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  1. @dx100uk - Yes, that's correct. Moorcroft Debt Recovery = Egg credit card PRA Group = Halifax overdraft Capital One (credit card) = no DCA Am I within my rights to withhold payments to all 3 (even though Capital One isn't a DCA)? If so, how would I respond when they ask what my reason is for the stopping payments? Re the Egg debt - this was bought by Credit Solutions Ltd (I can't find a notice of assignment in my records), then passed to Moorcroft Debt Recovery (I can't find a notice of assignment for them either)! In addition, they have never sent me any annual
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies, it's been an eye opener. In response to @dx100, here's my outstanding debts: PRA Group (original debt was an overdraft with the Halifax). Amount owing = £1297.80. Currently paying token payment of £5 a month. Capital One (credit card). Amount owing £6200. Got credit card in April 2005. First default April 2006. Currently paying token payment of £1 a month. Moorcroft Debt Recovery (Egg credit card). Amount owing £3500. Not sure when credit card started. First default April 2006. Currently paying token payment of £5 a month
  3. Oh, I had no idea. So if I stop paying DCAs, they can't do anything? Have I understood that correctly? Other debts are relating to credit cards and I have been making token payments to them too! (Capital One and Moorcroft). The debts are all approximately 6 years old.
  4. Hi, I've not been on this site for a while!. Does anyone have any experience with the PRA Group? I have a balance of £1297.80 from an old overdraft with Halifax/Lloyds TSB. The original default notice from the Halifax was 17/8/2011. I have been paying the PRA Group £5 per month as a token payment. PAR Group have now offered a measly 10% discount in full and final settlement. I've recently come to an agreement with another DCA and that was nearly 50% discounted . In the past I have offered to pay 30% of the debt to PRA Group but they have declined. The debt
  5. Hubby is a seasonal worker, i.e. no work between November and March. I was made redundant and am now self employed but not earning anywhere near as much as I used to. Got behind with payments once before but was within the limits - i.e. didn't need to go to court. However, we got behind with the payments again over this winter and couldn't find the money needed to avoid us going to court. We have no family that we can ask for financial help either. Have been served with the papers to attend the hearing. I did come up with a payment plan which they said they wouldn't contest. How
  6. Can I still SAR them even if I don't have a reference number?
  7. Apologies - the lender is now The Mortgage Works, I had forgotten the account had moved from DHL:oops:
  8. Have been meaning to check this out for ages, so here goes. How do you know if you've been mis-sold PPI? I took a loan out ages ago which was paid off (via re-mortgaging). I don't have the original contract or anything so unable to check
  9. Hi folks Got a possession order and a date to attend court (16 July). I am panicking now and hubby is getting really stressed out about it. No idea what to expect. We don't quality for legal aid and can't afford a lawyer. Also saw a thread about claiming costs back? Can someone please enlighten me? Is there a link that explains this?
  10. Hi stressed mum! You're not alone. You're in an excellent position. Stick with it and don't give up. If you get stuck, just start your own thread and someone will get back to you. Good luck
  11. Yes the Halifax are by far the worst. Remind me - are you on a debt management plan too? If so, I would strongly recommend complaining to the FOS. I highlighted 5 areas where they had breached the Banking Code, the Consumer Credit Act and the OFT Debt Collection Guidance. There's lots to go at - its just time consuming - but worth it in the end.
  12. Hoorah– I challenged the Halifax’s policy on interest charges whilst on a debt management plan and won:D Thanks to the intervention of the Financial Ombudsman i’ve been offered a refund of all the interest and charges from the date they started charging interest (December 2007) + £100 for issuing an illegal default notice issued 5 July which stated I had to pay the arrears by 6 July!!! I still have a bone to pick with them about some earlier charges, but that should be a piece of cake, compared to getting the interest back. Loads of hugs to reallymadwoman for her brilliant th
  13. Hi Sue Looks like you're in an excellent position. My hubby and I had a mortgage with Northern Rock and also a credit card. Like yourself, the credit card accounts were later taken over by the Co-op. I CCA'd the co-op and they admitted that they do not have a CCA. They tried passing the account onto a debt collector, but I reminded them that they can't do anything without a CCA! Go for it girl! Happy New Year;)
  14. Good idea - will definitely do that if they or any other DCA reappear. Thanks a million.
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