, will they send any offer of payment to me, considering I owe them money or will it go to the debt collection agency?
  4. Do you know if I am successful would the unfair charges be refunded to me or be taken from my defaulted credit card account, as it is now in the hands of a debt collection agency.
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me if I can claim back unfair charges relating to missed payments on a defaulted credit card account. I owe Cahoot approx £5,000. £700 of this amount is unfair charges that have been added to my account for late payments. I would appreciate all help offered. amanda
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