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  1. hi i am now at 130 days and still no statements!!! i have complained to commissioner and they have still done nothing!!! phoned the commissioner last week to say they still hadent sent me my statements they said there wasnt much more they could do!!! so i phoned ombudsman who said they will take my case on and that i dont need my statements to pursue the bank for charges, got letter off bank yesterday saying they will be investigating my complaint and will be in touch when they reach a conclusion, ive waited this long so they better not try fob me off with £200!!
  2. anybody got the number for the leeds office for clydesdale bank, i have been waiting for over 4 months for S A R, i have even got commissioners office involved to write to them and still not got them???
  3. just spoke to someone at leeds HQ and he says that clydesdale have changed the system to get statemnts out quicker and everyone that has applied for statements will have the bye the end of june!!! only 4 months ive been waiting!!!!!
  4. hi im in same position, i been waiting 95 days and no sign of statements, posted of complaints letter to commissioners office, this bank is a complete joke!!!!
  5. im sure u will win:D , im confident no matter how long it takes i will get my money back off they thieves, im well up for a good fight with them!!!
  6. yes i tottally agree with you, i cant even get statements off them, so i take it when i go for charges back i will get a big fat NO!!! yep i suppose i have nothing to lose using obudsman and i have heard courts up here not entertaining multiple claims. few people i know send template letter off asking for charges back and they gettin the money within weeks, i dont see this happening with clydesdale bank!!!!
  7. no its not business, its a current account and is it not a long process with FOS???
  8. do u think once i get statements i should use a company to act on my behalf as i stay in scotland it is more difficult claiming more than £750, i believe my charges are in thousands??
  9. hi stevo im from east kilbride too, i did not send it recorded delivery but have received letter from clydesdale saying they received S. A R.
  10. i have waited nearly 90 days now for subject access request, and have still not received statements, i have just filled in I C O, complait form, after numerous phone calls to branch and letters i have still not got statements, was want to know if anyone has been in similar situation as myself with the banks, and how long it takes I C O, to investigate this matter.
  11. i have sent away for my bank charge staements 57 days now and still not had my statments off clydesdale bank, i have phoned them on 3 occasions and they are telling me there is a back log, has anyone else had same carry on??? i personally think they are dragging there heels.. sending off template 3 tommorrow threating them with court action without statements if they do not have them to me with in 7 days!!! i think they think we will just forget about it, they are not getting away with it!!!
  12. hi there having been taking an intersest in people getting their charges back from the banks, im owed around 5 grand i reckon, been on other sites and have never seen 1 success story with the clydesdale bank, has anybody every win a case against them, i would be grateful if anybody could let me know!!! thanks
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