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  1. many thanks will give it a go, just to say this site is cool, thanks so much
  2. ok michael, thanks for that have read it and will carry on espite everyhing, but beig a thicko can you give me the site to enable me to apply to the courts (as you have prob read from my threads I am a wee bit silly and need all the help i can get) thanks again for all your elp and I will kep u updated as I go on spotty
  3. ok guys can you help me again, I sent a LBA to the bank and they have again taken it as a complaint and 'are looking into it' meanwhile the video link on 26 july stated that everything is frozen and its not possible to take the bank to court.... is this right? do I have to again wait?? can I do anything else? or can I still try and take the bank to court? can someone please advise!!!
  4. just one (more) question can I ask for interest when I am sending LBA?? cause I have!!! but read on some of the threads that I shoulldn't do that! blimey am I going to be in trouble??
  5. thanks both of you!!!! actually found the templates all on my own!! so will send it off tomorrow and see what he shabby have to offer e then, I guess if i get all da money I owe you lot a drink!!!! will keep you posted!!! dont hold out much hope though cause they ar already frightening me!!!
  6. Hi guys, its me again!! lots of questions.... 1. I received a letter from the bank offereing me £200 as a good will gesture, the amount I was claiming was £5000 with interest! I have read and watched the info on the site but there are several letters I could send, would be grateful for help here! need clarity on what to do pretty please!! 2. why would they offer such a low amount and should I ring them first or send the letter 3. court does actually scare me as I really dont know what I am talking about as I am sure you can tell!! I basically just want to scream, nothing in my life is ever straight forward and this is the icing on the cake! thanks in anticipation of any replies
  7. thanks guys will let you know how it goes!! watch this space............... :-|
  8. don't answer tat charley farley I have sussed it soz bout my stupidity!!
  9. thank you charleyfarley! not forgetting i am slow hoe do I find post #6? I am not very good at threads etc! obviously I need to learn a lot which makes me wonder if I can get some conclusion to getting my bank charges back!! you all seem so 'on the button' I am totally disconbobulated!!
  10. just one question (I told you I was a bit thick!) I have already sent a letter to ask for the money, michael suggested I sent a 'letter before action'! should I send another one? and what is a LBA??? the smiley is how my brain feels at the moment:shock:
  11. thank you very much for all your help and support I will read as suggested and call if I get stuck!! (if thats ok)
  12. thanks parkvale, I will take some time reading the info. This is all very complicated and takes up a serious amount of my braincells!!!! will keep you posted on my success???:-?
  13. sorry to sound so thick but are you saying dont threaten them withombudsman or any thing just go straight to court?? do I have to let abbey know this? this is all getting complicated and scary:-?
  14. sorry bout that I will try to give details now, basically I wrote to Abbey requesting the money after they had sent my statements through, I just wrote to express my concerns that they were taking longer than the 40 days to get my documents in the first place adn that if i didnt receive them I would take advice from information commission! so far I have received statements, written to request my money back, and now it is stale mate as they keep writing letters saying they are dealing with my 'complaint' and it will take 4 weeks, and then another 4 weeks! so I havent got to the point of court yet, as I am not sure how to respond to them, does this make more sense to you?
  15. :-? Hi I have been reading al he threads with interest but none of them answer my question!! I am at the last stages of claiming, however the 'Abbey' took one of my letters as a complaint and are fobbing me off with nonsense letters that don't really say anything. What woul be better to do now? 1. write to them and threaten I will take action? 2.go to ombudsman? 3. Forget the above and apply direct to the court? Or do I need to do all three Can someone helllllp this is driving me mad Many thanks in advance:?
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