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  1. How did you pay? If as is likely you used a bank account or credit card there will be a record for you to prove the payment.
  2. Talk Talk are trying it on - if they get their money early their profits are higher. They have taken two payments early and you must write to them and protest aand claim the £15 bank charge from them. Personally I do not use DDs as this kind of abuse of the system is sadly only too common. It is much safer to set up a standing order from bank account with the payment on the 7th - your bank will stick to that date. If Talk Talk will not agree to this method of payment and pay you the bank charge then go elsewhere.
  3. If you decide to compare the direct debit system with quarterly in arrears do not forget that most utilities allow a prompt payment discount on quarterly arrears payments. I do not know what SP do but EON pays 3% which is half the DD discount so in effect the DD discount is only 3%.
  4. If you forego the convenience and the financial discipline of the direct debit system you will save these hassles and very likely be better off ! The direct debit discount which seems to be a gift is largely illusory. Certainly anyone paying interest on a credit card or overdraft will be better off not accepting the DD discount and insisting that payments are made quarterly in arrears. A large part of the running capital of utilities is financed by the DD system. DD customers make loans to them in the following ways. a) DD plans start in spring before the high useage winter peri
  5. Orphean. A) if the meter will only take a maximun of £85 a year at the high tier one rate then it is necessary to know when the year starts and ends. Have you any information? B) If in fact the tier one rate is used to pay the the daily standing charge it is necessary to know what the daily standard charge is. Do you have any information? and C) If because of no or low usage the standing charge is not paid on any one day is this then transferred to the next day and so on? I ask you these questions because the Tier 1/2 system applies not only to prepay meters but also
  6. As the claim will be uder £5000 the case will be heard in the small claims court. Have ypu paid the £285?
  7. Water meters. You can ask for a water meter to be fitted and if it is possible to do so Amglian must fit it free of charge. All new properties (since 1991) must be fitted with meters. Older properties are either charged according to the old rateable value (which is now not updated) or an assessed charge if a meter cannot be fitted or is found to be too expensive - this can be appealed to the regulator. Most properties pay less on meters but this depends on water usage and this may be high with four children! You need to do the sums and do some research on Anglian's website. Creditors
  8. That would be exactly my attitude and I would be prepared to risk (risk not definite) the extra cost of defending which you must do if your above words are not just bravado. Otherwise thay will got a 'not defended' default judgement against you which will have an effect on your credit rating if not paid PDQ. CCJs are only entered by CRAs if not paid within 2 weeks. I would go about this thus Pay the money you owe (£285) immediately. This will leave them only claiming costs which is not so likely to succeed considering your story Acknowledge the claim (Northhampton should have se
  9. Curiously the fact that the APR quoted is the same as the annnual rate can mean that they are being totally honest see a) below . However it is very common that the the eqivalence is covering a small APR S.cam see c) below They say that they will calculate interest daily and add interest at the end of each month. As the interest is applied monthly it is being compounded monthly so a monthly rate of interest must be calculated from the annual rate. Three ways of doing this are possible. a) Use a compound calculation method. For 27.9% the monthly rate will be ((1+27.9/100)^1
  10. You are not a sole witmess. Your wife was in your car recoerded the other number plate and dialled 999. The police surely have her evidence?
  11. Just one thought. Moorcroft have said they are acting as agents for Santender i.e. they are working for them. The debt has not been sold to them. I personally would put the whole matter back to Santander stating that you will not communicate in amyway with their incompetent agents.
  12. . Thankyou for the correction - they have not yet had time to receive and reply to petitioms. Absolutely. If these councils cannot raise the funds for chancel repair then they can and have asked English Heritage for help to repair these listed buildings. Up to now English Heritage have declined to help whilst there are lay rectors who have liability to pay. Do we then have to wait until the religion no longer owns and uses these buildings? If the owners/users cannot preserve them would it not be sensible to so do so before they are in ruins? I used to subscribe to E
  13. I am an atheist with no connection to the C of E but I have no doubt that these buildings with their historical and cultural heritage are worth preserving. The C of E is no longer the financial power it once was and it is my veiw that they should be relieved of this burden and that the cost should fall to all of us. I for one would welcome the small amount of extra tax I would have to pay rather than bear the cost of insurance. The people and the C of E want out of this ludicrous situation but the goverment will not play ball. Why not? I am sure that Joncris is right that if chancel
  14. Sorry, Joncris for quoting your post out of the context of your subsequent remarks but I have used it because my solicitor said exactly the same to me yesterday and it it is inaccurate and a lot of solicitors are using only the sense of your paragraph withourt as it were reading on. I have done a lot of research! The law has changed somewhat not because of the ruling in the Wallbank case but because of a transitional provisional order introduced after the Wallbank ruling. Up to this order the church had an overriding interest in the land involved in chancel repair liability and still does
  15. Thanks Davehsug, The last last time I rang NG (9 months ago) they were able to confirm my electricity supplier even though they were not my local electricity distributor according to the map shown in the following link. http://www.energylinx.co.uk/electricity_distribution_map.htm I wouild sttill advise the OP to ring NG - if they will not give him the information he requires they will be able to redirect him - unless they are disdposed to be difficult. Can you give some informattion as to when NG ceased to be the main electricity distributor keeping a record of suppliers? I
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