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  1. Ok I was sent to work by my employee, a UK Company to work permanently overseas. Obviously as people do over years you collect stuff. When I got dismissed (Iwas called back to the uk for this to happen, so came with the minimum of things as was not expecting this), after the dismissal I was sent back to Europe to collect my things. I could not bring everything in one go as I only had one suitcase, so emailed the company and asked if they could please get my remainder of things sent back to the uk. I then came home (UK). Eventually, today, I got an email saying that I am responsible for my
  2. I was employed for 6 1/2 years by a company in the UK but was permanently based overseas. Recently I was dismissed (im taking this to the tribunal) and they brought me back to the UK. I could only bring one case with me and had to leave the rest of my belongings in Europe. I asked for them to please get the rest of my stuff back home to me and they have refused. What can I do about this? thanks
  3. Hi, Not sure if I am posting in the correct place but here goes I bought a car thru a reputable dealer (trading in my old faithful car) with a car loan which they organised thru Barclays Bank. I have had the car 2 months and have had to take it back twice due to it being faulty. The dealer cannot find the fault and keeps giving me the car back saying they tried this and tried that. I have told them I think its the on board computer at fault but they are reluctant to check this as apparently its a huge job. Can Barclays perhaps assist me to cancel this agreement and give this car
  4. Morning all - help needed again please. I eventually got paperwork back from Creation. Copies of my account - which was opened on 14/6/03. They sent me a copy of the credit agreement which is so badly copied i cant read it and another copy of my agreement, which on the front states "applicable to accounts opened on or after 31st May 2005" - ermmm this was before i opened mine. The limit on this account if i recall was £300. They have sent me statements from 2 August 03 to 3 october 2011. Seems the first ones are missing What I dont understand is the fact that all the statements s
  5. Ok so I sent off the SAR request letter on 11 August and since then have heard not a word out of Creation Financial, only getting statements showing a £12.00 default charge on my account for an amount "owing" of £5.50. According to my records they owe me £9.16 What is the next step to take seeing as they have now ignored my request for this SAR whcih enclosed a £10 postal order as well. Thanks
  6. Please please can someone help me with this - today I again got an "amended bill" with readings in there that i have no idea where they come from!! Surely they cannot change "actual" readings when I have proof of their meter reader taking them - no one has been to see if perhaps this meter is faulty? I am really concerned now. thanks
  7. I have had my electricity and gas from southern electric for the last 12 years. I have complained for the last 9 years that my electricity meter is in an inaccessible place but was ignored and each time the meter reader came to read it he complained. Anyway (sorry this is a long story) i pay by direct debit £81 per month for electricity (there were 4 of us living here) In 2008 there there 3 of us here and then in 2010 only 2 of us. Eventually my electricity account showed a credit balance of £500+ which prompted me to ask for a refund which then made them come and change my meter. An engi
  8. Ok thanks for your advice - will keep you updated
  9. Thanks - what do you mean "be careful" - can you tell me more please.
  10. Ok I read thru what you suggested - thank you. Thing here is the letter also states "..... i am unable to agree with your allegatiosn that you were mis-sold PPi. I am satisfied that sufficient information was presented to you in order for you to make an informed decision to purchase PPI. (ermmm was he/she there lol when i took out this loan lol?).......In view of my findings I am unable to comply with your request to refund the cost of the insurance. blah blah blah..... this nevertheless brings an end to the steps available to you through out internal complaint procedure as this letter cons
  11. I put in a claim to HFC for refund of PPI on an loan account I held with them in 2001. This account weas handled very badly as I had one account and then once it was nearly paid off I took out another loan - in the end i overpaid my loans by nearly £700 - which eventually they refunded after a long winded argument. ANyway, they have now rejected my claim for PPI saying "the evidence I have seen and having given careful consideration to all the information available, I am unable to uphold this complaint" Further down the letter they say "HFC Bank retains account information and document
  12. Thanks so much for your advice... I will get all the paperwork out and send them another letter. thanks once more
  13. Thanks for your help.... the letter states ... "I trust that my response has addressed your concerns however I will keep your complaint file open for 8 weeks so you have time to consider my response. if I have not heard from you by then I will close your file however if you feel that you would like to discuss this further or have any additional information to provide on the matter, please dont hesitiate to contact me" Also in their letter they say " whilst writing, I would also like to clarify that Paymentshield are respinsible for the administation of this policy, however, this was n
  14. Sorry lol. Ok when we got our mortgage (in 2001) our broker advised on taking life insurance (thats fine) and gave us all these forms/things to sign which at the time we believed to be compulsory. Am being perfectly honest here (bit stupid also i suppose) but when I saw this "Paymentshield" off my bank statement I presumed it was some insurance not for a moment did i think it was PPI. My husband lose his job in 2003 and we never used this (which goes to show we had no idea what it really was) and only from reading and seeing things other people are saying did I delve more into it and reali
  15. No I pay by direct debit each month to PaymentShield not to Intelligent Finance
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