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  1. Hi, my brother-in-law had the same problems as you.He telephoned Talk Talk and told them that as they had not provided the service as promised he was terminating the contract he had with them and was returning to his previous internet provider with immediate effect and that he had instructed his bank to cancel the monthly direct debit and if they wished to persue him for breach of contract then to go ahead.That was 4 months ago.He has not heard from Talk Talk since.It may be worth a try.
  2. I was on 2MB until recently and had no problems with BT,since they upgraded me to 8MB in august i have had nothing but bother (slow speed/dropped connection/no connection etc etc etc).BT said that i had to give it 3 weeks for the system to settle down.Well guess what 10 weeks have gone by and it has got worse.They even had the cheek to say that the problem must be my computer but they are willing to send someone round to check my system at a charge(bloody cheek when i didn't have the problem on 2MB).
  3. SUCCESS!!!! The HBOS has refunded £2456.50 to my account.Although they say that their charges were fair (yeh right) they have paid up. Now i know how easy it is to claim it's time to go after them on the wife's behalf. GREAT FORUM GREAT HELP KEEP UP THE PRESSURE FOLKS.
  4. Just to let you know.The bank sent me a letter offering to refund £2456.50 (my origonal claim was for £4002.00)and i have decided to accept as to take them to the Summary Court may have cost a lot of cash i.e lawyers fees etc which i did not have.Anyway i see this as a victory as i have gained almost £2500 from them(I feel a wee holiday coming on).Good luck to you all out there.
  5. Have just recieved the standard letter from the bank rejecting my claim.I am now giving them notice that i intend to go to court if i am not refunded within 14 days.I will be following this up with a telephone call to their customer complaints department.
  6. Derek If you go onto the Scottish Courts website it will guide you through every step that you need to raise a claim.
  7. I have recently went over my overdraft by 90p.Since then i have been getting calls on a daily basis (and i do mean daily) from the bank asking me to make a payment to bring it back in-line.When i pushed the caller as to why i was being called on a daily basis she let it slip that my file said that i was disputing the bank charges added to my account.Since this has never happened previously i guess they are starting to put pressure on us to drop our claim.DREAM ON. See you in court.
  8. In Scotland if you are claiming £750 or less you can go to the small claims court.If it is more than that i.e. I am claiming in excess of £4000 you will have to go through The Summary Court.This may require the help of a solicitor.As my wife is a legal secretary we are intending to take the bank on ourselves.
  9. I have just recieved the standard reply from BOS stating that their charges are fair therefore they have rejected my claim for £4002.I'm now sending them a letter giving them 14 days to refund the charges.If this does not work i will be serving them court papers shortly afterwards.I will keep you upto date on their response.
  10. I can give you the address of the Bank Of Scotland Customer Relations,this is where the statements are sent from,it's: Bank Of Scotland Customer Relations Trinity Road Halifax HX1 2RG Hope this helps
  11. Best to hastle them for the remainder of the charges.If you estimate them and the bank decide to challenge your valuation of the charges your claim could be thown out of court as it does not truly reflect the proper amount?.
  12. Having been reading the various threads regarding Reclaiming Unfair Bank Charges. I have today sent off a letter to my bank(HBOS) requesting the return of £4002.00,giving them 14 days.If they fail to respond i have told them in no uncertain terms that i am prepared to take them to Ordinary Court (for claims in Scotland over £750).They have been ripping off people like us for too long.It's time the small people got pay-back. I will let you know how i get on.
  13. Yes i know its £5000 in the county court in England,but i live in Scotland.Will i be able to make the claim through an English court?.
  14. Hi all. As you know in Scotland you are only allowed to file a claim at the small claims court up to a maximum of £750. Can anyone tell me how to reclaim charges that go over the £750 thresh hold?. Would i have to make multiple claims against the bank? or is there another more simple way.
  15. Hi i am a newbie. If the bank closes my account after making a claim for the refund of bank charges paid to them over the 5 years would my morgage with them become payable in full?. It still has 14 years left to run.HELP.:?
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